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  • Europe’s ‘unicorns’ awarded thousands of euros to boost innovation

    Economy & Jobs 19-10-2017

    Europe’s most innovative start-ups include a belt that tells you where to go, lego-like modular solar panels, and smart chemicals that give wood a second life. But ‘unicorn’ companies are a rare species in Europe: EURACTIV went to Budapest to learn what the EU does to breed more of them.

  • MEPs reach compromise on posted workers


    MEPs adopted the equal pay for equal work principle but the maximum time posted workers are allowed abroad remains unanswered. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Agrifood mergers bad for farmers, experts warn

    Agrifood 16-10-2017

    Mergers in the agrifood sector squeeze farmers’ income and consolidate current models of food production, aggravating environmental and social fallouts, according to experts, who warn that they also create barriers for victims of industrial disasters seeking justice.

  • EU pauses inquiry into Monsanto-Bayer mega-merger


    The EU said on Thursday (5 October) it had "stopped the clock" on its probe into German chemical firm Bayer's proposed mega-takeover of US agri-giant Monsanto while it waits for the companies to provide information.

  • Commission orders Amazon to pay €250 million in back taxes


    The European Commission ordered Luxembourg on Wednesday (4 October) to recover unpaid taxes worth around €250 million from the online sales giant Amazon, saying the country had granted Amazon's European arm "undue tax benefit" by allowing it to shift profits to a tax-exempt shell company.

  • EU eyes corporate rules shake-up with law on seat transfer

    Special Report | Economy & Jobs 02-10-2017

    The European Commission is preparing a new directive on the cross-border transfer of company seats, a move that could have far-reaching implications for other areas of corporate governance, including tax planning and cross-border mergers, EURACTIV has learned.

  • Vestager doles out more truck cartel fines


    Swedish truckmaker Scania was hit with an €880 million fine by the EU on Wednesday (27 September) for taking part in a 14-year price fixing cartel, boosting the total fine for the firms involved to a record €3.8 billion.

  • Vestager: We will ‘actively’ watch Google’s remedies

    Digital 27-09-2017

    Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager said on Wednesday (27 September) that the institution would “actively monitor” a set of remedies proposed by Google to open up its shopping service to competitors as from tomorrow.

  • 2018 start for expansion of Russia-backed Hungarian nuclear plant

    Energy 29-08-2017

    Work on the Russian-financed expansion of a Hungarian nuclear plant will begin in January, Hungary's foreign minister said Monday (29 August) after talks in Budapest between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • Amazon starts price war on organic foods

    Agrifood 28-08-2017

    Amazon announced discounts on “Whole Foods” products, soon after US antitrust authority and Whole Foods shareholders authorized the e-commerce giant to acquire the specialty organic foods chain. EURACTIV's partner Italia Oggi reports.

  • Commission launches in-depth probe of Bayer-Monsanto merger


    The European Commission has launched an "in-depth" investigation into the proposed merger of global agriculture giants Monsanto and Bayer, amid concerns that it may create too high a concentration and disrupt competition in the areas of pesticides and seeds.

  • Ireland says EU demand that Apple pay it €13 billion in back taxes unjustified

    Digital 17-08-2017

    Ireland's finance minister said the European Commission's demand that Dublin collect up to €13 billion in back taxes from Apple was unjustified, in an interview with Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) newspaper.