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  • UK Gatwick airport hit by drone attack

    News 20-12-2018

    Tens of thousands of airline passengers in the UK have been left stranded after a suspicious sighting of two drones circling the vicinity of Gatwick airport, prompting security authorities to halt flights late on Wednesday (20 December) evening.

  • Spanish producers go digital to shorten food supply chains

    Special Report | News | Agrifood 20-12-2018

    Spanish producers are increasingly taking advantage of the booming Internet and digital commerce in order to shorten the supply chain and therefore improve their profitability.

  • AI & Ethics: ‘Critical Concerns’ highlighted in Commission report

    News 20-12-2018

    The European Commission's high-level group on Artificial Intelligence (AI) published their highly anticipated report on Artificial Intelligence and Ethics on Tuesday (18 December), drawing attention to issues related to areas such as identification, citizen scoring, and killer robots. 

  • Privacy shield review: EU renews calls for permanent ombudsperson

    News | Data protection 19-12-2018

    The European Commission has put pressure on US authorities to nominate a permanent ombudsperson for its data protection agreement with the US, with Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová saying that her "patience is coming to an end" on the issue.

  • EU suffers major cyber-security scandal with publication of 1,100 secret cables

    News | Cybersecurity 19-12-2018

    A trove of hacked EU diplomatic cables made available to the New York Times revealed no major secrets, but displayed the remarkably poor protection of routine exchanges among EU officials.

  • Russia used social media for widespread meddling in US politics, reports say

    News | Global Europe 18-12-2018

    Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election on social media was more widespread than previously thought and included attempts to divide Americans by race and extreme ideology, said reports by private experts released on Monday (17 December) by US senators from both parties.

  • Europe has ambitious plans to explore the universe

    News 18-12-2018

    Last spring marked 40 years since Czechoslovakian astronaut Vladimir Remek's flight to space and this year marks another anniversary. In November, the Czech Republic celebrated ten years since joining the European Space Agency (ESA). EURACTIV Czech Republic's media partner Aktuálně.cz reports.

  • Twitter tumbles on concerns about hacking activity

    News | Data protection 18-12-2018

    Twitter shares fell almost 7 percent on Monday after the company said it was investigating unusual traffic that might be from state-sponsored hackers and, in what appeared to be an unrelated issue, a security firm said hackers used the platform to try to steal user data.

  • France to go it alone on digital tax plans

    News 18-12-2018

    France is to join a growing list of member states setting out their own plans for a digital tax, after the country's Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced on Monday (17 December) that new French laws for the taxation of digital giants would come into effect from 1 January 2019.

  • Clean power for data centres

    Opinion | Energy 17-12-2018

    As big data, digital content, and e-commerce continue to drive explosive growth in power demand for data centres, it is crucial to understand the reliability and sustainability of power supplied to these facilities, writes Pritil Gunjan.

  • Some EU leaders are the ‘origin of fake news’, says Juncker

    News 14-12-2018

    Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker condemned Hungary's leader Viktor Orbán on Friday (14 December), accusing him of spreading fake news in relation to the UK's decision to withdraw from the EU. The comments came as EU leaders banded together to combat the spread of disinformation in the run up to the 2019 European elections.

  • MEPs back digital tax plans by overwhelming majority

    News 14-12-2018

    MEPs in the European Parliament have signalled their support in clear and uncertain terms for the taxation of digital services, during a vote in Thursday's plenary session (13 December) in Strasbourg.