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Trade secrets don’t trump our rights

Europe’s sophisticated draft legislation – the Digital Services Act (DSA) – could finally change the asymmetry of power and information between Big Tech and citizens by enabling data access for regulators and vetted researchers to look ‘under the hood.’  Sarah...

How new, binding EU transparency standards for political advertising could be even higher

The European Commission’s draft law on political advertising aims to create binding transparency standards and includes a ban on targeting. This ban, however, has big loopholes that need to be addressed.

Narrowing Data Protection’s Enforcement Gap

Democratic governments around the world have decided that these data protection regulatory regimes are here to stay. Societies must now ensure that these laws lead to meaningful improvements on the ground.


The Brief, powered by ENTSO-E — Who fears the European Commission?

This week saw significant progress in Brussels’ attempt to regulate the internet economy, as the landmark proposals for the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA) advanced in their legislative processes. Surprisingly, with very little noise from the 'Big Tech'.
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5G 19-11-2021

The EU can play a key role in the development of 6G global standards

The Horizon Europe research, innovation and science programme that will operate during the period 2021-2027 has a budget of €95.5 billion. This clearly demonstrates that the European Commission, the European Parliament and EU governments fully recognize that investment in research and science will support economic growth and recovery across Europe. And they are right to hold this view.

The Brief, powered by Facebook — The Dirty Dozen

The European Commission has been caught by surprise. In its efforts to fight disinformation, it developed instruments to monitor Russia. However, new research shows that the anti-vaxxer disinformation campaign to which many EU citizens have fallen victim actually originates in the United States.

Warning: Big Tech may use extended regulatory dialogues to undermine the Digital Markets Act

To limit the power of internet platforms, the EU is working on the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The Commission’s draft for the DMA looks promising and shows credible ambition to address digital gatekeepers like Google or Facebook and tackle monopoly power in Europe.

The Brief, powered by Facebook — EU needs to show teeth to protect Greek media freedom

Say 'media freedom in the EU', and chances are you will think of Poland or Hungary and their rows with Brussels. But Greece has recently passed a draconian media law that should put the country on the Commission's radar. Except no one really talks about it.
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5G 10-11-2021

EU must agree on common standards for industry if NIS2 is to become a success.

European Parliament – moving forward on NIS2. David Harmon is the EU Huawei Cybersecurity and Privacy Director. The ITRE committee in the European Parliament on October 28th 2021 approved the provisions of the NIS2 directive. This law will introduce new...

Enough is enough! Rein in the giants.

The newly inaugurated Norwegian government must do their utmost to restrict the powers of the international tech giants. So should the European Union and legislators in other countries.
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Europe faces surge in demand for leading-edge chips

The EU’s demand for leading-edge semiconductors by 2030 will be equivalent to the total demand for computer chips today, according to a new report by the global management consultancy Kearney.

French Tech Policy and Its Contradictions

France’s tech policy will prove detrimental in determining overall future EU tech policy.

The perturbing silence surrounding the case of Julian Assange

The case for the extradition of Julian Assange raises questions about the freedom of the press, about the extraterritorial creep of US law and about Europe’s readiness - or lack off - to protect media freedom, writes Dick Roche.

Regulating Facebook’s Algorithms – Not an Easy Task

The point is not that lawmakers can’t regulate amplification. It’s that doing so while avoiding unintended consequences is hard.
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The Metaverse Ecosystem is Developing into an Essential Vehicle for European Brands

The Metaverse is going mainstream, and European brands would do well to spot the potential value of shared virtual spaces that transcend borders.

Whistleblowers are showing the world why Facebook is toxic. The European Union has a chance to fix it.

Policymakers across the world are alarmed by the algorithmic harms revealed by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen -- but only the EU has an immediate opportunity to enact legislation that would meaningfully address them, several authors write. 
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Cybersecurity: COVID has thrown into sharp relief the need for greater transatlantic cooperation

Jackie King is the executive director of Ibec Global Almost two years into the global pandemic, boards and CEOs are counting the cost of the upsurge in cybersecurity attacks on both sides of the Atlantic. Cybersecurity is at the top...

Chips geopolitics and EU’s new semiconductors sovereignty agenda

The technological is alarmingly becoming too geopolitical, especially in the case of the current global semiconductor shortage, writes Raluca Csernatoni. Raluca Csernatoni is an expert on European security and defence, focusing on emerging and disruptive security and defence technologies at...
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The Digital Single Market needs an ambitious revision of the roaming regime

By bringing wholesale roaming caps closer to market realities and further enabling IoT applications in roaming contexts, co-legislators have the chance to make the EU fit for the digital age.

EU democracy needs all voices in media

When our consumption of news changed from traditional presses to the digital, we lost something more than just a physical newsprint in our hands. Media entered an era of emotion. But it doesn’t have to be that way, writes David Mekkaoui.

Russia’s Worldwide Influence Relies on YouTube

Without Silicon Valley's continuing goodwill, the Kremlin's information machine is in trouble.

Digital Services Act: a media exemption would open a loophole for disinformation

A carve out for media in the EU’s Digital Services Act would leave a dangerous loophole in legislation that is desperately needed to tackle disinformation, writes Diana Wallis.

Data Divergences Torpedo Transatlantic Cybersecurity Plans

Beyond these basic similarities in encouraging cybersecurity, the two sides disagree on key points.

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Artificial Intelligence: How The EU AI Act Can Enable Responsible Innovation In AI And Machine Learning

The proposed AI Act is the first of its kind globally. With the right balance, it can set a robust framework for innovation in trustworthy and rights-protective AI applications.