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  • COVID-19: Grants are needed for business and employees


    Recovery from the unprecedented economic crisis requires not only high-level stimulus for listed corporates and increased funding for government agencies but a focus on the often forgotten engine of the economy and our largest employer - Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), writes Tsvetelina Penkova.

  • The next EU budget must repair and transform the European economy


    As EU leaders gather for a crucial summit on Thursday, a radical rethink of the next seven year EU budget is needed, argues Margarida Marques.

  • How to upgrade the EU’s COVID response in the territories

    Promoted content 22-04-2020

    While all of Europe is reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, the crisis undeniably has a strong territorial dimension. Some localities and territories are more severely affected and different regions are not equally well equipped to deal with such a rapidly propagating virus.

  • Unless EU acts now, coronavirus and US subsidies will kill SME rum industry

    Promoted content 21-04-2020

    Coronavirus is having a devastating impact on small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) but multinationals will likely come out of this crisis stronger than ever before.

  • EU and COVID-19: Time to think outside the box


    The Eurogroup’s decisions taken on 9 April were a necessary and overdue collective EU response, as well as a welcome but flawed and incomplete compromise. If European leaders are to save the EU economy when they meet on 23 April, they need to think outside the box, write Carlos Closa, George Papaconstantino, and Miguel Poiares Maduro.

  • Cities for a social and solidarity way out of the crisis caused by COVID-19


    Europe needs to learn from the 2008 crisis and its austerity-based response: the actions taken after the coronavirus crisis must be based on solidarity and socially-oriented principles that will help people, public services and companies recover and strengthen, write Femke Halsema, Ada Colau, Giuseppe Sala, and Anne Hidalgo.

  • Time for a European public export credit insurance programme?


    Over the last decade, public export credit insurance has become one of the major instruments of trade policy, used to support and encourage exports. According to the figures of Berne Union members, public credit insurance covered more than one trillion of US dollars of new transactions in 2018, writes Matija Vodoplav.

  • An ‘EU-owned’ New Deal for the post-COVID world

    Coronavirus 16-04-2020

    Despite all the recent references to a new Marshall Plan to help Europe, it would be more appropriate to talk about an EU-owned New Deal, based on Roosevelt's "3 R's" - Relief, Recovery, and Reform, writes Ambassador Maurizio Massari.

  • Which world do we want after COVID-19?

    Energy & Environment 16-04-2020

    The coronavirus crisis has caused a lot of suffering and uncertainty, but its aftermath offers us an opportunity to break with old habits and build a circular, sustainable and highly competitive economy, write Frans Timmermans and Bertrand Piccard.

  • Europe’s half-empty sandwich


    The EU's new policy to provide financial support to workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is a bold new initiative. But it is not a panacea, and risks being over-hyped, writes László Andor.

  • Coronavirus exit: Re-inventing the EU supply chain


    This crisis is also teaching us logistical lessons, and particularly the need to produce things at home or closer to home. Eastern Europe remains competent and cheaper, and can make the difference in the EU supply chain, writes Radu Magdin.

  • Europe, stay strong: Spring is coming

    Digital 10-04-2020

    It’s sunny and warm in Shenzhen now, and the restaurants and cafes are serving lunch to young professionals and workers in the open air. Abraham Liu, Huawei Vice President for the European Region paints a picture of life in China, as the country gets overs the recent public health crisis.