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  • EU likely to impose safeguard measures on steel imports by mid-July

    News 26-06-2018

    As the trade war with the US escalates, the EU is considering imposing provisional safeguard measures on steel imports, Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström told the press on Tuesday (26 June).

  • Eurozone reform: CDU split over Merkel’s plans

    News 26-06-2018

    Parts of the German CDU party are highly critical of the joint reform plans proposed by their own Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron. Her projects for the eurozone are the "wrong signal", they say. EURACTIV Germany’s media partner “WirtschaftsWoche” reports.

  • Consumers to be collateral damage of EU-US trade dispute

    News 26-06-2018

    Harley-Davidson announced on Monday (25 June) it would move some production out of the US to avoid EU tariffs and it might not be the last to do so. That has prompted European consumers’ organisations and importers to warn of the negative impact on consumers.

  • Four megatrends and the future of work

    Special Report | Opinion 26-06-2018

    What will workplaces be like in the future? Will I still have a job that I am trained to do, that doesn’t bore or cripple me? When will I retire, and what sort of world will I be leaving for my children? These sorts of questions are preoccupying Europeans more and more, argues Steve Coulter.

  • Social Germany? Still a long way to equal opportunities

    News 26-06-2018

    As EU Social Affairs ministers are currently discussing social rights in the labour market, it is striking that, especially in the welfare state of Germany, one's career still depends heavily on where one comes from. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • ‘Differences’ persist on eurozone budget ahead of key EU summit

    News 26-06-2018

    Eurogroup head Mário Centeno warned Monday (25 June) of differing opinions towards a plan by France and Germany to establish a eurozone budget, ahead of a key EU summit to discuss the matter.

  • Asian investment bank: ‘We could invest in the EU’

    Interview | EU-China 26-06-2018

    The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has recently decided to start looking abroad to invest its $100 billion in capital, including ports in the EU. His vice-president Joachim von Amsberg told EURACTIV there wouldn’t be any rivalry with EU institutions, but rather "collaboration".

  • Luca Visentini: “Now independence goes together with no social protection”

    Special Report | Interview 25-06-2018

    For too long, trade unions have failed to anticipate changes in an increasingly volatile labour market. It is time to take a proactive approach and protect workers’ rights, Luca Visentini, secretary-general of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), told in an interview.

  • EU charting wrong course on LNG in shipping, study warns

    News | Transport 25-06-2018

    EXCLUSIVE / Europe has little to gain from trying to decarbonise the unwieldy shipping sector with liquefied natural gas (LNG), according to a new study that looks into how the EU could cut emissions over the next three decades.

  • EU to respond to any US auto tariff move

    News 25-06-2018

    The European Union will respond to any US move to raise tariffs on cars made in the bloc, a senior European Commission official said, the latest comments in an escalating trade row.

  • Time to adopt the Equal Treatment Directive

    Opinion | Justice & Home Affairs 25-06-2018

    According to a 2015 Eurobarometer survey, around 12% of people in Europe consider themselves at risk of discrimination. In fact, any person in Europe could potentially fall victim to this injustice, write Birgit Van Hout and Tena Šimonović Einwalter.

  • Trump threatens 20% levy on all European cars

    News 22-06-2018

    US President Donald Trump threatened on Friday (22 June) to impose a 20% import tariff on all cars manufactured in the EU if recent sanctions the bloc slapped on Washington are not “broken down and removed”, continuing the tit for tat trade war with America's nominal allies.