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  • Budget downgrades EU aid policy, say development experts


    Development NGOs were united in criticising the European Commission’s proposed changes to the bloc’s external spending on Wednesday (2 May), warning that it effectively downgraded aid policy.

  • EU budget promises sweeping changes to development policy


    The development policy community is anxiously awaiting an overhaul of the EU’s development budget and the instruments used to spend it, when the European Commission publishes its communication on Wednesday (2 May) for the bloc’s next seven year budget.

  • Market-making for Burundi’s farmers

    Economy & Jobs 30-04-2018

    One of the main causes of food insecurity for farmers in rural areas is limited access to agricultural inputs. Donors, NGOs and governments are using a variety of new tools to improve access to basic products.

  • Are vouchers an alternative to cash in humanitarian aid

    Economy & Jobs 27-04-2018

    The popular image of humanitarian aid in public consciousness is of trucks loaded with essential foods being handed out to refugees.

  • Getting serious in the Sahel


    Combating Islamic terrorism in the Sahel region has united Europe and the wider international community. Most attention has been focused on the G5 Sahel joint military operation which has been tasked with combating jihadist groups in the region.

  • Alert sounds on developing country debt


    To fight corruption in the poorest countries, the European Parliament is proposing a code of conduct that makes the granting of loans conditional on monitoring by national parliaments. But the idea has not gone down well in Brussels. reports.

  • Whose aid is it anyway?


    To the generation brought up on the LiveAid and Live8 concerts, development aid is a moral obligation as well as a policy tool.

  • French Development Agency gains momentum following relaunch


    The French Development Agency (AFD) has financed over €10 billion in projects in 2017, an 11% increase compared to 2016. However, the share of grants in the development bank’s balance sheet is still very small. reports.

  • Migrants in Serbia still face difficulties, EU official says

    Justice & Home Affairs 13-04-2018

    Migrants staying in Serbia are in a difficult situation and their integration into society should be enabled through education for minors and job opportunities for adults, a representative of the EU delegation to Serbia told

  • ‘Silent, invisible’ malnutrition seen as threat to generations in Congo


    Starving children are the glaring face of Congo's humanitarian crisis, but millions more people are suffering slow onset malnutrition which could have harmful effects for generations, the United Nations said on Thursday (12 April).

  • French development aid slowly increasing


    France's development spending increased in 2017, but after years of successive decline, that has only returned it to 2012 levels. reports.

  • EU aid spending slumps as refugee crisis recedes


    Development aid to countries in the Global South stagnated in 2017, according to new figures published by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) on Monday (9 April). It also showed a declining share of aid spent on refugees.