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  • Barroso, Van Rompuy: EU-US relations must be based on respect, trust

    Promoted content 25-10-2013

    Speaking in a press conference after the first meetings of a 2-day gathering of EU leaders in Brussels, President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy said that relations between the EU and the Us should be based on mutual 'respect and trust'.
    Following allegations that the US had been tapping German Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone, Van Rompuy defended the Franco-German initiative of seeking further clarification from the US.

  • Lithuania’s Grybauskait?: EU expects to reach free trade deal with Ukraine

    Promoted content 25-10-2013

    As EU leaders gather in Brussels for a 2-day summit, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskait? said on Friday that Brussels expects to reach a deal on a free trade deal with Ukraine in the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius.
    Refereeing to recent allegations that the US had been tapping the phones of European leaders, Grybauskait? stressed the need to find a 'balance between data protections for European citizens' and 'international security'.

  • Cameron: EU needs to cut regulation for businesses

    Promoted content 25-10-2013

    As EU leaders gather in Brussels for a 2-day summit, UK's Prime Minister David Cameron told reporters waiting outside the EU Council building that excessive regulation for businesses must be cut 'to create jobs and growth' and be 'competitive'

  • EU leaders meet for October 2013 EU Council Summit – Roundtable

    Promoted content 24-10-2013

    The digital single market will dominate the EU's pre-summit agenda, with discussions being spiced up after revelations of deep US spying on France. Other issues on the agenda include immigration policies following the Lampedusa tragedy, banking union and the social dimension for the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).

  • Katainen: Spying cannot be avoided

    Promoted content 24-10-2013

    As EU leaders gather in Brussels for a 2-day EU summit, Finnish Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen told reporters that 'data protections laws are very important', following allegations that the US had been spying on EU leaders. Katainen added that EU citizens 'must be certain that the digital market really means safe market'.

  • Samaras: We must tackle illegal immigration in the EU

    Promoted content 24-10-2013

    As EU leaders gather in Brussels for an EU summit, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras told reporters that tackling illegal immigration is of 'paramount importance', specially in the South Mediterranean region. Samaras also added that European leaders will discuss 'digital union' and 'banking union' throughout the meeting.

  • Di Rupo: ‘We can’t accept systematic spying’

    Promoted content 24-10-2013

    As EU leaders gather in Brussels for an EU summit, Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo said that 'systematic spying' can't be accepted, amid allegations that the US had been tapping EU leaders mobile phones.
    Not sure about decision today, but we can't accept systematic spying, have to take measures. National measures are not enough, need to take European measures. Between allies, we can find a mechanism for collaboration, but no spying.

  • Merkel to Obama: ‘Spying among friends is not acceptable’

    Promoted content 24-10-2013

    Amid allegations that the US had been spying on EU leaders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that she has made clear to US president Barack Obama that 'spying among friends is not acceptable.
    As EU leaders gather in Brussels for an EU Summit, Merkel told reporters on her arrival that Europe needs 'to reflect on what data protection agreements and transparency is needed for that'.

  • Schulz: EU should reconsider free trade negotiations with US

    Promoted content 24-10-2013

    As socialists leaders meet on Thursday ahead ahead of the EU Summit in Brussels, European Parliament's president Martin Schulz said that the EU should reconsider holding free trade talks with the US following allegations that the US intelligence system has been spying on European leaders.
    'I think we should reconsider if we can negotiate with the US on the same level. It would not be legitimate if the other side plays with an advantage', Schulz said.

  • MEPs agree to strenghen EU data protection rules

    Promoted content 22-10-2013

    After MEPs voted on Tuesday to strengthen EU data protection rules, heads of state meeting tomorrow for the first European-level summit are set to focus primarily on single market issues and steer the debate away from the controversial NSA snooping scandal and data protection.

  • MEPs vote on data protection rules

    Promoted content 22-10-2013

    Lawmakers in the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee voted to strengthen Europe's data protection laws on Monday (21 October), including plans to impose fines of up to €100 million on companies such as Yahoo!, Facebook or Google if they break the rules.

  • EURACTIV’s Interview with Jan Philipp Albrecht

    Promoted content 25-09-2013

    After a tumultuous period of data snooping scandals and accusations of US spying in the EU, Jan Philipp Albrecht, one of the leading MEPs behind the EU's draft data protection regulation, tells EURACTIV that Parliament will finalise rules by the end of its mandate, because it cannot wait.

  • European Commission on EU data protection regulation

    Promoted content 15-07-2013

    Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to push for tougher EU data protection rules and force Internet firms to be more open as she tried to reassure voters before a September election about intrusive snooping by US intelligence in Germany.

  • EU data watchdog very concerned over PRISM scandal

    Promoted content 14-06-2013

    EXCLUSIVE / European institutions are tracking users of their web sites, in breach of the EU's own data protection rules, EURACTIV has learned. The fact has been confirmed by Europe’s data protection watchdog, in an interview with EURACTIV, while Brussels is reviewing privacy legislation to tackle the abuse.

  • MEPS on US data scandal

    Promoted content | Digital 11-06-2013

    Europeans have reacted angrily to revelations that US authorities had tapped the servers of internet companies for personal data, saying such activity confirmed their fears about American Web giants' reach and showed that tighter regulations were needed just as the EU and US are about to launch transatlantic trade talks.

  • EU wants ‘right to be forgotten’

    Promoted content 25-01-2012

    The European Commission on Wednesday presented a new "comprehensive" reform on data protection rules. This to replace the current laws that came into force back in 1995.
    Brussels wants to give people more control over their personal data by introducing the controversial "right to be forgotten".
    Under the proposed law, people can ask companies to delete information that they hold about them. Companies who don't comply could face fines of up to 2% of their annual turnover.