Cybersecurity Archives

  • Confronting the dark side of the Internet

    Digital 09-06-2016

    From enabling mass incursions of privacy, to connecting terrorists and paedophiles, to facilitating cybercrime and lending anonymity to bullies and trolls, the net has a darker side, which needs to be tackled, writes Thorbjørn Jagland.


  • Cyberspace: The new transatlantic frontier

    Digital 15-01-2016

    Through history, when Europe and the United States have failed to take coordinated action, crises have presented themselves. Cyberspace is a policy area in which transatlantic leadership can be grown and cultivated, writes Sinan Ülgen. 

  • High time to unlock the potential of the Digital Single Market

    Digital 08-01-2016

    The Digital Single Market is an opportunity not only to revitalise the European economy, but to tackle some of the biggest problems facing our society, including poverty, unemployment and security, argues Emilian Pavel.

  • An incomplete European cybersecurity agenda

    Justice & Home Affairs 05-08-2015

    The EU is starting to pay more attention to cybersecurity, but it still lacks a process to make it easier for police to share information across borders, writes Paul Rosenzweig.

  • Closing the gaps in EU cybersecurity: Let’s get it right

    Digital 05-03-2015

    An unhelpful patchwork exists in Europe when it comes to cyber protections, writes Thomas Boué. But EU member states would be ill-advised to extend the scope of the proposed Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive beyond critical infrastructure, he says.

  • Charlie Hebdo: There is grief, but will there be a debate?

    Justice & Home Affairs 13-01-2015

    Today, it is necessary to bravely ask the question about how to increase security in Europe, even if certain issues look controversial, writes Micha? Boni.

  • Keeping cybersecurity focused on critical infrastructure

    Digital 10-11-2014

    There is an uneven landscape when it comes to cybersecurity readiness in Europe, writes Thomas Boué. To build a foundation for cyber protections, the European Union needs to start with the most critical infrastructure, he argues.

  • Defeating online porn and bullying through education

    Social Europe & Jobs 18-06-2013

    Education is essential to confront online pornography and the cyberbullying of children, says Agnes Uhereczky.

  • Why Europe needs an EU Anti-Bullying Day

    Digital 17-06-2013

    We need an EU Anti-Bullying Day to become a symbolic milestone in our efforts and to remind to all Europeans that bullying and cyberbullying is a problem with no borders, no specific technological or platform connection, no easy solutions, write MEPs Phil Prendergast and Seán Kelly.

  • Mining government data: Whither the European Commission?

    Special Report 06-11-2012

    As governments move towards the cloud, they need to be wary of the possibility for significant adverse consequences. National security might be compromised, government integrity eroded and even the safety of public officials threatened, writes Paul Rosenzweig.

  • The fight against Cybercrime


    The fight against Cybercrime Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft and Jos Dumortier, Professor of Law and Information Technology, Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Law and Information Technology, University of Leuven addressed a European Policy Centre lunchtime briefing on the battle …