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  • Top US business group assails Trump’s handling of trade dispute


    The US Chamber of Commerce on Monday (2 July) denounced President Donald Trump's handling of global trade disputes, issuing a report that argued tariffs imposed by Washington and retaliation by its partners would boomerang badly on the American economy.

  • Europe’s silent shift to self-employment


    Self-employment is becoming more diversified in Europe and covers an increasing number of activities. But this small revolution raises issues when it comes to social protection. reports.

  • EU ready to start trade war if US hits European cars


    The EU has threatened the US with countermeasures worth $294 billion if the Trump administration imposes further tariffs on European cars as a result of the ongoing investigation into whether they pose a possible threat to national security.

  • The Brief – Macron’s faltering European dreams

    Future EU 02-07-2018

    Macron’s European dream ran into a wall of national politics at last week's EU summit. A swing to the right of the European agenda appeared to trump the in-depth economic reforms championed by the French president. reports.

  • Unions defend multilateral cooperation to protect workers’ rights

    Special Report 02-07-2018

    Over 500 representatives from across Europe gathered in Brussels last week to reflect on how unions can reshape the role of labour markets in a world where multilateral cooperation is in crisis.

  • EU leaders postpone completion of banking union

    Banking union 29-06-2018

    Despite previous promises to achieve results on eurozone reforms in June, EU leaders postponed until December an agreement on the backstop to wind down failing banks and did not include any date for starting discussions on a European deposit guarantee scheme.

  • Clean transport boosts mobility, environment, local labour markets

    Future of mobility 29-06-2018

    Big vehicle manufacturing companies have committed to investing more in clean buses for European cities, Alain Van Gaever, DG Mobility and Transport at the European Commission, told a conference on clean transport in Brussels on Wednesday (27 June).

  • Summit conclusions detail reform plan for WTO to please Trump


    The EU leaders agreed “in substance” on Thursday (28 June) on a set of proposals to improve the World Trade Organisation, which should pave the way for finding common ground with US President Donald Trump and de-escalating the ongoing trade dispute. But Italy blocked their formal adoption until the migration issue was fully addressed.

  • LIVE: Migration, eurozone test EU unity at fateful June Summit

    Justice & Home Affairs 28-06-2018

    EU leaders are meeting on 28-29 June to bash out a solution to the divisive issue of migration, which should help Chancellor Angela Merkel preserve her fragile government, and lay the groundwork for a scaled-down package of eurozone reforms wanted by French President Emmanuel Macron.

  • Five things to expect from the EU summit on June 28-29

    Future EU 28-06-2018

    European Union leaders meet this week to deal with some of the most difficult issues they confront, with migration topping the list. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's political survival may depend on Italy's new anti-establishment government, whose interests clash with Germany's on …

  • Migration set to overshadow eurozone reform debate at EU summit

    Future EU 28-06-2018

    The political crises in Germany and Italy are European and revolve around the debate on migration, which is set to overshadow other issues during the European Council in Brussels, on 28-29 June. reports.

  • The Brief – The hopeless deepening of the euro

    Future EU 27-06-2018

    Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte recently compared the EU to a giraffe. But for the author of this Brief, our Union rather looks like an old lady (or man if you wish) with heart problems, who ignores her doctor’s recommendations and instead focuses on her fictional back pain.