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  • Unlocking the benefits of diversity in the workplace


    The European Commission announced in March 2020 that it will launch a five-year gender equality strategy. It will revive plans for mandatory quotas of women on company boards, amid slowing progress towards gender equality among top management. The EU commissioner …

  • European climate law: How to reach climate neutrality?


    With its Climate Law, Europe will be the first continent in the world to have a climate neutrality target for 2050. Whilst this will produce a positive environmental impact, it is expected that some sectors will suffer economically with job …

  • Introduction to REITs and EPRA’s Global REIT Survey 2020

    Promoted content 14-09-2020

    Discover what REITs are and how they span around the world. Fourteen European countries have already recognised a public benefit to incentivise real estate investment through public markets and have introduced REIT legislation to maximise returns through an effective tax …

  • Climate protest against the EU-Mercosur trade deal


    Protests against the planned EU-Mercosur trade agreement were held on Friday (28 August), with the participating groups citing the incompatibilities of the EU's climate ambitions with actions taken by the Brazilian government.

  • Investing post-COVID: Is a green recovery assured?


    As policymakers turn their attention to the economic recovery post-COVID, there is a risk that investments in a green recovery may be side-lined.

  • STEM skills: Mind the gap!


    We often hear from policymakers, media and employer groups that the EU faces a shortage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills. However, what we rarely hear are specific details of what those skills shortages actually are and — …

  • Make Child Poverty History

    Promoted content 15-07-2020

    Eurochild President H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca urges EU leaders to act against #childpoverty at the upcoming EU Council meeting on 17-18 July 2020 on the EU’s recovery plan from #Covid-19 and its long-term budget. H.E. Coleiro Preca leads the pan-European …

  • Rural broadband – Challenges and opportunities

    Agrifood 13-07-2020

    The economic competitiveness of regions, and notably rural regions, depends on good connectivity. This means not just roads and railways, but also internet highways. Connectivity to fast internet in rural areas is still almost half of what it is on …

  • Re-starting the EU economy – How can industry contribute to a resilient and sustainable recovery?


    The outbreak of the corona pandemic has posed a serious threat to European industry in both the short and long term, from disruption of supply chains due to transport and travel restrictions, to the loss of suppliers. Most industrial companies …

  • Achieving a digital and sustainable recovery


    The COVID-19 crisis led to new creative solutions and long-term policies to make society more resilient to future shocks.

  • Pubs ask for VAT cut on alcohol to face post-COVID reality

    Special Report 25-06-2020

    Europe’s hospitality sector has been hit hard by the lockdown measures enforced across the continent to contain the spread of COVID-19. In Belgium, pubs and restaurants were forced to shut down on 13 March. The Belgian government provided one-off payments and supported …

  • European energy decarbonisation: reinforcing the EU’s 2050 climate goal through a green recovery

    Energy & Environment 12-06-2020

    Decarbonising the energy sector in Europe by 2050 is an ambitious, yet achievable objective.