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  • EU’s top lawyer blesses CETA’s investment court system

    CETA 29-01-2019

    The new system to settle disputes between states and private investors included in the EU-Canada trade agreement is compatible with EU law, the EU Court’s advocate general concluded on Tuesday (29 January), dismissing previous concerns.

  • Juncker Plan’s results may be overstated, auditors say


    The amount of investment mobilised by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) may have been overestimated, a new report by the European Court of Auditors has warned. It added that it may have also favoured larger member states.

  • EU to challenge US duties on Spanish olives


    The EU will begin legal action at the World Trade Organization (WTO) this week against US duties imposed on Spanish olives, EU trade chief Cecilia Malmström said on Monday (28 January). 

  • Draghi steps into political debate, calls for more togetherness in EU


    As European partners remain disunited on the way forward to strengthen the eurozone, ECB President Mario Draghi made a wholehearted defence on Monday (28 January) of the need to act together to complete the economic and monetary union and increase the influence of the common currency abroad.

  • Davos wrap-up: Watch out for a self-inflicted recession


    Decision-makers and business leaders attending Davos forum last week warned of the risk of triggering self-inflicted recession if the growing pessimistic due to the economic slowdown or political instability persist.

  • Carbon pricing and digital tax find traction in Davos 


    Business leaders and decision makers agreed during last week's World Economic Forum in Davos that new taxes, including carbon pricing or a digital levy, would not only achieve a fairer economic model but would also help to fight climate change and deal with the ageing population.

  • Ten-day minimum paternity leave to be rolled out across EU


    In an effort to promote gender equality, the European institutions have approved establishing a ten-day minimum paternity leave for the whole of the EU, which represents a step forward for most countries. Although this leave already exists in France, it will be made more flexible. EURACTIV France reports.

  • US soy for producing biofuels, an ‘unsustainable’ giveaway to Trump

    Agrifood 28-01-2019

    The Commission is set to offer Washington a way out from current trade tensions with China authorising imports of soybeans from the US to produce biofuels. However, the new imports to help ease trade relations are not helping the environment.

  • 10,000 ‘red scarf’ protesters march against ‘yellow vest’ violence

    EU Elections 2019 28-01-2019

    More than 10,000 people wearing red scarves marched through Paris on Sunday (27 January) in protest at "yellow vest" violence during the anti-government demos that have drawn tens of thousands of people to the streets over the past 11 weeks.

  • Formula One outpaces EU rule changes, for now

    Transport 25-01-2019

    Motorsports like Formula One should not be included under the EU’s updated insurance rules, according to members of the European Parliament, avoiding the need to treat on-track crashes like any other road traffic accident.

  • Airbus slams no-deal Brexit ‘madness’, threatens UK pull-out

    Brexit 24-01-2019

    Airbus warned on Thursday (24 January) it could shift future wing-building out of the UK in the absence of a smooth exit from the European Union, predicting "potentially very harmful decisions" for its British operations in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

  • The skills gap – an economic burden for the EU


    Digitalisation, the transition towards a greener economy, demographic changes… have increased the skills gap. As workers and companies struggle to deal with it, the European economy suffers. The EU is working to reduce it.