No excuse to let illegal content flourish

Thriving digital markets have made our lives easier and supported our economies, but it is about time that we put an end to illegal content that both harms our consumers and businesses. Simon Kollerup is Denmark’s Minister for Industry, Business...
#Media4EU 14-01-2019

Updating copyright rules for news: There’s a better way

The EU Copyright directive should avoid making reforms that takes away publishers’ choices about how to distribute and make money with their content online, writes Richard Gingras.
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Europe should tear down digital walls to help SMEs prosper

European SMEs operating in cyberspace need better legislation to facilitate cross-border trade and the Digital Single Market is the best platform to address the issue, writes Alf Nagel.
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Facebook hosts Brussels summit to help EU’s digital businesses grow

Whether you’re a furniture maker from Berlin, a traditional Aran sweater manufacturer in Ireland or a Polish wedding stationery designer, there’s no reason why national borders should hold your business back, writes Facebook's Ciaran Quilty.
Internet of Things 23-03-2017

Your imagination is tomorrow’s innovation

Digital technologies and communication have the potential to uphold a strong and dynamic internal market fit for the digital age, ultimately making every European citizen’s life much better, writes Antonio López-Istúriz.
Internet governance 24-02-2017

Dreaming big can help reform gigabit society

Europe’s digital transformation will connect previously-isolated rural communities and create jobs in multiple sectors, as well as improving individual wellbeing through eHealth solutions and encouraging SMEs to flourish, writes Pierre Louette.
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Technology 14-11-2016

Android: Choice at every turn

The Android operating system hasn’t hurt competition in smartphones. Rather, it has expanded it, writes Ken Walker.
Technology 24-10-2016

China and Europe pave the way for seamless worldwide e-commerce

The Digital Single Market may offer China some inspiration for adopting an electronic world trade platform that can tear down national borders and boost international e-commerce, writes Luigi Gambardella.
Euro & Finance 13-09-2016

A cashless society is a fairer society

Greater transparency is key to combatting VAT fraud and the shadow economy, writes Jason Lane.
Technology 01-08-2016

Privacy Shield: A victory for the transatlantic economy

The EU-US Privacy Shield goes live today (1 August). Věra Jourová and Penny Pritzker argue that this is good for citizens, businesses and the economy on both sides of the Atlantic.
Technology 07-07-2016

Privacy Shield is the right replacement for Safe Harbour

The EU-US Privacy Shield agreement should be approved because it significantly strengthens Europeans’ privacy rights and improves the privacy protection of US citizens, writes Julie Brill.
Technology 17-06-2016

Time for a stakeholders-led platform to shape e-commerce rules

E-commerce is revolutionising, raising new challenges on governance, regulation and traditional international rules. Time is ripe for a stakeholder-based World e-Trade Platform (eWTP) to propose new standards and incubate rules, writes Luigi Gambardella
Technology 04-05-2016

Web accessibility will now be the law of the land in Europe

On Tuesday (3 May), after a long night of negotiation, and after more than three years since its proposal, it was agreed that web accessibility will now be the law of the land in Europe. This is a victory not only for persons with disabilities, but all of us, writes Dita Charanzová.
Competition 06-05-2015

Europe’s digital revolution

The Digital Single Market is our chance to compete with the US on knowledge and innovation, writes Eva Paunova.
Health 25-02-2014

EU sales law is against the interest of consumers and online traders

The draft regulation on a common European sales law (CESL), which is up for a vote in the European Parliament, is against the interest of consumers and online traders, writes Ursula Pachl.
Health 31-05-2012

Building a single e-commerce market

The regulatory framework in Europe is still a barrier for growth for e-commerce, says Marc Lolivier.
Brexit 13-07-2007

Traditional payment systems still dominate e-commerce

While the internet is seen by many suppliers and consumers as a virtual trading platform, payment systems are the 'Achilles heel' of e-commerce for the consumer, argues Stefan Heng from the Deutshe Bank Research.
Brexit 05-03-2007

E-commerce taking off, but not a high flyer

Research by Deutsche Bank reveals a number of peculiarities in shops, shoppers and goods traded in business-to-consumer e-commerce.

“Internet @ Europe: Overcoming institutional fragmentation and policy failure”

Summary by euractiv.com In an article entitled “Internet @ Europe: Overcoming institutional fragmentation and policy failure” (European Integration Online Papers, 25 June 2001), Raymund Werle addresses changes in EU policy making and links this to the development of the internet...

Managing multichannel – the reinvention of customer retention

Managing multichannel – the reinvention of customer retention 1. In Germany, online banking has become a firmly established channel offered by virtually all banks. The same holds true for most other European countries, though the Nordic countries are ahead of the...
Brexit 17-05-2002

Managing information security

Managing information security “Protecting proprietary information is becoming ever more important. To do so, many companies are looking beyond technology-and their technology managers. “ The McKinsey Quarterly, 2002 Number 2 Policy relevance: On 23 April 2002 the Commission adopted a...
Brexit 13-05-2002

E-performance: The path to rational exuberance

E-performance: The path to rational exuberance “Successful e-commerce companies are following tried-and-true principles from the brick-and-mortar world.” The McKinsey Quarterly, 2001 Number 1 Policy relevance: With the Commission’s launch of a watchdog, ‘e-Business W@tch’, it is all the more of...
Brexit 19-04-2002

Online-brokerage in Germany 2002: strategy changes and market shakeout

Online-brokerage in Germany 2002: strategy changes and market shakeout   Germany’s online brokerage market is mired in crisis. The providers are operating at a loss. Staff is being made redundant; some brokers are pulling out of the market; others are...
Brexit 19-04-2002

B2C trading in the automotive industry: the internet is primarily a source of information

B2C trading in the automotive industry: the internet is primarily a source of information   The sale of new cars exclusively via the internet is still in its infancy. Probably just a few thousand cars were sold direct via the...