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#Media4Europe Conference: Media transformation & democracy building – Second Edition Stars4Media Awards

This Stars4Media event concluded the implementation of Stars4Media Second Edition and launched Stars4Media NEWS.
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#BreakTheBias: Why Does AI Need More Women?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have a positive impact globally but its true success depends on making its design, development and deployment inclusive.

What will Europe’s digital economy look like after the Digital Services Act?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Debate to find out about the DSA and its impact on Europe’s digital economy. Discussed questions included: - What will change for users of online services? - Will online marketplaces continue to function effectively with the proposed KYBC and product requirements? - How will ‘user redress’ work? - What effect will content moderation requirements have on user content? - Can the data protection and data access requirements operate in parallel? - What will digital advertising look like?
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Media Partnership – Discrimination and surveillance: Can the EU Artificial Intelligence Act fix injustice?

The Open Society European Policy Institute and European Digital Rights (EDRi) invite you to rewatch us on a deep dive with EU policy-makers, academic and civil society experts. The virtual conference explored how the Artificial Intelligence Act can be a positive force in Europe towards protecting people's human rights and delivering social justice.
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Voice your choice about data-driven advertising in Europe!

A BIG Conversation about data-driven advertising in Europe is happening – and you are invited to be a part of it! The online advertising industry in Europe is listening and wants to hear your views on how YOU want online advertising to work. Share your expectations, hopes and fears anonymously.
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Media Partnership – Closing the digital gender gap: women’s participation in the digital economy

The present COVID-19 crisis, which revolutionised the way people and companies use ICT and other digital technologies to work and interact, has also highlighted the urgency to promote gender balance in the digital sector. Inequalities were identified decades ago, and efforts have been made to address them over the years. Nevertheless, such gender unbalance persists in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields generally, and in the digital sector specifically (e.g. digital technologies, Computer Science, Information Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, etc.).

An effective Digital Markets Act – What balance will achieve certainty for all stakeholders?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to find out how the regulatory dialogue could be designed and implemented to contribute to the effectiveness and durability of the DMA. How would the general obligations of the DMA apply across the diverse platform services covered? How can companies best assist the EU Commission in achieving the DMA policy objectives?

Supporting SMEs post-pandemic – How can policymakers ensure digital helps SME growth?

Rewatch this EURACTIV – GIGAEurope Digital Debate to find out how policymakers can support SMEs to maintain their economic resilience post-pandemic.
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Stakeholders weigh in on the Digital Services Act

European lawmakers are entering into the final negotiations on the Digital Services Act.
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Economy & Jobs 06-12-2021

Growing small businesses in a digital world

In November, seven nonprofit organisations from across Europe and the Middle East came together for the Skills Week on SMB Mentorship.
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Lawmakers weigh in on the Digital Services Act

European lawmakers are entering into the final negotiations on the Digital Services Act.

How can SMEs thrive post-pandemic in a digitalised world?

Join this EURACTIV Virtual Conference to discuss how the voice of SMEs can be elevated and how the role of digital tools can be further enhanced to help drive the recovery of European SMEs. Questions to be discussed include:
Industrial Strategy 12-11-2021

Media Partnership: Leading-edge semiconductors: a cornerstone for Europe’s digital future

Rewatch this Intel event, in partnership with our media partner EURACTIV, to learn more about the importance of leading-edge semiconductors for the European economy.
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Media 03-11-2021

#Media4Europe Conference: Business transformation of NEWS through Content Sharing, Data and Stars4Media

On 6 October 2021  Europe's MediaLab organised a #Media4Europe conference on  “Business Transformation of NEWS: Content sharing, Data and Stars4Media”.

Cybersecurity in the EU – Why we need NIS2 and what changes does it mean for the tech sector?

Cybersecurity is one of the European Commission's top priorities and a cornerstone of the digital and connected Europe. An increase of cyber attacks during the COVID crisis has shown how important it is to protect hospitals, research centres and other critical infrastructure.

AI regulation and the future of work – What are the opportunities and concerns?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the heart of the digital transformation and can significantly bolster the European economy. The EU AI Act will set out the regulatory framework for the way AI will be used across all industries.

The importance of connectivity during and after the COVID-19 crisis

A new digital divide has emerged, not only between well-connected urban areas and rural and remote territories, but also between those who can fully benefit from an enriched, accessible and secure digital space with a full range of services, and those who cannot.

Digital Inclusiveness: How to ensure no European is left behind

Watch this debate to find out what investments are needed to roll-out gigabit networks and 5G to reach every European? How to overcome the digital differences that persist between countries and regions?
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What technology can do for sustainability

The Impact Challenge on Climate commits €10M to fund bold ideas that aim to use technology to accelerate Europe’s progress toward a greener, more resilient future. “This kind of support that NGOs like Snowchange are now receiving from Google...

The EU Digital COVID Certificate explained

Digital EU COVID certificate is a free tool that opens the EU borders for its citizens that have been vaccinated against COVID-19, have recovered from it or have had a recent negative test result.

Trust in the Digital Decade – Making sure technology serves EU citizens

On March 9th, the European Commission presented a vision for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030. This vision for the EU’s digital decade focuses on around four key points: skills, government, infrastructures, business. A framework of digital principles will help promote...

The Twin Transition: How can Green Growth and Digital Transformation go hand in hand to drive Europe’s recovery?

The European Commission states that “Europe must leverage the potential of digital transformation, which is a key enabler for reaching the Green Deal objectives.”
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5G 18-06-2021

Beyond the Mobile Phone – Leveraging 5G for Automotive

France Brevets, Eurecom, IMT and Qualcomm hosted a conference together to share the success of their multilateral collaboration. They brought together technology experts, academic researchers and intellectual property professionals to discuss the exciting digital transformation of auto by 5G. For...

Over a Coffee with Alex Rogers, Executive Vice President of Qualcomm

Over A Coffee with Alex Rogers, Executive Vice President of Qualcomm, and President of Qualcomm Technology Licensing A recent Accenture study on the impact of 5G in the European economy reports that 5G will drive up to €2.0 trillion in...