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  • Press Freedom and Europe: Wolves, vultures, trolls… plus knights and journalists


    The media and the EU face similar dangers. Christophe Leclercq, who established Fondation EURACTIV and the EURACTIV media network,  creatively illustrates how characters could cooperate to avoid the worst.

  • Blind faith in technology diverts EU efforts to fight terrorism


    If there is one thing the coronavirus crisis proved to us is that automated tools used by big social media companies completely fail to provide a suitable online space for the exchange of vital health-related information, write Chloé Berthélémy and Diego Naranjo of European Digital Rights (EDRi).

  • Building transnational immunity to the COVID-19 infodemic


    The European Union is a major target of disinformation campaigns about COVID-19, both by Russia and domestic nationalist actors. What the bloc needs is a cross-national media engagement, a truly transnational European public sphere to build resilience against disinformation on EU affairs, writes Nad’a Kovalcikova.

  • False commentary and blinkered perspectives hampering TCO progress

    Promoted content 27-04-2020

    The proposal on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online is stalled around two major sticking points but now is not the time to delay.

  • EU’s digital vision in the era of dataism


    The talk of the digital future is immensely in vogue. However, the future is already here. Nothing reveals and increases our reliance on virtual connection for work, education, business, and social life more than the current pandemic, writes Miroslava Sawiris. Miroslava …

  • Global conspiracies, local panics

    Eastern Europe 15-04-2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic, disrupting societies, economies, families and persons alike, is compounded by a global contagion of rumours, conspiracies, fake news and other deadly narratives that, despite their appearance of being tailored to fit local characteristics, are strikingly similar at a transnational level, writes Alina Bargaoanu.

  • Europe, stay strong: Spring is coming


    It’s sunny and warm in Shenzhen now, and the restaurants and cafes are serving lunch to young professionals and workers in the open air. Abraham Liu, Huawei Vice President for the European Region paints a picture of life in China, as the country gets overs the recent public health crisis.

  • France is right, kids home during the pandemic shouldn’t use phones for hours


    The US should follow the lead of France when it comes to testing the radiation from mobile phones, writes Devra Davis, arguing that we still don't really know how safe the devices and their networks are.

  • Does Europe lack a financial market for photonics?

    Special Report 30-03-2020

    The photonics industry is an emerging but already consolidating market, with more than 100 acquisitions per year. But does Europe lack a financial market for the technology? EPIC's Carlos Lee explores.

  • A new type of virus is upon us, and it is not corona


    The whole world is preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic.  Every day, we experience apprehension and our thoughts focus on how we can protect ourselves, our families and countries. Yet, while nations struggle to mobilise their resources to fight this unparalleled epidemic, another virus is spreading almost undetected, Daniel Milo argues. 

  • Health, trust and journalism: a Coronavirus Plan for the Media


    In this Open Letter to the President of the EU Commission, media stakeholders and experts, in a personal capacity, along with MEPs and former MEPs ask for the Commission to support trust in public action, and to help sustain the media in this testing time.

  • Misguided ‘solution’ to terrorist content will have bad consequences for our rights


    One year ago, on 15 March 2019, a terrorist entered a Christchurch mosque, murdering more than fifty people. Beyond the atrocity of such a hate crime, it hit the whole world for two reasons

  • SMEs: The unseen victims of patent trolling


    As the European Commission turns its attention to giving SMEs a helping hand, here is a true story about how patent trolls broke the back of one successful small European business.

  • It’s time for a Greta Thunberg for technology


    Digitalisation has produced new challenges ranging from cybersecurity vulnerabilities and disinformation to gaming addiction and cyberbullying. Younger generations offer unique insights into these challenges but find themselves on the margins of EU policy debates, writes Laura Groenendaal.

  • How Europe’s AI strategy is getting it right

    Promoted content | 5G 26-02-2020

    The European Commission’s new White Paper may be the most ambitious yet realistic government strategy for AI we have seen. Qualcomm’s commitment to expand its already AI R&D efforts in Europe are well aligned with its core values.

  • Digital Services Act – the opportunity for Europe to lead in the platform economy

    Promoted content 19-02-2020

    The European institutions are gearing up for the revision of the eCommerce Directive. We must aim for a legitimate digital economy framework that encourages all actors to play fairly and to comply with EU standards, to protect consumers and safeguard trust in the digital environment.

  • The EU is ignoring AI’s effect on the climate crisis


    The relationship between climate change and Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest blindspots in the European Commission ‘leaked’ white paper on AI, writes Fieke Jansen.

  • The digital union: is Big Brother friend or foe?


    Europe's coming revolution in Artificial Intelligence and robotics technologies brings with it a series of new challenges that must be met head-on, writes MEP Ismail Ertug.

  • The EU is funding dystopian Artificial Intelligence projects


    Despite its commitment to ‘trustworthy’ artificial intelligence, the EU is bankrolling AI projects that are questionable, write Fieke Jansen and Daniel Leufer.

  • 2020 – Twenty years of Huawei in Europe

    Promoted content | 5G 31-12-2019

    Europe’s and Huawei’s joint journey is entering a new phase.

  • 2020: Critical year for EU-China relations

    EU-China 26-12-2019

    2020 will be a decisive year for the EU’s relations with China and its success will largely depend on the fate of the long-running bilateral investment treaty negotiations, writes Fraser Cameron.

  • Europe can spread its wings

    Promoted content | 5G 23-12-2019

    2020 can be the year Europe opens a new chapter of its digital policy play book.

  • How Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence pave the way to climate neutrality


    Calls for action on the climate emergency have reached a crescendo with the COP25 in Madrid. It is good to see the new Commission re-claiming EU’s leadership in climate technology with the Green Deal. But for a faster energy transition, it is not enough just to have more renewables, writes Hanno Schoklitsch.

  • Democracy and Digital: trusted media and platform regulation 


    Democratic debates require trusted information, less economic pressure on media, and more policy pressure on platforms. Supporting citizens' choices, three concepts will help the von der Leyen Commission: ‘co-regulation’, ‘trust indicators’, ‘systemic publishing platforms’. This open letter to the new Commission …