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  • EU country briefing: France


    France spearheaded the European Project with its proposal for a European Coal and Steel Community in 1950, and its centrality to the project remains undiminished, with the French playing a key role in the creation of the eurozone in 1999.

  • Dutch go to provincial polls after Utrecht shooting horror

    EU Elections 2019 20-03-2019

    Dutch voters on Wednesday (20 March) head to provincial polls billed as a referendum on Prime Minister Mark Rutte's policies, after a campaign overshadowed by a possible terror attack on a tram.

  • EU country briefing: Slovenia


    Slovenia was the first Balkan country to join the EU, during 2004’s big enlargement round, after this was supported by a double referendum on both EU and NATO membership, which were supported by 89.6% and 66% respectively.

  • Stanishev loses leadership of European elections list to former partner

    EU Elections 2019 18-03-2019

    Sergei Stanishev may be the leader of the Party of European Socialists (PES), but his authority in his home country Bulgaria is under pressure.

  • Pressure builds in Belgrade, EU calls for dialogue with civil society

    Enlargement 18-03-2019

    Thousands of anti-government protesters staged a rally outside President Aleksandar Vučić’s residence on Sunday (17 March) to press their demands for greater media freedom and free and fair elections, a day after they briefly broke into the state television building.

  • Slovak entrepreneur charged with ordering journalist murder


    Slovak prosecutors said Thursday (15 March) they had charged an entrepreneur with ordering the murder of an investigative journalist whose killing during a corruption probe triggered mass protests and toppled the country's prime minister.

  • Orbán apologises to EPP leaders he called ‘useful idiots’

    EU Elections 2019 15-03-2019

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has apologised to European conservative parties for calling them "useful idiots" over an anti-EU billboard campaign that could see his party ejected from the European Parliament's dominant centre-right EPP bloc.

  • EU country briefing: Croatia


    Croatia is the EU´s youngest member, having only joined in 2013 following a referendum in the country in which 66% voted in favour. Its membership was considered an important step for stabilising the Balkan region that experienced war and conflict between 1991-2001.

  • EU country briefing: Italy


    Italy was a founding member of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in 1952, which paved the way for the EU. It joined the Schengen in 1997 and eurozone in 1999, despite not meeting the euro convergence criteria, and its economic performance has remained a source of concern.

  • Inauguration of the Franco-German assembly on 25 March

    EU Elections 2019 12-03-2019

    Tasked with implementing the so-called Aachen Treaty, the binational chamber is set to be launched amidst tense Franco-German relations.

  • EU country briefing: Sweden


    Sweden joined the EU only in 1995 and a year later also became part of the Schengen area. However, it is one of the six EU countries that are not part of NATO and it also refuses to join the eurozone, following a referendum in 2003, in which people voted against adopting the common currency. This has resulted in a de-facto opt-out.

  • EU country briefing: Portugal


    Portugal joined the EU, together with its neighbour Spain, in 1986, and has been part of the Schengen (1995) and eurozone (1999) areas since their creation.

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