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  • Spain to push for EU markets in energy, eCommerce

    News | Brexit 21-01-2010

    Spain will push for a common European market in energy and eCommerce during its six-month EU presidency, Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero told the European Parliament yesterday (20 January), adding that the EU's '2020 Strategy' for economic and social renewal would form the cornerstone of his tenure.

  • Google execs face prison over user-generated video

    News | Brexit 17-12-2009

    The city state of Milan is prosecuting Google for defamation and breach of privacy after a video showing a down-syndrome boy being attacked by bullies was posted on the search engine's video site. Yesterday (16 December), four Google executives were in the stands protesting their innocence under EU laws on Internet freedom.

  • EU rules on eCommerce ‘counter-productive’

    News | Brexit 20-11-2009

    The EU is in corrective mode on eCommerce after it created a web of burdensome rules in order to inspire more consumer confidence, argues the author of a report examining European rules on online shopping.

  • Websites fined in EU ringtone scam sweep

    News | Brexit 18-11-2009

    The EU's second sweep of the mobile phone content market - ringtones, wallpapers and other services – reveals a majority of websites flagged for scams were guilty of misleading consumers in all corners of the EU.

  • Consumers turned off by e-shopping, EU report shows

    News | Digital 23-10-2009

    Online cross-border shopping is still too burdensome for both consumers and traders, an EU report found yesterday (22 October).

  • Report: Online black market for personal data thriving

    News | Brexit 16-04-2009

    Credit card and bank account information are the most common items sold on the Internet-based black market, concludes a report published by the Web security multinational Symantec.

  • Report: Online groceries to fuel growth in eCommerce

    News | Brexit 06-06-2008

    Online sales in the EU are growing fast, notably thanks to social networking websites, whose users are "more inclined" to visit eCommerce sites, according to a new report on the digital world. It further identifies food products and 3D as the potential next big e-markets.

  • EU: Flights and restaurants risky for payment cards

    News | Brexit 29-04-2008

    Purchasing plane tickets online is one of the least secure transactions that can be carried out with a payment card and chances are high that customers will be targeted by fraudsters, according to a report published yesterday (28 April) by the European Commission.

  • EU rules on misleading ads enter into force

    News | Brexit 13-12-2007

    Christmas shopping may be safer for European consumers this year after a new directive against unfair commercial practices entered into force. The directive clearly defines and bans for the first time at European level a variety of misleading and aggressive behaviour, such as falsely creating the impression of free offers or pushing for a purchase.

  • Traditional payment systems still dominate e-commerce

    Opinion | Brexit 13-07-2007

    While the internet is seen by many suppliers and consumers as a virtual trading platform, payment systems are the 'Achilles heel' of e-commerce for the consumer, argues Stefan Heng from the Deutshe Bank Research.

  • MEPs urge strategy to boost confidence in online shopping

    News | Brexit 10-05-2007

    Parliament's Internal Market Committee has called on the Commission to propose a strategy for improving consumer and business confidence in e-commerce as only 6% of EU consumers engage in cross-border online shopping.

  • E-commerce taking off, but not a high flyer

    Opinion | Brexit 05-03-2007

    Research by Deutsche Bank reveals a number of peculiarities in shops, shoppers and goods traded in business-to-consumer e-commerce.