European Green Deal

Energy 17-05-2022

Europe edging closer to withdrawal from Energy Charter Treaty

More European Union countries have shown signs of impatience with the ongoing reform of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), which critics say impedes international efforts to phase out fossil fuels, according to leaked diplomatic cables seen by EURACTIV.
Energy 13-05-2022

EU readies €195 billion plan to quit Russian fossil fuels

The European Commission plans to unveil a €195 billion plan to stop importing Russian fossil fuels by 2027, combining a faster rollout of renewable energy and energy savings with a switch to alternative gas supplies, draft documents show.

EU lawmakers clinch compromises on carbon market overhaul

European Union lawmakers have reached an initial agreement on reforms to the EU carbon market as they prepare to negotiate an overhaul of the bloc's core policy for reducing planet-warming emissions.

Existing certification schemes to inspire EU plan for carbon removals

The European Commission’s proposal to regulate the bloc’s carbon removals market will be based on existing verification and certification schemes and will aim to create a common method in order to bring more transparency to the opaque sector, an EU official has said.

‘Money time’ for EU carbon market reform in the European Parliament

The lawmaker overseeing the adoption of a key package of EU climate legislation in the European Parliament has urged colleagues to stop fighting over the proposed reform, saying Europe must rise to the occasion in the current geopolitical context.

2030 land use targets need to reflect the complexities of different EU countries

The methodology for establishing 2030 net emissions and removal targets for EU countries in the ongoing revision of the land use directive (LULUCF) is too simplistic and must be changed to reflect the different circumstances of EU countries, writes Anna Zalewska.
Energy 05-04-2022

EU bets on local planning to boost district heating

District heating networks are set to receive a boost under draft EU legislation requiring all municipalities above 50,000 inhabitants to map out heating and cooling decarbonisation roadmaps.

United States lawmakers are at a CBAM tipping point

A levy on carbon-intensive products is in the works in the EU, which would mean producers of EU goods pay for their emissions wherever they are in the world. It will have a serious impact on Europe's trading partners, making dialogue and understanding crucial to its success, writes Mohammed Chahim after a visit to the US.
Circular economy 30-03-2022

Brussels targets greenwashing, planned obsolescence in new EU consumer rules

New rules presented by the European Commission on Wednesday (30 March) aim to better protect consumers against false environmental claims and introduce a ban on greenwashing and planned obsolescence.
Energy 25-03-2022

Facing Europe’s greatest energy challenge

If anything good can come out of the Ukraine crisis, an 'energy compact' between governments and citizens committing to really accelerate investment in greening our economy is one, write Christopher Jones and Klaus-Dieter Borchardt.
Energy 25-03-2022

EU climate policy has become key in securing peace, energy independence

Representatives of EU countries have intensified their meetings with the aim of returning to peace and increasing energy independence as Russia has decided to "punish" the bloc for its support of Ukraine
Agrifood 22-03-2022

EU holds pesticide reduction, biodiversity preservation proposals amid Ukraine war

The European Commission has pushed back the tabling of its 'Nature protection package', which included the proposal to slash the use and risk of chemical pesticides in half by 2030 and nature restoration targets which aim at halting biodiversity loss in Europe.

Key lawmaker pushes 10% ‘low-carbon hydrogen’ target in EU renewables law

The lawmaker in charge of drafting the European Parliament’s position on the EU’s recast renewable energy directive is pushing to include a 10% target for “low-carbon hydrogen” as part of efforts to kick-start the EU market.

High energy costs intensify debate over EU plan to decarbonise heating and transport

A European Union plan to charge fuel suppliers for the CO2 emitted by cars and heating buildings is emerging as the most contentious element in a raft of climate change policies the bloc's member states are negotiating this year.

EU countries agree world’s first carbon tariff, but leave out controversial issues

The EU's 27 economy ministers reached an agreement on Tuesday (15 March) to introduce a carbon levy on imports of highly-polluting goods like steel, cement and fertilisers, but kicked the can down the road on controversial aspects like the use of revenues coming from the scheme.

World’s poorest should not pay for climate action while EU industry pollutes for free

As EU finance ministers meet on Tuesday (15 March) to discuss the proposal for a carbon border levy, they should look to protect the most vulnerable countries from being hit and work to phase out free allowances quicker, write Anne Gläser and Chiara Putaturo.
Energy 14-03-2022

Europe’s beleaguered nuclear industry eyes a comeback

With ambitious decarbonisation targets and an ongoing energy price crisis, Europe is reconsidering the role of nuclear in its energy mix. But any nuclear renaissance will depend on state support and an evolving political landscape, explains Pierre Georges.

The Green deal is dead, long live the Green deal

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has already prompted changes in European energy policy. That needs to be reflected in a revised Green deal, writes Alena Mastantuono.

10 measures the EU should adopt to reduce Russian gas dependency

The International Energy Agency has presented the EU with 10 measures to reduce its dependence on Russian natural gas within a year, without it having to abandon its environmental objectives set out in the Green Deal. EURACTIV France reports.

Fit for 55: A stepping stone or a stumbling block?

The path towards the digital and green transitions must be carefully charted and all legislation proposals within the Fit for 55 framework undergo a thorough competitiveness check to retain public and business support, argues Stefano Mallia.
Climate change 21-02-2022

Climate targets are unachievable without a financial deal for developing countries

The G7 Summit in June offers an opportunity to provide tangible funding commitments to developing countries in the fight against climate change. If offers fall short, the world faces the risk that rising global inequality will derail international climate efforts, writes Dr. Rainer Quitzow.

A hydrogen strategy for a balanced EU-Africa partnership

The EU must work with Africa to develop hydrogen as part of a broader economic and development cooperation agenda moving beyond resource production and extraction, writes Eleonora Moro.
Circular economy 18-02-2022

France should start mining lithium at home, minister says

France should start exploiting its own lithium resources to meet increased demand stemming from a shift away from fossil fuels, Barbara Pompili, the country's environment minister, said in a video interview published on Thursday (17 February) by business daily Les Echos.

Africa-EU summit: Neo-colonialism or justice?

To fix the climate crisis, Europe needs to look beyond its borders and recognise the neocolonialist, historical and oppressive systems that continue to contribute to environmental damage and human rights abuses, write Maya Ozbayoglu and Eric Njugnuna.