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Illicit trade in Europe – Scale, Impact, Solutions

Rewatch this EURACTIV debate to find out about the impact of illicit trade on society and economy. What are the threats they face? How can information-sharing mechanisms be strengthened? And how can government and industry work together to combat illegal trade?

Skills – the currency of the future. How is the EU accelerating upskilling and reskilling?

Rewatch this EURACTIV Virtual Conference, the third event of the 'Future of Work Lab debate series', to find out where we stand one year after the launch of the Pact for Skills and how skills are becoming 'the currency of the future'.
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The role of private equity in the Capital Markets Union and the Recovery – Invest Europe insights

When it comes to providing more diversified funding opportunities for companies and reduce their over-reliance on banks and public funds, it is clear that some operators and notably in the PE industry are outperforming in acting as the bridge between investors and businesses in need for finance.
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Growing small businesses in a digital world

In November, seven nonprofit organisations from across Europe and the Middle East came together for the Skills Week on SMB Mentorship.
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Discover FIEC Annual Report 2021!

Discover our main activities underlying the importance of FIEC as the MAIN VOICE of the Construction sector to find appropriate solutions #Sustainability #Recovery #Renovation

Media Partnership – What’s Next for the Transatlantic Trade and Technology Council?

Enhancing bilateral cooperation between Europe and the United States is key to boosting bilateral trade and investment, avoiding unnecessary barriers to trade, and strengthening global cooperation on digital policy, technology, and supply chains.

Recovery and sustainability – how can SMEs achieve both?

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the beating heart of Europe’s economy, accounting for over 90% of all businesses in the EU and for more than half of its gross domestic product, whilst employing about 100 million EU workers before the pandemic.

The future of work in the EU – Challenges in a fast-changing world

The way we work, and our societies more broadly, are undergoing fundamental transformations in a context of globalisation, demographic changes, and the rapid advance of technologies.
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#ErasmusDays 2021

If you organise an #ErasmusDays event or if you have benefited from an Erasmus+ mobility grant, let us know on social networks.

Future of work – how has the COVID-19 pandemic re-shaped the agenda?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries had experienced transformations in their labour and jobs markets as a consequence of technological progress, climate change, globalisation, and shifts in demography.
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The truth behind BES and Novo Banco!

If the EU wishes to borrow in the financial markets, it must first demonstrate to international institutional investors that it will treat them fairly and equitably.
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CEPA celebrates World Pest Day

CEPA #TheGoodPestManager would like to thank everyone in the pest management industry for their hard work through what has been a difficult year. The industry remains essential to public health, and contributes to the protecting our urban environments and supply chains.

Global Europe: Is the EU serious about engaging with Africa?

The EU and African Union seek to make up for the time lost in 2020 by accelerating talks on a new strategic partnership covering political and economic cooperation. But some are asking whether the EU’s plan to strike a strategic...

Investing in sparsely populated regions

Investments into remote and sparsely populated regions are an often overlooked area of EU support. EURACTIV travelled to Ličko-Senjska county in central Croatia, a two-hour drive from the capital Zagreb, to explore how EU-funded projects are contributing to improving the...

The Recovery and Resilience Facility: Can effective oversight bring about true reform?

Member States are in the process of submitting their recovery and resilience plans that set out a coherent package of reforms and public investment projects.
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Call to Europe 10th ‘Recovering Europe: Mind the Social Gaps’

Register NOW! Only 1 week to go for Call to Europe’s 10th anniversary special edition! Commissioner Elisa Ferreira, Former HRVP Federica Mogherini, Ministers Arancha González and Pierre Yves Dermagne are among the speakers of the 10th edition of Call to Europe, taking place between May 25 and 27.
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Women in Cabinets

This video tackles the topic of gender equality in European cabinets: why is inequality persisting? Why does it matter? What can be done about it?
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CEN and CENELEC: European Standards contribute to the EU’s Industrial Strategy

European Standards are key to make the European ambitions a reality. In this video, Elena Santiago Cid, CEN and CENELEC’s Director General, presents how the European Standardization System helps advance European harmonisation and make European industry more innovative, sustainable and resilient.

How innovative EU-funded projects prepared us for lockdown challenges

Often described as cumbersome and hard to access, European regional funds, which are designed to decrease disparities between Europe’s regions, are actually at the forefront of funding innovative projects, often able to financially support ideas from which the traditional markets...

Gender equality in the workplace: How to build on recent progress to reach true parity

Gender equality is a core value of the EU, a fundamental right and key principle of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Towards a mandatory EU system of due diligence for supply chains – Realities and consequences

The Commission is working on a legislative proposal for a European due diligence for supply chains.  
Technology 15-03-2021

Knowledge, Science, Democracy: What is the role of evidence in policy and society?

Science and technology have a profound influence on our daily lives. Bridging the gap between science and policy is essential in ensuring good policy-making that is evidence-based.
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Putting gender at the heart of the COVID-19 economic recovery

As a result, economic recovery packages need to account for this disparity and public financial professionals must consider the impact of fiscal policies on women.
Technology 08-03-2021

Diversity on Screen – Over a Coffee with Netflix’s Lina Brouneus

Getting more women on screen is part of Lina Brouneus’ job. She is the Netflix lead on strategy for Europe and the Middle East and charged with driving diversity initiatives in Europe, on and off screen. From recent hits like...