Clinical trials

EU agency OK’d 39 cancer drugs without evidence they work, study shows

The European Medicines Agency approved 39 new cancer drugs between 2009 and 2013 despite having no evidence that they worked, unnecessarily exposing patients to toxicity, researchers said Thursday (5 October).

Brexit 24-05-2017

UK biotech boasts Europe’s best pipeline as Brexit looms

Britain's biotech sector boasts the strongest new drug pipeline in Europe but industry leaders say it needs continued access to global talent, funding and regulatory clarity to thrive in the future - all of which could be jeopardised by Brexit.

Health 07-02-2017

Rare cancers: A headache for policymakers

The complexity of diagnosing and treating rare forms of cancers like sarcomas can be addressed by a multi-level approach and better coordination among member states, insist experts in the field.

Health 02-02-2017

Lawmakers warn EU pharma industry about drug pricing

Pressure is mounting on pharmaceutical companies to reconsider the way they do business by refocusing their efforts on meeting patient needs and health outcomes rather than their own profits.

Health 19-01-2017

Germany votes to ease access to medical marijuana

The German Bundestag today (19 January) unanimously passed legislation granting seriously ill patients easier access to medical marijuana. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Health 11-01-2017

Tattoos could pose health risk says new Commission report

Ink used in tattoo parlours can contain low-purity pigments that are not meant to be applied to the skin and may pose a health risk, according to a European Commission report. EURACTIV Spain reports.

Health 21-10-2016

Andriukaitis: Health Technology Assessment will make EU healthcare ‘sustainable’

EXCLUSIVE / National healthcare systems should embrace the digital era and use Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to become truly sustainable and cost-effective, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis told in an interview.

Health 01-08-2016

EU drugs agency to unveil results on ‘early medicines’ project this week

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will this week publish the much-awaited results of a pilot project on the early marketing authorisation of drugs, EURACTIV has learnt.

Health 13-06-2016

New medical devices rules should avoid ‘unnecessary’ red tape, industry says

The implementation of new rules on medical devices should avoid extra burdens and unnecessary bureaucracy, health industry officials have told

EU project hopes to phase out animal-testing

When chemicals are considered too dangerous to be tested on humans, animals have long been the answer to some scientific quandaries. The EU project ToxRisk will act as Europe's flagship for safety assessments that do not require the use of animals. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Agrifood 20-11-2015

Food industry wants common science principles to boost trust

The EU's food and drinks industry has developed a set of principles for research conduct that will apply to the sector.


EU Ombudsman: Clinical trials face new transparency challenges

Medical researchers in Europe are facing new challenges over access to clinical trials data, according to the European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly.

31 drugs intended to treat cancer were approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) over the past three years. 2011 [Interpharma/Flickr]

Cancer research at a crossroads in Germany

A new EU regulation is meant to make clinical trials easier and more transparent, a pivotal tool in the fight against deadly diseases like cancer. But researchers in Germany warn that the country may lose its role as a leader in international medicine. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Health 11-06-2014

Growing concerns over medicines agency’s proposed rules for transparency

A growing number of health and consumer advocacy organisations are urging the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to rethink its proposals to restrict the viewing of clinical trial results ahead of a board meeting Thursday (12 June).

Health 21-05-2014

EU Ombudsman worried over lack of transparency at medicines agency

The European Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has written to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), expressing concern about a significant change of clinical trial data transparency policy.

EU rules ‘mean children can’t get life-saving cancer drugs’

Children with cancer are being denied access to potentially life-saving medicines because European Union rules allow drug firms to waive the need to test some drugs in paediatric trials, researchers said on Monday (10 February).

Health 20-12-2013

EU Parliament, ministers agree to more clinical trial transparency in clinical trials

MEPs reached on Friday (20 December) an agreement with member states on the clinical trials directive.

Health 22-10-2013

Ending drug trial secrecy is a boon for R&D, says EU agency

Europe's medicines regulator has come out fighting for greater transparency for clinical trials, arguing that its controversial policy to end data secrecy will be "a boon to drug developers".

Health 29-08-2013

Health experts critical of pharma industry’s new transparency rules

The European pharmaceutical industry association EFPIA has published new ethical commitments on clinical trials aimed at allaying accusations that a lack of transparency on how new drugs are tested is hurting patients. Critics however are unconvinced.

Health 25-07-2013

Pharma industry downplays lobbyism with patient groups

In a blog entry posted yesterday (24 July), the director general of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), Richard Bergström, rebuffed reports that the pharmaceutical industry is trying to limit transparency as it seeks to work together with patient groups on clinical trials.

Health 23-07-2013

Pharma industry tries to mobilise patient groups in clinical trials battle

The pharmaceutical industry is trying to 'mobilise' patient groups into lobbying against EU plans that will force companies to publish data from their clinical trials, according to an e-mail seen by a British newspaper.

Health 30-05-2013

MEPs give resounding ‘yes’ to new clinical trial rules

A panel of European Parliament lawmakers gave unanimous backing on Wednesday (29 May) to new draft EU rules on clinical trials that could represent a huge step forward for research on new, life-saving drugs.

Health 02-05-2013

Court orders EU medicines agency to withhold clinical trial results

The General Court of the European Union has ordered the European Medicines Agency (EMA) not to release documents on clinical trials, after two access-to-documents were requested, at least until the Court has issued a final ruling.

Health 30-04-2013

Health NGO pushes for more transparency in clinical trials

The European Commission's proposed revision on the Clinical Trials Directive is an important step forward, but does not go far enough, says the Cochrane Collaboration, a healthcare NGO which advocates more transparency in clinical trials.