Digital & Media 05-10-2004

eEurope – An Information Society for All

eEurope was launched in December 1999 to ensure the EU fully benefits from the changes the Information Society is bringing. eEurope's key objectives are to bringing every citizen, home and school, every business and administration, into the digital age and online. It plans to create a digitally literate Europe, supported by an entrepreneurial culture ready to finance and develop new ideas. eEurope also wants to ensure the whole process is socially inclusive, builds consumer trust and contributes to social cohesion.
Brexit 24-11-2003

E-Commerce Directive

The EU adopted in June 2000 Directive 2000/31/EC (the 'E-Commerce directive') requiring its Member States to harmonise certain aspects of their laws on buying and selling online. The directive is designed to reduce the regulatory burdens for businesses wanting to enter this market (such as the adoption of the 'country of origin principle' and the prohibition of prior authorisations). It also includes measures to encourage consumer confidence.