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  • European Development Days: Investing in women and girls

    Special Report 05-06-2018

    It is consequential that this year’s European Development Days, which start in Brussels today, are focused on women and girls. Gender equality is not only a moral imperative, but also key to progress for the economy, the environment, and social development, argues Melanne Verveer.

  • Ending poverty in Africa is within our reach

    Africa 25-05-2018

    On  Africa Day (25 May) it is important to note that the continent is making important progress to end extreme poverty. With all the potential Africa holds it is important for the EU to support it, therefore, the next seven-year budget should secure more funds for aid, writes Dorine Nininahazwe.

  • Conducting the new energy orchestra – or is it a circus?

    Electricity 24-05-2018

    The decarbonisation of electric power, and the electrification of energy, is unstoppable. Whether it will be rapid enough to prevent the coming climate crisis is uncertain and will demand vision from politicians, industry leaders and energy providers, writes Andrew Steer.

  • The EU must put poverty reduction before corporate profits when financing development


    The EU's plan to expand its External Investment Plan to finance development projects is not backed up by evidence, writes María José Romero and Isabelle Brachet.

  • The clock is ticking on malaria


    With drug and insecticide resistance on the rise and slow progress in reducing cases and deaths, the clock is ticking on malaria. The EU must join other health leaders and scale up its efforts to fight the disease, writes Charles Goerens.

  • The EU had a great plan for Jordan – now it’s time to make it work

    Global Europe 24-04-2018

    In order to help Syrian refugees, the EU must improve its deal with Jordan and deliver on its promise to boost Jordanian exports and refugee hiring, write Gideon Maltz & Cindy Huang.

  • The European budget talks: Financial threat to a global Europe

    Global Europe 16-04-2018

    Although talks on the EU's next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) might appear dull on the surface, we should force ourselves to take notice of them and emphasise the long-term importance of the external tranche of the budget, writes Susi Dennison.

  • An inefficient truth

    Energy 15-03-2018

    It’s time for the G20 to give energy efficiency the respect it deserves, writes Rachel Kyte.

  • Forests are crucial in salvaging the Paris goals – EU must lead the way

    Climate change 07-03-2018

    In addition to halting deforestation, the European Union must support efforts to allow forest regeneration and sequestering more carbon dioxide, write Heidi Hautala and Carlos Zorrinho.

  • Feminism without borders


    One week ahead of International Women's Day, Ángela Vallina writes about the need for a "feminism without borders" so that we can learn from each other's struggles and bring about meaningful change for the next generation of girls in rural areas.


  • Are geopolitics, trade and human rights compatible enemies?


    Europe cannot turn a blind eye to the Human Rights abuses occurring in third countries, unless we rewrite the mandates of the functioning of the EU institutions and the Treaty, writes MEP Tomáš  Zdechovský.

  • Valentine’s secret taboo


    The chocolate industry is fuelling misery in West Africa. The European Union – where more chocolate is consumed than anywhere else – must help end it, writes Julia Christian.

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