Global Europe 16-05-2022

US, EU to boost coordination on semiconductor supply, Russia

The United States and the European Union plan to announce on Monday (16 May) a joint effort aimed at identifying semiconductor supply disruptions as well as countering Russian disinformation, officials said.
Global Europe 13-05-2022

Czech EU presidency to prioritise fight against hybrid threats, deputy minister says

The Czech EU Council presidency will put the focus on hybrid threats, by accelerating discussions about disinformation and interference set out in the EU’s Strategic Compass, Deputy Minister of Defence Jan Havranek told EURACTIV.
Data protection 11-05-2022

France sees boom in personal data breaches in 2021

France has hit an all-time record in notifications of personal data breaches, up 79% from 2020, the latest report of France's data protection watchdog CNIL has found. EURACTIV France reports.

No real victory against critical entities in cyberwar, Ukrainian vice-PM says

Russia's military and cyber capabilities were significantly overvalued, according to Mykhailo Fedorov, the vice-prime minister and digital transformation minister of Ukraine, who opened the 2022 Paris Cyber Summit on Wednesday (11 May).

US, UK join EU in decrying Russian cyberattack on satellite network

Russia was behind a massive cyberattack against a satellite internet network that took tens of thousands of modems offline at the onset of Russia-Ukraine war, the United States, Britain, Canada, Estonia and the European Union said on Tuesday (10 May).

New cybersecurity law could encounter insufficient capacities, Czech stakeholders warn

The forthcoming set of broader EU cybersecurity requirements could hit obstacles in the form of insufficient financial and staff capacities, prompting fears in the Czech Republic that they could create new headaches, particularly for private companies.

EU blames Russia for satellite hack ahead of Ukraine invasion

The European Union on Tuesday (10 May) accused the Russian authorities of carrying out a cyberattack against a satellite network an hour before the invasion of Ukraine to pave the way for its assault.

Germany still not affected by Russia-linked cyberattacks

Germany has not been affected by cyberattacks that can be traced back to Russia, the government has confirmed, despite other EU countries experiencing a sharp increase. However, this may be due to how Germany defines such attacks. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Bulgarian professor achieves dream of creating world-class tech powerhouse

In April, Bulgaria became home to INSAIT, a new Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Technology that aims to develop a world-class research centre, keep talent in Bulgaria, and attract outstanding international scientists by offering globally competitive research facilities and compensation.

Romania’s government cloud project overshadowed by controversy

The Romanian cloud project is the centrepiece of the government's digitalisation plan, set to attract €500 million from the EU and bring the country closer to Europe's e-governance targets. However, the proposal has so far mostly succeeded in stirring up controversy. 

EU’s cyber incident reporting mechanism does not work, agency chief warns

The head of the EU's flagship cybersecurity agency has warned that its incident reporting system is too bureaucratic and "does not work", and called for a more resilient system, as well as a better legislative environment and information sharing with member states.

Commission delays giving new cybersecurity centre full autonomy

The European Commission has been postponing the appointment of a permanent executive director of its new cybersecurity body in order to retain partial control over the organisation, several EU diplomatic sources told EURACTIV.

West warns of Russian cyberattacks on critical infrastructure

Western governments jointly warned on Wednesday (20 April) about a potential threat of increased malicious cyber activity by Russia against critical infrastructure as a response to sanctions imposed as punishment for its invasion of Ukraine.

Internet leaders’ concern over revised article on web authentication

12 internet players sent a letter to MEPs and representatives of the EU Council on Wednesday (6 April) to express their security concerns about the revised Article 45 of the e-ID Draft Legislative Proposal. 

US warned firms about Russia’s Kaspersky software day after invasion

The US government began privately warning some American companies the day after Russia invaded Ukraine that Moscow could manipulate software designed by Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky to cause harm.

EU institutions not prepared for increase in cyberattacks

EU institutions are not sufficiently prepared for the increasing number of cyberattacks, a new special report by the European Court of Auditors on Tuesday (29 March) reads. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Technology 18-03-2022

The upcoming challenges of the telecom industry

As society becomes increasingly digitalised, it relies more heavily on ICT infrastructure. At the same time, the telecom market is called to address some key challenges societal challenges.

Ukrainian cyber-activism could backfire, expert warns

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has brought an unprecedented level of cyberactivism, though attacks seem to contribute little to strategic objectives and could even have negative effects. EURACTIV Germany reports.

EU countries to call for the establishment of a cybersecurity emergency fund

European governments are to adopt a declaration to reinforce the EU’s cybersecurity capacities, including establishing a new fund and increasing EU funding to support national efforts.

France launches “Cyber Campus” to boost cybersecurity strategy

One year after France's cybersecurity strategy launch, the Cyber Campus opened its doors on Tuesday (15 February). Its aim is to become an innovation hotspot to improve the country's resilience and accelerate the French ecosystem. EURACTIV France reports. 

European, US regulators tell banks to prepare for Russian cyberattack threat

The European Central Bank is preparing banks for a possible Russian-sponsored cyber attack as tensions with Ukraine mount, two people with knowledge of the matter said, as the region braces for the financial fallout of any conflict.

iPhone flaw exploited by second Israeli spy firm-sources

A flaw in Apple's software exploited by Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group to break into iPhones in 2021 was simultaneously abused by a competing company, according to five people familiar with the matter.
Global Europe 01-02-2022

Top US cyber official meets NATO allies on Russian threats

A White House cyber security official will meet European counterparts this week to discuss the threat of cyber attacks against Ukraine by Russia, the White House said.

Hacker group threatens to leak data from France’s justice ministry

Hackers from ransomware gang Lockbit 2.0 claimed to have hacked into the French justice ministry on Thursday (27 January). They said that if the ransom is not paid by 10 February, the stolen data will be published. EURACTIV Francre reports.


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