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  • Barriers to high-skilled labour mobility


    European manufacturers are supposed to do business freely within the European Union’s single market, but in reality, companies face considerable restraints when sending employees abroad.

  • Workers’ Voice needs statuary European framework

    Promoted content 08-10-2018

    To create trust, companies have to be transparent in what they are doing and how they treat employees.

  • The EU in your region: Where does cohesion money go?


    Cohesion Policy represents one-third of the current EU’s budget and is the main investment policy of the Union. As the negotiations on the next Multiannual Financial Framework are about to kick off, we had a look at how funds are distributed across different regions in Europe and what kind of projects are funded with them.

  • Future of European Postal Operators?

    Promoted content 25-09-2018

    At the heart of the postal ecosystem, European citizens can continue to benefit from an evolving and sustainable postal service.

  • ‘It’s been an eye opening experience’, Luisa says after travelling around Europe for a month


    Louisa (26, Germany) is a pedagogue, passionate about music and environment, whose goal is to raise awareness on the need for sustainability on the music festival scene. For a month, she has been one of the travellers of the Road Trip Project financed by the European Commission.

  • ‘I have a new look on life’, Louis says after travelling around Europe for a month


    Louis (21, Belgium) works as an educator for people with mental and physical disabilities during the day and writes rap music the night. For a month, he has been one of the travellers for a Road Trip Project financed by the European Commission.

  • A journey through EU Cohesion Policy


    Cohesion Policy supports the development of regions that are lagging behind and helps in fostering innovation and enterprise in more advanced areas of the European Union.

  • Tobacco smuggling: Marseille’s illicit secret


    Like most big ports, Marseille has seen its fair share of crime and smuggling. The latest trend, seen almost everywhere in the bustling Mediterranean city, is the sale of cigarettes smuggled from North Africa. In the endless cat-and-mouse game with the police, smugglers seem to be winning, for now.

  • Eurochild: A Strategy to put children at the heart of Europe

    Promoted content 03-07-2018

    More than 1 in 4 children in the EU face risk of poverty; children in Europe are often separated from families because of poverty or discrimination. The first few years of our lives are the most important. Yet, children’s rights not given the prominence they deserve.

  • Circular economy: Linking the EU and global agenda


    In January 2018, the European Union adopted a new package as part of a broader Circular Economy action plan launched in 2015.

  • Artificial intelligence in manufacturing: Game changer or just another hype?

    Digital 21-06-2018

    Most people agree that artificial intelligence will have a huge impact on the way Europeans will produce and consume in the future. However, there are differing views on what the European Union can do to tap the full potential of AI in manufacturing and while coping with possible challenges.

  • The Channel Tunnel: What economic value to European trade?


    The Channel Tunnel provides a fast, frequent and reliable route accounting for €138 bn of trade and 21 million passengers each year. It has changed the way transport and logistics operate across the continent.

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