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  • Africa’s education imperative

    Development Policy 08-09-2014

    Ensuring Africa's long term economic success is not only a matter of increasing literacy and university enrollment rates; it also demands an education system that prepares workers to meet the demands of the region’s fast-changing labour market, writes Viswanathan Shankar.  

  • Educating Everyone

    Languages & Culture 08-09-2014

    EDINBURGH – The odds are weighed heavily against achieving the target set by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of ensuring by December 2015 that every school-age child is actually in school. With children in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria literally in the firing line in recent months, the immense scale of the challenge could not be more apparent. After all, fulfilling the promise of universal education demands that even those in the most difficult circumstances, such as child refugees and children in combat zones, can safely acquire a basic education.

  • All EU schools could go digital thanks to satellite broadband

    Digital & Media 02-04-2014

    The EU Commission calls for broadband in every classroom in its “Opening up education” initiative. Current initiatives to interconnect thousands of remote schools, in France and in Turkey, show the relevance of satellite broadband solutions, argues Stefano Agnelli.

  • How one-sided career advice is hampering Europe’s recovery

    Social Europe & Jobs 11-03-2014

    For many, traineeships and apprenticeships provide a first step from education to employment. But it is also a step taken relatively late, writes Chris Jones, as the real challenge is providing career advice to people before they enter the labour market.

  • Tower of Babel in the European Schools’ classrooms?

    Languages & Culture 02-12-2013

    European Schools are reforming their education system and there is a clear risk that pupils will be taught core disciplines in a different language than their mother tongue which will create a considerable gap between the European baccalaureate and national higher education, parents write.

  • European schools need to prepare for the future

    Special Report | Digital & Media 17-10-2013

    Recent studies reveal that European schools are not adequately preparing themselves for the future. A pan-European project, iTEC aims to help plug the gap, writes Roger Blamire.

  • Why the Post-2015 MDGs need an education target

    Special Report | Development Policy 18-09-2013

    Universal education for all primary school-age children is one of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals for 2015, which will almost certainly not be met. The international community must learn from this failure, writes Nigel Chapman.

  • The EU should lead by example on interns’ rights

    Social Europe & Jobs 17-09-2013

    The practice of unpaid internships is frightfully common in EU affairs. European institutions should lead by example and cover a reasonable portion of living costs of the youngsters who are roaming the institutions for a shot at a real job, Philippe Perchoc and Evan O'Connell write in an open letter.

  • Women and education: The case of Malala Giousafzai

    Development Policy 08-03-2013

    The case of Malala Giousafzai, the Pakistani teenager who the Taliban tried to kill for promoting girls' education, is just one example of the unacceptable inequality and brutal repression faced by women and girls on a daily basis in some countries, writes Androulla Vassiliou.

  • Shaping 2020 targets for better oral health in Europe

    Health 01-03-2013

    As the EU moves forward on the joint action and other initiatives to promote health literacy, healthy lifestyles and the prevention of diseases, oral health should not be forgotten, say Karin Kadenbach and Kenneth Eaton.

  • European personalities urge EU leaders to back Erasmus

    Economy & Jobs 09-11-2012

    More than 100 European personalities from the worlds of education, art, literature, economics, philosophy and sport have signed an open letter to EU heads of state and government in support of the threatened Erasmus student exchange programme.

  • Europe’s highly skilled 20-30 year olds in times of austerity

    Social Europe & Jobs 27-06-2012

    Tired of vague promises and little government action, the EU’s university graduates demand clear political messages, defined strategies and informed government choices, says Raya Kardasheva.


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