Data protection

Controversy surrounds new cybercrime protocol as plenary vote still hangs in the balance


While the date for the ratification of the Second Additional Cybercrime Protocol by the European Parliament is yet to be set, civil society and MEPs call for the opinion of the European Court of Justice over data and privacy concerns.


France sees boom in personal data breaches in 2021

France has hit an all-time record in notifications of personal data breaches, up 79% from 2020, the latest report of France's data protection watchdog CNIL has found. EURACTIV France reports.

LEAK: Commission to force scanning of communications to combat child pornography

The European Commission is to put forward a generalised scanning obligation for messaging services, according to a draft proposal obtained by EURACTIV.
Health 09-05-2022

Legal issues, not infrastructure hampers research in health data revolution

A European Health Data Space (EHDS) could enormously impact health research if it can overcome barriers to cross-border secondary use of health data and create trust amongst citizens, according to a Finnish health data stakeholder.
Health 04-05-2022

Commission wants GDPR+ protection to facilitate health data revolution

Data protection, citizen rights, and digitalisation are at the forefront of the revolutionary European Health Data Space (EHDS) presented by the EU executive on Tuesday (3 May), according to involved stakeholders.

EU top court: Consumer groups can bring class actions for data protection infringements

The EU Court of Justice ruled on Thursday (28 April) that consumer groups can autonomously bring legal proceedings for alleged breaches of data protection rules as long as national law allows it.

German regulator welcomes Google’s ‘reject all’ cookie button plan

Google's plans to include a "reject all" button on cookie banners after its existing policy violated EU law was welcomed by Hamburg's top data protection official, who presented his activity report on Thursday (7 April). EURACTIV Germany reports.

Germany delays implementation of EU data protection rules

in a report presented to the Bundestag, Germany's data protection commissioner criticised the country for delaying its implementation of the EU data protection directive, particularly in the field of justice and home affairs).

EU court sends message on data connection rules to Ireland, and France

The EU Court of Justice has once again examined the issue of connection data, reminding Ireland and France of the stringent framework that must surround collection and use. EURACTIV France reports.

Google fined 2 mln euros in France for abusive commercial practices

A court in France fined Google two million euros on Monday (28 March) for the "significant imbalances" that the company has created with application developers through clauses deemed unfair.

Biden, Von der Leyen, announce agreement ‘in principle’ on transatlantic data flows

US President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen declared on Friday (25 March) the two sides had reached a political agreement on international data transfers, a move cautiously welcomed by industry and analysts.
Elections 15-03-2022

No French election campaign website is fully GDPR-compliant

French campaign websites fail to meet EU personal data protection standards, with President Emmanuel Macron's - who recently announced his re-election run - performing the worst. EURACTIV France reports.

Privacy activists launch new offensive against non-compliant cookie banners

The privacy activists that took down Google Analytics sent 270 draft complaints on Friday (4 March) to website operators who use cookie banners that do not comply with the EU data protection rules. The batch is the second of a...

Google Analytics’ competitors foretaste business boost following privacy debacles

Alternatives to Google Analytics could stand to benefit if the rest of the EU decides - like the Austrian and French data protection authorities already have - that the tool can no longer be used because it does not comply with EU privacy standards.

European data authorities launch a joint investigation on the public sector’s use of cloud

A joint investigation was launched by 22 national data protection authorities on Tuesday (15 February) on how the public sector uses cloud services.

France joins Austria in finding Google Analytics illegal

Google does not sufficiently guarantee it protects European's data gathered via Google Analytics, France's data watchdog CNIL announced on Thursday (10 February). With Austria having recently issued a similar decision, the days of Google Analytics in Europe could be numbered. EURACTIV France reports.

Habeck and Le Maire unfazed by Facebook’s withdrawal threats from the EU

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck and his French counterpart Bruno Le Maire seemed unimpressed on Monday (7 February) by digital giant Meta's threat of possibly withdrawing Facebook and Instagram from the EU, repeating that data should not be handed over without control.

EU institutions bolster Europol’s mandate for data-crunching activities

The European co-legislators agreed on a new mandate for Europol, closing a controversy over the agency's data processing practices.

France may soon decide on legality of Google Analytics use

After having been ruled incompatible with EU law by Austria's data watchdog two weeks ago, Google Analytics is now under fire in France, whose own data watchdog has been asked to check whether the tool goes against EU law.

German Supreme Court orders Facebook to allow pseudonyms

Facebook must allow the use of pseudonyms on its platform Germany's Federal Court of Justice ruled on Thursday (27 January). Until now, Facebook users were required to use their real names. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Following backlash over cookie phase-out, Google launches new proposal

Following the somewhat unpopular plan to phase out cookies in its Chrome web browser, Google has laid down Topics API as a method of tracking users online through a topic-centred tracking system.

German media industry opposes Google’s planned cookie phase-out

Germany's media and advertising industry has criticised Google for the third-party cookie phase-out it plans to implement in its Chrome browser by 2023 as it could deprive them of a lucrative source of revenue. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Choosing between data security and data sharing should not be an option

The French EU Council Presidency should focus its work on major EU digital legislation to lead to greater clarity and legal certainty in an increasingly fragmented digital landscape, argues Yann Padova.

EU watchdog condemns Parliament over illegal data transfer from COVID website

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) issued a reprimand to the European Parliament for violating the bloc's privacy laws on January 5.

EU watchdog orders Europol to delete personal data unrelated to crimes

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) instructed the law enforcement agency Europol to delete the personal data of individuals who have no established link with criminal activity, concluding an inquiry started in April 2019.