Data protection Archives

  • EU data protection rules could increase cost of insurance

    Digital 13-03-2015

    If proposed EU data protection rules prevent insurers from carrying out essential functions, such as fighting fraud, the cost of insurance will grow, according to William Vidonja.

  • Companies should prepare for the EU’s forthcoming Data Protection Regulation

    Digital 02-03-2015

    An increase in cyber security attacks across commercial enterprises and service providers, and a consumer market wary of data privacy and protections, provide a backdrop for the forthcoming data privacy rule changes. Companies need to get ready fast, according to consultant Ryan Rubin.

  • Data protection reform: Why it matters for ethnic and religious minorities

    Digital 02-02-2015

    A large amount of data is collected in the EU in contradiction with data protection safeguards and legal standards, writes Andreas Hieronymus. 

  • PRISM scandal threatens EU-US ‘Safe Harbour’ agreement

    Justice & Home Affairs 12-11-2014

    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) could be tempted to invalidate "Safe Harbour" agreements on data retention between the United States and the European Union because of the PRISM spying scandal, writes Yann Padova.

  • Protecting Privacy in a Big Data World

    Digital 08-05-2014

    Big data raises big questions. What does it mean for the relationship between citizens and governments, customers and businesses, workers and employers? As governments worldwide ponder how to deal with privacy in a 'big data age', John Podesta recommends to the US president Barack Obama that the protections of the 1974 Privacy Act should be extended to non-US citizens as well.

  • Big data is in danger of becoming demonised

    Languages & Culture 21-03-2014

    The Internet is making big data and the tools needed to make sense of it, widely available around the world. But despite the valuable knowledge it helps generate, data is in danger of becoming demonised, writes Harry van Dorenmalen.

  • Privacy-security: a precautionary principle is needed

    Digital 27-01-2014

    Unless politicians commit to tackle privacy as a policy issue, complying with the precautionary principle and bringing such discussion to an international forum, promises made will be like the words of a lover perfectly aware of not believing in what he says to his beloved, argues Giovanna De Minico.

  • Strong data protection rules for high-quality healthcare

    Special Report | Health 16-10-2013

    Health and medical data need specific attention when legislation on data protection is at stake. Patients’ data contain highly sensitive information and require particularly strict protection and security mechanisms against any unauthorised access, mismanagement, or identity theft, says Katrín Fjeldsted.

  • Big data pitches the EU against US government and corporates

    Digital 10-10-2013

    The benefits of big data are being squashed under a steamroller of short-term corporate interests and the privacy abuses of security infrastructure, argues Joe McNamee.

  • European leaders should leave data flows open

    Digital 30-09-2013

    EU leaders convening in Brussels later this month for the 24th-25th October summit will have digital issues on the agenda. They should be careful not to make popular gestures in response to the Prism scandal that result in a freeze in data flows, writes expert Hosuk Lee-Makiyama.

  • Do not let Prism scandal wreck the Safe Harbour system

    Digital 05-09-2013

    Reaction to the Prism scandal has been strong, but threats by Europe to break apart the Safe Harbour agreement would be counter-productive, since this helps the US authorities to punish US IT firms in breach of data rules. Indeed strong US regulatory action against a US firm would be the best way of beginning to heal the damage done by Prism, according to a former US intelligence and government insider.

  • Overbearing data protection rules threaten cloud computing

    Digital 22-07-2013

    A policy debate is raging in Europe over cloud computing and those who want to bind the cloud in over-prescriptive regulation threaten to prevent the benefits of the new technology being felt, argues Thomas Boué.