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EU exploring ways to use Russian oligarchs’ frozen assets to rebuild Ukraine

The European Union is looking into ways of using the frozen assets of Russian oligarchs to fund the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Thursday (19 May).

EU to extend budget rule suspension because of Ukraine war

Rules against overspending by EU governments will remain suspended through 2023, extending a pandemic-era reprieve because of the war in Ukraine, sources said on Thursday (19 May).
Europe's East 20-05-2022

G7 agree on $18.4 billion to keep Ukraine running, ready with more

The Group of Seven's financial leaders agreed on $18.4 billion to help Ukraine pay its bills in coming months and said they were ready to stand by Kyiv throughout its war with Russia and do more if needed.
Agrifood 19-05-2022

MEPs back one-year trade liberalisation with Ukraine

The European Parliament has endorsed the suspension for one year of all tariffs and quotas on Ukrainian exports, including agricultural products, processed agricultural products, and fruit and vegetables.

France effective in combatting financial crime, though some critical gaps remain

France ranks among the top OECD countries in the effective tackling of financial crime, the Financial Action Task Force’s latest evaluation report claims. However, illicit financial dealings related to drug trafficking in French overseas territories are proving hard to combat.

Access to justice key in corporate sustainability due diligence directive, stakeholders say

Giving those harmed by multinational companies a way to seek recourse, reparation, and justice is one of the goals of the corporate sustainability due diligence directive, but in practice, it may be easier said than done.
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IndustriAll Europe’s Just Transition Manifesto

This manifesto is industrial workers’ call to policymakers to ensure a Just Transition.
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A Just Transition Manifesto to save the Green Deal

IndustriAll Europe’s Just Transition Manifesto makes clear demands to policymakers across Europe to ensure a transition to a green economy that is fair for all workers, and that preserves and creates good quality jobs. Failure to match our climate ambitions with equally strong social ambitions will otherwise be the downfall of the Green Deal.

Social Taxonomy risks death by Commission neglect

While the debate regarding the environmental taxonomy is raging between EU member state governments, the project of establishing a social taxonomy is put on the backburner by the EU Commission, according to multiple sources.

China’s economy skids as lockdowns hit factories, retailers

China's retail and factory activity fell sharply in April as wide COVID-19 lockdowns confined workers and consumers to their homes and severely disrupted supply chains, casting a long shadow over the outlook for the world's second-largest economy.

EU Commission proposes tax cut to incentivise equity investments

As most corporate tax systems in the EU currently prefer debt financing over equity and EU companies are highly indebted, the EU Commission proposed the introduction of a tax allowance that should incentivise the accrual of new equity rather than debt.

Commissioner Schmit: You cannot make money on social services

Social economy should not be thought of as an alternative to public services, according to the European Commissioner for jobs and social rights, who nevertheless argued there was a need for a "third way" between the private, profit-oriented economy and publicly provided services that can be served by social economy.

Putin says sanctions hurting West more than Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday Western countries were worse hit by sanctions imposed on Moscow over Ukraine than Russia, which he insists has been resilient in the face of "external challenges".

Swiss release some frozen Russian assets

The Swiss government on Thursday (12 May) reported 6.3 billion Swiss francs (€6.05 billion) worth of Russian assets frozen under sanctions to punish Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, a drop from early April as around 3.4 billion francs in provisionally blocked assets were released.

Mayor: The pandemic gave birth to new ideas for Dubrovnik’s future

“The time of the COVID crisis for us was a period of restart, which gave us time to rearrange, to rethink,” Mato Franković said, adding that the new projects aim to stabilise economic recovery after two years of significant losses.

The cost of market concentration

Technological progress and lax anti-trust enforcement have led to high market concentration, which in turn led to ballooning profits of some big corporations, to the detriment of economic development, economics professor Jan Eeckhout told EURACTIV in an interview.
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Setting up the European social economy to thrive

From idealism to action. Now, for the first time, the social economy and social investment have a seat at the EU’s policy table.
Technology 11-05-2022

Conservatives prepare to battle on platform workers directive, rally up with industry

Conservative MEPs from the European People's Party (EPP) are preparing their counter-offensive against the rapporteur's push for tight employment protection for platform workers, joining forces with the industry.
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European Association Summit – 10 editions of constant evolution

The European Association Summit has celebrated its 10th edition. A gathering aimed at education, networking, and discovery keeps being a strong signal that Brussels is the world’s capital of international associations and that it is a perfect ground for fruitful projects and connections.

Financing the social economy

Defined by its mission rather than by what it produces, the social economy is a peculiar economic sector with a set of its own challenges, especially when it comes to funding. Published by the European Commission in December 2021, the...

State of play in social economy finance in the EU

Trying to push the social economy as a flourishing sector of the economy, the EU is using a variety of ways to overcome the tension at the heart of the social economy: How do you attract money to a sector that defines itself as not being about the money?

Deliberative democracy experiment calls for Brussels involvement in education policy

As the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) ends and 49 proposals were presented to EU leadership, amongst them is the idea that Brussels gets involved in education policy, at a minimum in civics education.
Technology 10-05-2022

Leading MEP pushes for tight employment protection in platform workers directive

Centre-left lawmaker Elisabetta Gualmini has significantly expanded provisions for platform workers to ask for employee status and the human review of algorithm management in her draft report.
Technology 09-05-2022

French platform workers elect representatives ahead of ‘social dialogue’

Delivery workers and drivers of passenger cars working in France are being called on to elect union representatives who will conduct a 'social dialogue' with platforms like Uber and Deliveroo to improve their working conditions. EURACTIV France reports.