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  • 5 recommendations to unlock the benefits of AI in Europe

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 26-04-2018

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly on the radar of EU policymakers – not surprising, given the technology’s potential to enhance the competitiveness of European industry while delivering significant societal benefits. But what steps can decision makers take to fully tap into the opportunities on offer?

  • Innovation doesn’t happen by accident

    Special Report | Promoted content | Health 25-04-2018

    Most of our life’s significant accomplishments require hard work. Innovation in healthcare is no exception, and it is clear that as a society, we must all work together to achieve the longer, healthier lives we envision for future generations.

  • ePrivacy is about the entire economy, and we need to get it right

    Promoted content 24-04-2018

    Although described as a sectorial law, the proposed ePrivacy Regulation has profound implications for European industry as a whole. That’s why lawmakers need to make it fit for the entire digital economy, writes Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl.

  • Forget the skills gap, in energy cyber security, it’s a chasm

    Energy 16-04-2018

    There are frighteningly few cyber security experts with the right skills in the electricity industry, warns Michael John. While there is room for hope in the longer-term, he outlines what can be done now to plug the gaps.

  • Personal data was weaponised against democracy in the EU – and can be again

    Data protection 04-04-2018

    With the recent revelations on the unlawful use of voters’ data to influence their choices, both the EU and its member states need to take legislative measures to prevent such campaigning which violated privacy rights and eroded democracy. The first step should be ending the lack of transparency, writes Nomi Byström.

  • The misguided logic of digital taxation


    The European Commission’s proposal on digital taxation demonstrates a completely new logic of taxation. It contains all the wrongs you can achieve in one proposal, writes Gunnar Hökmark. 

  • AI and robots should not be attributed legal personhood

    Economy & Jobs 26-03-2018

    Technology has revolutionised the financial industry, but we’re long overdue a revolution in the way we think about its future role and the policies that should govern it, write Daniel Schlaepfer and Hugo Kruyne.

  • Automated cars: Too much, too soon

    Automated vehicles 22-03-2018

    Sunday’s fatal collision between an Uber autonomous car and a pedestrian in Arizona shows that the regulatory environment in the US, as well as in Europe, is not ready for fully autonomous vehicles, writes Antonio Avenoso.

  • Avoid censorship, dilute fake with quality news

    #Media4EU 16-03-2018

    The EU High-Level Expert Group on ‘fake news’ published its report with recommendations earlier this week. Christophe Leclercq, one of its members, offers his views on its potential impact ahead of the 2019 EU elections, and why it matters to the media sector.

  • Tackling Fake News: To be continued


    Fake news has been blamed for the election of Trump, the Brexit vote and the rise of populist parties in Europe. A High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on fake news has been set up by the European Commission to suggest how to address the problem. Žiga Turk, one of the members, shares his comments on their Final Report, released earlier today (March 12).

  • Pushing boundaries: Thoughts on the tech milestone we’re about to reach

    Special Report | 5G 12-03-2018

    It’s been almost ten years since the commercial rollout of 4G created the connected world we live in today. And the new buzzword now is 5G, writes Tony Graziano.

  • Europe’s new era – only possible with 5G

    5G 12-03-2018

    If the EU misses out on 5G it could lead to a drain of world leading tech companies in Europe (of which there are only a few), if it wants to catch up to America and China then it has to deliver on 5G before anyone else, writes Gunnar Hökmark.