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  • How to make a success of the EU carbon border adjustment

    Energy & Environment 01-07-2021

    The EU has clearly fallen short in communicating its upcoming carbon border levy abroad, including on how it intends to use the revenues raised by it. Fortunately, it still has time to fix these shortcomings, write Anne Gläser and Oldag Caspar.

  • Sectoral Social Dialogue is essential for driving the economic recovery in Europe

    Promoted content 30-06-2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted and transformed labour markets and the way we work. Remote working has become the norm for many people. Workers need new skills,  training and guidance to adapt to new realities and sustain their employability. Sonja …

  • Buildings fit for Europe

    Promoted content 28-06-2021

    Europe was right to suggest a fitness regime when it dubbed new proposals to tackle climate change “Fit for 55.” Like any plan to improve health and resilience, for the climate as for the human body, there are no easy shortcuts to guarantee lasting success: the whole system must be engaged in a long-term fitness-programme.

  • How private equity creates jobs and a brighter future

    Promoted content 25-06-2021

    Private equity is an essential part of the solid foundation on which the European economy is built and its society flourishes. It is an engine for growth, and that growth is an engine for job creation. From food and clothing to …

  • Raising awareness on what citizens can do and policy makers should do

    Stakeholder Opinion | Cities & regions 23-06-2021

    “We must be able to count on ambitious political commitment that takes into account local communities’ needs,” writes José Hila Vargas, Mayor of Palma, Balearic Island (Spain). He signs the forward of a publication on Global …

  • A fairer playing field for businesses and consumers


    The EU's new VAT regime will create rules fit for the digital age and benefit businesses and consumers, writes Gerassimos Thomas.

  • Just Transition demands a European legal framework on anticipation and management of change

    Promoted content 18-06-2021

    The Fit for 55% package should be accompanied by a legal framework on anticipation of change that leaves no one behind. This would be a stepping stone towards a more sustainable economy, turning Just Transition from rhetoric to reality.

  • Has Covid-19 left a ‘pandemic scar’ on young people?

    Promoted content | Politics 17-06-2021

    The end is in sight. Restrictions are lifting and slowly but surely, we’re starting to feel ‘normal’ again. Across Europe and beyond, offices are starting to reopen, empty classrooms have welcomed back students, and spending time with family and friends …

  • Thinking about investing in Portugal? Think again.

    Special Report | Promoted content 16-06-2021

    In 2017, a coalition of institutional investors, including Pimco and Blackrock, boycotted an issuance of Portuguese bonds to protest the risks associated with actively investing in Portuguese public or private debt “as the Banco de Portugal still has not addressed …

  • No CAP reform without trade reform

    Agrifood 15-06-2021

    Negotiations to attempt to align the next phase of the Common Agricultural Policy to the EU Green Deal drag on. Yet the goal of a truly sustainable European agricultural policy will only be achieved alongside a courageous trade policy, argues Thilo Bode.

  • A historic day for children growing up in poverty in the EU


    Today marks a historic day for the rights of the millions of children growing up in poverty in the EU, as the EU launches an unprecedented revolutionary framework to tackle child poverty and social exclusion, write Anita Bay Bundergaard and Jana Hainsworth.

  • The Brief – Wifi by the sea


    Sitting on the beach with an overpriced cocktail in the Montenegrin resort town of Budva while furiously typing away stories on EU affairs would sound like a dream if it was not preceded by a desperate tour-de-ville looking for a stable wireless connection.