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Competition 08-04-2021

Greater corporate tax transparency is also good for business

Far from making life harder for business, public country-by-country reporting will actually improve relations with investors, and benefit both companies and consumers, writes Elena Gaita.

Mercosur trade deal threatens to wreck EU’s climate credibility

To pass the EU-Mercosur deal in its current state would set an horrific precedent for future trade deals currently under negotiation and fly in the face of the EU’s landmark Green Deal, write Laurence Tubiana and Ani Toni.
Circular materials 24-03-2021

Recover today, lead for 2030: A future-fit industrial strategy for Europe

The current political debate on industrial policy lacks an honest acknowledgement of how much is already decided – from EU recovery budgets to the 2030 climate targets, write Sandrine Dixson-Declève and Janez Potočnik. Sandrine Dixson-Declève is the president of The...
Competition 18-03-2021

Don’t impose new tax reporting burden on EU businesses

The competitiveness of European businesses is at risk if EU introduces unilateral public country-by-country reporting, writes Krister Andersson.

The new EU trade strategy: What’s actually new?

The new EU trade strategy unveiled by the European Commission contains much to be welcomed, but not much that is new, writes Isabelle Brachet.
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Global Europe 18-03-2021

ASEAN-EU strategic partnership: a new path of upgraded relations

Under the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Brussels tightened relations with ASEAN agreeing on a Strategic Partnership. Current trade agreements negotiations with several ASEAN countries and the EP push for a region-to-region FTA give a glimpse...

The carers in our own homes are essential workers, too

The COVID-19 pandemic has further demonstrated just how fragile and unsustainable Europe’s current social and home care model is. It's time for the EU to reassess, writes Shannon Pfohman.

It’s time for an EU law to end gender-based violence

On International Women’s Day, a group of twenty Green MEPS call on the European Commission to propose a comprehensive and inclusive directive to prevent, respond to and end gender-based violence online and offline.
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amfori & UN Women: we need women’s leadership to steer businesses through recovery from the pandemic

Businesses must put more women in managerial and technical leadership posts if they want to boost working conditions as well as the productivity of global supply chains during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Europe from shock to reconstruction

It is a commonplace at the time of crises that the world will not be again what it used to be. This is perhaps doubly true this time, due to Covid-19 and its manifold consequences.
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Rebalancing EU industrial policy to guarantee a socially just transition

IndustriAll Europe presents its demands in anticipation of next month’s publication of the revitalised European industrial strategy. Accelerating climate action and digitalisation need concrete answers now. Inequalities within and between countries must be tackled so ‘no one will be left behind’.
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Will the Next Generation EU live up to its name?

We often refer to children of today as the next generation, and we pin many expectations on them. Yet, we forget that our actions or inactions affect children - today - in the present.
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Ensuring fair working conditions in the online talent platform economy

Online talent platforms have great potential to increase labour markets participation but how can we ensure that they offer decent working conditions? The European private employment services sector reflects on the role for the European Union given the diversity of national situations and the existing regulatory frameworks.
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Adequate Minimum Wages proposal – an attack on collective bargaining

The Commission proposal for Adequate Minimum Wages has no legal basis, weakens social partner autonomy and undermines existing successful collective bargaining systems. A proposal that causes this level of collateral damage has to be withdrawn.

Don’t forget the 95% – why Europe needs to seize opportunities of labour migration

Migrant workers play a crucial role in the functioning of our society. It is time the EU shifted its narrative and policy approach from border management and control to investing in regular channels for migration, writes Damian Boeselager.

EU and US should join hands to make global trading system sustainable

For four years, trade irritants mounted as we lived under the threat of a fully-fledged transatlantic trade war – never more than a late-night tweet away. A rare moment is here at last to rejuvenate the way global trade operates, writes Cathy Novelli.
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Young people in Europe’s post-COVID transition – enabling them to be the solution, not the problem

Most people have never experienced anything like the current Covid-19 pandemic, its effect on societies and economies. Young people have been particularly hard-hit. Supporting them with quality education and sustainable jobs is essential, not only for this generation, but for...

A new, climate-innovation led industrial strategy for Europe

Europe is an undisputed global leader in clean technologies like offshore wind. But to ensure European companies and workers can compete in a global economy that will be increasingly fuelled by climate innovations, much more needs to be done, argue Peter Sweatman and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin.

Non-financial performance is too important a matter to be left to financiers

Europeans want companies to be accountable for their environmental impact. That is one of the reasons why revising the EU's non-financial reporting directive is as political as it is technical, write Olivia Grégoire and Pascal Durand.

From financial solidarity to a social and federal union

The creation of a federal bond will pave the way for a treasury and common EU taxation. However, this ad-hoc financial union agreed by the European Council is mostly an intergovernmental affair and a stronger role of the European Parliament...
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How Europe’s non-financial reporting framework can help achieve international sustainability goals

Europe has long been a sustainability pioneer. In reviewing its non-financial reporting directive, the European Commission has an opportunity to help establish the market infrastructure needed to scale up sustainable finance globally.

The cohesion imperative

At the start of 2021, we already know that European cohesion will be put to an unprecedented test. But if we remain focused, this crisis has the chance of being the one that makes Europe, instead of breaking it, writes Pawel Zerka.

A Recovery Plan for the people and by the people

Eight months have passed since Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented Europe’s recovery efforts before the European Parliament. During this time, our Union has made history, write Luis Garicano, Martin Hojsík and Gergely Karácsony.
Future EU 15-02-2021

The Brief, powered by Facebook – Tourism with a mask

Within less than 12 months, the coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the travelling patterns of Europeans.