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  • Europe’s liberals prepare for overthrow of Grand Coalition


    Liberals in Europe want to overthrow the European cartel of power held by conservative and social democrats and are targeting victory in the upcoming European elections in 2019. Can their offensive possibly succeed? Wolf Achim Wiegand looks at their chances.

  • Next German government must not fight for right to pollute

    Energy 22-11-2017

    The next German government must embrace EU protections rather than fight for the right to pollute, insists Christian Schaible.

  • An agenda for Germany’s ecological modernisation

    Energy 22-11-2017

    No matter which parties will eventually form a coalition, Germany’s next government will continue with an agenda of ecological modernisation, writes Arne Jungjohann. Based  on exploratory coalition talks, he explains how such an agenda could look like.

  • A coal phase-out in Europe can be planned

    Energy 27-10-2017

    Italy just added its name to the list of country’s pledging to phase out coal. A fair energy transition requires significant efforts but there is experience to build on, writes Julian Schwartzkopff.

  • Babiš searches for international allies in anti-immigration course

    Central Europe 23-10-2017

    The electoral victory of Czech politician Andrej Babiš, who based his campaign on opposition to refugee migration, is causing concern. While critics condemn his stance, he searches for allies in Eastern Europe and beyond. EURACTIV's media partner "Der Tagesspiegel" reports.

  • TOGETHER for a stronger, progressive family!

    Special Report | Promoted content | Future EU 18-10-2017

    Socialism still has a long way to go. But following recent elections in various European countries, it is clear that progressive forces must regenerate themselves, write Gianni Pittella and Sergei Stanishev. Gianni Pittella is the president of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the …

  • As obstacles to ‘Jamaica’ keep mounting, Europe needs patience with Berlin


    For three weeks, Germany’s politics have been frozen while we awaited the result of regional elections in the northwestern Bundesland Lower-Saxony over the weekend. Angela Merkel may now be wishing politics would remain frozen, writes Olaf Boehnke.

  • The EU is not to blame for the rise of the far right


    Only a few months ago, experts called it a day on the rise of the far right. The lacklustre performance of populists in France and the Netherlands was taken as evidence of their demise. But this complacency has proved to be misplaced, writes Evgeny Pudovkin.

  • The EU must get involved in the crisis in Catalonia

    Future EU 11-10-2017

    Unless the Catalan and Spanish authorities immediately open channels of dialogue about the constitutional future of Catalonia, the scenes witnessed last Sunday may only be a precursor of things to come. But for this dialogue to take place, the EU must be actively involved, argues Simon Toubeau.

  • EU failure to respond to plight of the Catalans is shameful


    In Catalonia, there appears to be a majority in favour of independence at least as great as the majority in the UK which voted for Brexit. The EU cannot continue to close its eyes to what is happening, writes Sir Graham Watson.

  • Give the regions more EU power to save the euro and defeat populism

    Future EU 06-10-2017

    Elections across Europe show Europe's political parties to be increasingly defined by how nationalistic they are. Confronting this and reinstating progressive politics is essential, and can best be done by giving more power to Europe's regions, urges Giles Merritt.

  • Spain’s constitutional court: Power beyond legal practice


    Ahead of Sunday's (1 October) independence referendum, Professor Dr Josep-Maria Terricabras writes that the Constitutional Court of Spain is no longer what the Spanish constitution had enacted.

  • No EU money for Eurosceptics!


    “We should not be filling the coffers of anti-European extremists,” said Jean-Claude Juncker. It was the first time European political parties were mentioned in the European Commission President’s annual address and it did not go unnoticed, writes Wouter Wolfs.

  • Poland’s cherry picking of EU energy rules makes no sense

    Energy 19-07-2017

    When it comes to EU energy policy, Warsaw does not always adhere to the letter and the spirit of EU law and tends to select rules a la carte, adapting them to Poland's narrowly-defined interests, writes Danila Bochkarev.

  • EU enlargement: A six percent target for the Western Balkans

    Enlargement 11-07-2017

    If the Western Balkans are to overcome almost three decades of economic stagnation and crisis, they will need to double their annual growth rates. This will need a fundamental rethink of the EU’s enlargement policy, argue Tobias Flessenkemper and Dušan Reljić.

  • Replacing Juncker: A centre-left struggle


    French Commissioner Pierre Moscovici’s name has been linked with the EU executive’s top job once the current president’s mandate ends. If Juncker’s successor is chosen in the same way he got the job, then how good are Moscovici’s chances? Nicholas Whyte explains.

  • Merkel vs. Trump at Hamburg G20

    G20 30-06-2017

    As world leaders prepare to descend on Hamburg next week, German Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes to gain sufficient support to isolate US President Donald Trump on trade and climate change, writes Fraser Cameron.

  • Macron shows the ‘Juncker dilemma’ does not exist

    Economy & Jobs 21-06-2017

    Europe needs serious reform if it is to avoid being turned into a mere museum for rich Chinese tourists. But it is clearly possible to be both European and succeed in the global economy, writes MEP Gunnar Hökmark.

  • Whose court is the Brexit ball really in?

    Brexit 15-06-2017

    One week on from the United Kingdom General Election, the positions of the two sides of the Brexit negotiating table could not be more different, writes Tom Parker.

  • The election that did not run to plan


    The appalling terrorist attack in London on 3 June, following the Manchester suicide bombing last month, has added to Theresa May’s woes, writes Sir Michael Leigh.

  • 4 June 1989 in Poland: A date to celebrate or to forget?

    Freedom of thought 06-06-2017

    Under PiS Chairman Jarosław Kaczyński (hailed “Naczelnik” by supporters - a title, meaning “Chief of State”), who is in his second year as President, the country is turning away from the EU’s liberal-democratic values the Poles so painstakingly won in 1989, writes Martin Mycielski.

  • All is not well in Europe, it’s time to stand up for it

    Future EU 02-06-2017

    Pulse of Europe? Do we need it? In the end, the French elections went OK: Marine Le Pen lost and pro-European President Emmanuel Macron won. So that’s that… Well, maybe it's not that simple, warns Utta Tuttlies.

  • Trump’s silver lining for Europe

    Freedom of thought 02-06-2017

    The election of Donald J. Trump came as a surprise to the world. But it shouldn’t have, writes Martin Mycielski.

  • Decisiveness with Hungary is also about EU survival

    Future EU 30-05-2017

    The Hungarian authorities are increasingly eager not only to disregard EU laws and norms but to publicly embarrass the Union, writes Daniel Penev.