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  • Sustainable chemistry

    Climate change 07-03-2007

    Public concerns regarding environmental, health and safety issues of chemicals have resulted in growing interest for 'green chemistry'. With a new, stricter EU chemicals policy in place (REACH), research into chemicals with less environmental impact is being instigated to take greater account of issues such as waste prevention, biodegradability and energy savings.

  • Carbon capture and storage

    Brexit 10-10-2006

    Capturing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and storing it underground is seen as a crucial technology to reduce the global warming impact of fossil fuels such as coal and gas, on which the world will continue to rely for decades.

  • Sustainable Development: EU Strategy

    Climate change 19-06-2006

    The EU first formulated its sustainable development strategy during the 2001 Gothenburg European Council. Although sustainable development is enshrined in the EU Treaty, its implementation remains a problem. In February 2005, the Commission took stock and confirmed that a number of unsustainable trends continue to worsen. One controversial issue is the relationship with the Lisbon reform agenda for growth and jobs. The June 2006 European Council adopted a revised strategy.

  • Corporate Sustainability

    Sustainable Development 29-05-2006

    Over the last ten years, many businesses have become aware of the need to incorporate sustainable development into their core business activities. What is corporate sustainability and is the EU doing enough to promote sustainable businesses?

  • EU post-2012 climate change policy (Archive)

    Science & Policymaking 04-10-2004

    With the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol closing in 2012, the EU has launched discussions on its future long-term strategy to fight global warming. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport and making continued use of market-based mechanisms such as emissions trading are among the main elements of the proposed strategy. But the first and biggest challenge will be to draw all major world emitters - including the US and China - into a binding pollution-cutting scheme.

  • Sustainable trade

    Social Europe & Jobs 23-03-2004

    Sustainable trade implies a trading system that does not harm the environment or deteriorate social conditions while promoting economical growth.

  • Sustainable Development: Introduction [Archived]

    Sustainable Development 20-08-2002

    Since the 1987 Brundtland report, the concept of sustainable development has entered the political arena. Its most common definition reads: "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". In the EU debate, sustainable development is often seen as encompassing three dimensions: the environmental, the economic and the social (the "triple bottom line").

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