Why the EU should pay attention to Africa’s tech sector

As the EU defines its priorities for an EU-Africa partnership, Africa's burgeoning tech sector is an obvious starting point for collaboration, argues Dan Dalton.
Global Europe 09-04-2021

The challenge of protecting European privacy from Uncle Sam’s snoopers

The findings of the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) in the two cases arising from complaints against Facebook by Austrian privacy campaigner Max Schrems highlight the fundamentally opposed approaches towards data and personal privacy in the EU and the US, writes Dick Roche.

Moria 2.0: The EU’s sandbox for surveillance technologies

The three camps of Lesvos, Old Moria, Moria 2.0 all tell a story of the multi-layered ecosystem which gives rise to the allure of quick fixes facilitated by technology. Yet the complexity of human movement is nothing but simple, writes Petra Molnar.
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Earning Public Trust

We welcome the EU Transparency Regulation that came into force on 27 March. Court records, land deeds, company financial statements and now a wealth of scientific research are easily accessible to the public online. Society is increasingly interested in having access to information – which includes access to research and scientific data.
As tough inter-institutional negotiations continue in Brussels, Maud de Boer Buquicchio says that the EU must continue to allow companies to detect and report child sexual abuse online - both known and new images, as well as instances of grooming.

The EU needs to allow companies to detect online child abuse

As tough inter-institutional negotiations continue in Brussels, Maud de Boer Buquicchio says that the EU must continue to allow companies to detect and report child sexual abuse online - both known and new images - as well as instances of grooming.
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Intel Shares Europe’s 2030 Digital Ambition

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger today shared an exciting update, accelerating investment in Europe and supporting the EU’s ambition of having 20% of the world's cutting-edge chips manufactured locally. This investment is designed to bring Intel’s latest generation 7nm process technology to the region, expanding our manufacturing operations in Europe.

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#OwnTheFuture: Making Technology Work for Europe

Despite the fact that present reality offers many reasons to be optimistic, some people are still fearful of what the future holds. Nevertheless the future is what people make of it and ELF believes that we need to make it work for Europe.
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Trust is key

Trust is a cornerstone of the online advertising ecosystem and the EDAA Self-Regulatory Programme. The findings of the 2021 European Advertising Consumer Research Report show that the efforts of the industry are pushing things in the right direction.

The Brief, powered by amfori – EU’s ‘toolbox fetishism’

Next to the rule of law dilemma, growing assaults on media freedom are posing another test for the EU’s resolve and unity. The question is whether yet another ‘toolbox’ can solve the problem. Do you remember the then European Commissioner...
5G 12-03-2021

Better together – especially now

Cybersecurity, like vaccines, requires the cooperation of all governments together with the right experts to deliver best practices to the Industry to keep citizens safe, writes Sophie Batas. Sophie Batas is Director for Cybersecurity at Huawei EU. In 2021 the...

Beyond Brussels policies: leadership for Europe’s news media sector

EU initiatives from last December may help renew the news media sector, if implemented fast and jointly. In an open letter, Christoph Leclercq, Marc Sundermann and Paolo Cesarini call for leadership from Berlin, Paris and the Council, and from the press leaders themselves.
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The Future of Work: an interview with John Porter

With the launch of the new Deloitte report ‘The Future of Work is Here’, John Porter, CEO of Telenet, gives his views on how he and the company are looking at the future of work, especially under the impact of...
Non-discrimination 08-03-2021

Empowering women leads to better science, research and innovation

Female involvement in research and innovation is vital for ensuring sustainable and inclusive twin digital and green transitions, writes Mariya Gabriel.

How EU students are being forced into a surveillance nightmare

Requiring students to submit to biometric surveillance should be illegal, writes Nakeema Damali Stefflbauer.
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Video games – a long history of commitment to protection of minors – it’s in our DNA

With research showing that more than 51% of Europe's population, and 76% of children aged 6-14 play video games across Europe, a safe online environment is a number one priority for the video games sector, and always has been.
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Privacy: emerging from the pandemic

In a year when COVID-19 has stress-tested privacy protections and where mutual recognition of global data protection regimes has been called into doubt, our rights and regulations have ultimately remained resilient. The question is whether and how we rebuild on those foundations.

Countering disinformation: Is the DSA Punching Below its Weight?

A gamut of the European Commission’s initiatives mark a welcomed step-change in the EU policy against disinformation, but certain influence operations may still slip through the net, writes Paolo Cesarini.

A disinformation disaster: how regulation, fact-checking and education can help

Regulation alone will not solve the huge disinformation problem Europe faces, but the incoming Digital Services Act can certainly help, writes Carlos Hernández-Echevarría.
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The Future of Work is Here: Are leaders packing up all they know to lead with new skills in an unprecedented way forward?

Over the years, we’ve seen exciting, new and innovative trends in leadership modernize the way companies run and grow their people. We’ve seen linear corporate ladders shift to adaptive corporate lattice models. We’ve seen CEOs trade corner offices for hot...
Maria Gabriel is EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

Safer Internet Day: Let’s deliver on digital literacy

On Safer Internet Day, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel writes for EURACTIV that young people should be given more support in media literacy, allowing them to avoid the pitfalls of disinformation across the online world.
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Creating a safe environment for our European community

At TikTok, we are focused on providing our community with a joyful, creative and, above all, safe experience. Our community's safety is top of mind for us every day, and we wholeheartedly believe in helping our community make informed decisions about their online presence.
Stakeholder Opinion
Cybersecurity 04-02-2021

Without the Right Partnerships, EU Legislation is Dead on Arrival

Despite major progress towards new mandatory frameworks aimed at tackling sustainability and ethical issues in supply chains coming into Europe, the EU’s ambitious legislation will see little impact if not backed up by deep and long-lasting partnerships with producing countries....
Future EU 03-02-2021

The Brief, powered by Facebook – Who’s afraid of the press?

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has developed an unhealthy habit of avoiding press questions in public and carefully dosing her words to European media, while being seemingly omnipresent in a selected few, mostly German, publications. After refusing to...
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Europe’s top 5 priorities to kick-start the digital decade

Europe is still reeling from the pandemic’s effects and many countries are battling a third wave. Digital technologies have been proven to be essential in the crisis and are rightly viewed as a way to reinvent Europe’s economy after COVID....