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  • The role of ethics in artificial intelligence and data usage


    The EU’s digital agenda for the next mandate will be marked by a series of broad-ranging reforms, from artificial intelligence and data protection to digital tax. However, the issue of ethics in the digital field continues to be at the centre of the debate, namely in regulating AI and data usage.

  • No time to waste – #EUindustry calls new Commission to action

    Promoted content 29-11-2019

    Orgalim Director General Malte Lohan shares the views of Europe’s technology industries as new Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and her team take office – calling for a strategy that puts industrial innovation at the heart of the EU’s …

  • The EU asking the impossible

    Data protection 13-11-2019

    Cloud Infrastructure Providers are the wrong target of the EU Regulation on illegal terrorist content takedown and their inclusion will lead to unintended consequences.

  • #CECESummit 2019 – Let’s rewind!

    Promoted content 11-11-2019

    If you didn't have a chance to join us for the #CECESummit 2019, you don't know what you've missed!

  • The EU asking the impossible

    Promoted content 05-11-2019

    Cloud Infrastructure Providers are the wrong target of the EU Regulation on illegal terrorist content takedown and their inclusion will lead to unintended consequences.

  • The EU asking the impossible

    Promoted content | Data protection 28-10-2019

    The European Union wants Cloud Infrastructure Providers to snoop on their customer’s data, slowing down their digital transformation and immediately bringing to a halt the protections of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • The EU’s Single Market: Digital enough to compete globally?


    The European Union, with 500 million consumers, has huge potential in digitalising the economy. The ‘Digital Single Market’ is no longer stand-alone. Rather, digitalisation affects all sectors and companies. It is argued that European digital services lag behind the US and China, especially when it comes to its global presence. However, opportunities exist in B2C and B2B services and beyond.

  • Unleashing digital opportunities in Europe

    Promoted content 25-09-2019

    Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, was in Helsinki, Finland, to meet with Finnish Prime Minister Rinne to discuss his priorities for the European Union Presidency, from building sustainable economic growth to achieving a carbon-free future.

  • #Media4Democracy: ‘VP Democracy’ for Sound Platforms & Independent Media

    Politics 28-06-2019

    Following the EU Elections, it will be clear if online platforms were used to influence the outcome. Newly elected MEPs will have the opportunity to review the future strategy for the media sector, ensuring its sustainability and support to democracy. They may wish to create a media intergroup.

  • AI-enabled facial recognition: More than just ethics?

    Cybersecurity 07-06-2019

    Facial recognition technology has been advancing rapidly over the past decade and is starting to be common in more devices, more places and real time. The odds are that facial biometrical information is already being analysed regularly. While there are numerous …

  • Delivering a connected future

    Special Report | Promoted content 21-05-2019

    A connected Europe is closer than you might think. An explosion of new digital services is just around the corner, from autonomous driving to e-democracy and virtual reality.

  • An Innovative and Responsible Europe: Empowering young people

    Economy & Jobs 17-05-2019

    According to the UN, quality education is the foundation to create sustainable development. Education and teachers’ empowerment are therefore considered as key factors in supporting youth as a globally connected engine for change.