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  • Blood and soil: How hate speech is destroying political discourse


    Anybody with an internet connection and a social media profile will have seen examples of hate speech against migrants and refugees in recent years. And we’re not talking about legitimate criticism of globalisation or Europe’s current migration policy – rather, dehumanising and violent language, calling for the sinking of refugee boats or the gassing of migrants.

  • ePrivacy: Over-regulation or opportunity?


    As debate over the draft ePrivacy Regulation resumes, it transpires that economic research from the ad tech lobby has grossly misled the European Parliament and the Council, writes Dr Johnny Ryan.

  • How to lower electricity prices in Europe

    Electricity 31-08-2018

    One important key to lowering electricity prices in the short-term are the grid utility fees. And digital solutions offer the most significant leverage to bring them down, writes Christian Chuboda.

  • Successful data innovation starts with enthusiastic curiosity, rather than technology

    Special Report | Promoted content 28-08-2018

    Turning innovation into business success requires, first and foremost, an organisation that actively seeks and embraces a digital-first mind-set and culture, writes Neil Crockett.

  • Europe needs to wake up to China’s influencing strategies

    EU-China 30-07-2018

    As Europe is waking up to the Chinese party-state’s growing influence inside its territory, China experts in Europe need to make themselves heard, write Tabitha Speelman and  Matej Šimalčík.

  • A holistic approach to smart building systems

    Energy 20-07-2018

    While a coordinated operation of all building systems can achieve significant energy savings, those systems are too often installed in siloes hindering to unlock the full potential, writes Tom Machinchick.

  • Energy and cyber security: The other capacity gap

    Electricity 12-07-2018

    Europe’s energy companies have made real progress on cyber security in many ways. But actions speak louder than words, and cyber security needs to be a core component of any utility’s strategy, argues Michael John.

  • Commission vs. Android: Killing the cow for a steak


    Competition is what makes the world a better place, not intelligent design by God or by bureaucrats. Therefore, protecting competition is one of the key responsibilities of the European Commission. But in the case of Android, it is about to make a huge mistake, writes Žiga Turk.

  • Tackling hybrid threats, in Europe and the UK

    Defence and security 27-06-2018

    The June European Council is an opportunity to make sure we have the right measures in place to tackle hostile state threats to security such as cyber attacks, disinformation and meddling in elections, writes Mark Sedwill.

  • Commission’s approach to tackling online disinformation is an empty box

    Global Europe 20-06-2018

    EU High Representative Federica Mogherini and EU Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel are keeping their eyes wide shut to the Russian disinformation threat, writes Jakub Janda.

  • Developing AI at the heart of European Rights and Freedoms

    Promoted content 05-06-2018

    The benefits of Artificial Intelligence are limited only by our imagination. Technology companies are listening closely to governments and civil society on issues of fairness, accountability and transparency to address concerns of bias and discrimination. Our industry stands firmly behind being part of this dialogue.

  • GDPR: Time to walk the talk

    Data protection 04-06-2018

    The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is good news for consumers. But its promise will only materialise if industry changes its mindset about data protection and if the law is supported by a strong compliance and enforcement culture, writes Ursula Pachl.

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