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  • Digital agenda: Connecting the EU

    Innovation & Industry 24-12-2010

    High-speed Internet for all - including on mobile phones - and lower consumer prices are the main highlights of the European Commission's digital agenda, a five-year plan to ensure higher connectivity for EU citizens and business.

  • Services of General Interest in the EU

    Sustainable Development 01-12-2010

    Water, energy, health, telecoms and transport are among the most widely-known examples of services that public authorities consider of general interest and subject to specific public service obligations. 

  • Regions fighting climate change

    Regional Policy 17-08-2010

    Led by cities, EU regions are playing a frontline role in the fight against climate change as they make key investment decisions regarding the new generation of clean energy and transport projects.

  • The EU’s economic governance: Rewriting the rulebook

    Euro & Finance 30-07-2010

    The Greek sovereign debt crisis is forcing Europeans to rethink the coordination of their national economic policies, confronting the euro area with its most severe test since its launch eleven years ago.

  • Counterfeit medicines: A growing health threat

    Health 07-07-2010

    The dangers of fake medicines are due to be addressed in upcoming EU legislation but an international solution may be needed to solve a problem with global implications.

  • Regional policy in the EU: A midterm healthcheck

    Regional Policy 31-05-2010

    EU regional policy is designed to level out economic and social disparities in the 27 member states. At the halfway point of its current regional budgetary period (2007-2013), the European Commission conducted a review assessing how well each EU country is faring in its use of cohesion funds.

  • Healthcare innovation: The cost killer?

    Special Report | Health 26-02-2010

    Healthcare innovations such as eHealth and telemedicine offer new prospects for cost savings and improved quality of care, but expensive new technologies are also driving medical inflation and the benefits may not always be distributed equally.

  • ‘Europe 2020’: Green growth and jobs?


    The EU's new strategy for sustainable growth and job comes in the midst of the worst economic crisis for decades. It puts innovation and green growth at the heart of its blueprint for competitiveness, but will have to include tighter monitoring if it is to succeed where the Lisbon Agenda failed.

  • Payment Services Directive: The end of the cash era?

    Euro & Finance 25-01-2010

    Europe has been on the cusp of a payments revolution since 2007, when it established a single rulebook setting the same payment standards and obligations across the 31-member EU/EEA. But the Payments Services Directive and a voluntary payments scheme, the Single Euro Payments Area, were welcomed only guardedly by the industry and member states and banks have been slow to implement both initiatives.

  • The new European Commission

    Regional Policy 14-01-2010

    The selection of a new European Commission, never the simplest of political tasks, has this year been more complex than ever. Politically and institutionally, 2009 came with a whole range of permutations regarding the 'how?', 'when?' and 'who?' of the next EU executive.

  • The Spanish EU Presidency

    Regional Policy 15-12-2009

    Spain takes on the European Union's six-month rotating presidency at a defining moment for the bloc, marked by the first steps of the Union's first-ever permanent president and foreign affairs chief and efforts to lift Europe out of its worst recession in decades.

  • Growth and jobs: Reshaping the EU’s ‘Lisbon Strategy’

    EU Priorities 2020 25-11-2009

    As the recession bites, the European Commission and national governments have begun to reflect on replacing the EU's overarching strategy for growth and jobs, known as the Lisbon Strategy. 'Green growth', innovation and education are likely to feature highly among the strategy's new priorities.

  • Advertising and Consumer Rights

    Special Report | Innovation & Industry 06-11-2009

    Traditionally, EU laws on advertising applied to print and broadcast media, but as adverts increasingly migrate to an unregulated online world, lawmakers and consumer groups are exploring ways to ensure that digital marketing does not infringe consumer rights.

  • Labour market reforms

    Social Europe & Jobs 22-10-2009

    In the wake of the global financial and economic crises, the EU is developing a new labour market strategy as part of its successor to the 'Lisbon Agenda' for economic, social and environmental reform, which is due to end in 2010. The new roadmap will retain many of the previous ambitions, but will also be shaped by EU leaders' exit strategies.

  • Digitisation of published works

    Languages & Culture 14-10-2009

    The EU has been busy scanning books and documents to improve citizens' access to culture and history, but its efforts have been overshadowed by Google's commercial push to digitise Europe's book heritage.

  • Enlargement and the euro

    Euro & Finance 03-09-2009

    In accordance with the provisions of the Maastricht Treaty, all new members of the European Union are eligible and compelled to join the bloc's single currency, the euro. Of the twelve member states that joined the Union between 2004 and 2007, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta and Slovakia have fulfilled the convergence criteria and are now part of the euro area. 

  • 2004-2009: An evaluation of the Barroso Commission

    Development Policy 01-09-2009

    European Commission President José Manuel Barroso spent the summer preparing his programme for the next five years after his bid to secure a second term was put on ice by the European Parliament's political group leaders in July - EURACTIV asked key stakeholders to assess the Barroso Commission's achievements and failures.

  • Electric cars: On the road to greener transport?

    Special Report | Transport 25-08-2009

    Significant progress has been made in developing electric cars, but critics complain that the distance these vehicles can cover is still too short and much work is needed to prepare electricity infrastructure for radical change.

  • Free movement of labour in the EU 27

    Social Europe & Jobs 20-08-2009

    Few of the EU's 'older' and wealthier member states continue to restrict access to their labour markets to workers from Eastern Europe, with Germany and Austria the only countries opting to maintain compulsory work permits until 2011.

  • EU policymaking: Rooted in science?

    Science & Policymaking 28-07-2009

    European policymakers face a difficult choice when authorising new technologies such as GMOs, as they often find themselves caught between conflicting expert safety advice and calls to respect the precautionary principle when scientific evidence is insufficient.

  • Algae: The ultimate biofuel?

    Transport 27-07-2009

    With traditional biofuels under fire for driving up food prices and wreaking environmental havoc, industrialists are stepping up research into algae as a sustainable alternative - but many obstacles remain before algae oil finds its way into our cars and planes.

  • Small Business Act: Unlocking SMEs’ potential?

    Brexit 11-06-2009

    In 2008, the EU adopted a US-style 'Small Business Act' for Europe to improve market conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises and boost the economy. However, SME groups continue to be critical of implementation at national level despite the European Commission highlighting progress by member states.

  • Crossing borders: A tall order for SMEs

    Brexit 12-05-2009

    The internal European market offers companies access to a market of 500 million people, yet a strikingly low number of small and medium-sized enterprises are making best use of the opportunities available.

  • Competitiveness clusters

    Science & Policymaking 11-05-2009

    The European Union is seeking to promote clusters of large companies, SMEs, researchers, and other economic actors to help foster innovation, bring together a critical mass of commercial and R&D expertise and get maximum value from investment.