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  • The Brief – No time for navel gazing

    News 27-02-2018

    These are tough times to work in the development sector. Following the Oxfam sex scandal, several leading NGOs have fired employees and launched their own sexual misconduct probes. The revelations risk tarnishing the reputation of an entire industry.

  • Search for new urban water sparks conflict in parched Malawi

    News 27-02-2018

    With increasingly prolonged droughts threatening worsening water shortages, Malawi is moving to shore up water supplies to its cities, including building new long-distance pipelines and dams.

  • EU and Chile looking for the perfect agreement

    News | Economy & Jobs 26-02-2018

    The European Union and Chile would like to improve on their association agreement, which in 15 years has resulted in the doubling of trade volumes between them.

  • EU development aid faces Brexit squeeze

    News 26-02-2018

    The EU and UK's leadership in development policy is threatened by Brexit, which will leave a considerable funding gap after 2019, leading campaigners have warned.

  • More funds for G5 Sahel after Brussels conference

    News 26-02-2018

    The funds mobilised in support of the armed forces of the countries in the Sahel region amount to €414 million following the summit in Brussels. However the issue of securing funding on a long-term basis has not been solved.

  • Security and development join forces in the Sahel

    News 23-02-2018

    Military matters will dominate the agenda of the summit on the Sahel region in Brussels on Friday (23 February), but there will also be talks on strengthening development aid in the region. reports.