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  • German elections TV duel produces no winner

    Promoted content 02-09-2013

    Only three weeks before the biggest economy in Europe goes to the polls, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Social Democrat rival Peer Steinbrück held on Sunday the only TV debate of the campaign, which according to analysts, produced no real winner.
    Watched by over 15 million viewers, both candidates clashed over tax policies, the euro crisis and the US spying scandal.

  • Hangout : The future of Erasmus

    Promoted content | Languages & Culture 23-07-2013

    In this first Hangout from the European Parliament, participants and social media commentators can ask Doris Pack (EPP) about the EU's exchange programme Erasmus. 


    Comment on European Parliament Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/europeanparliament

  • Spain’s Rajoy refuses to resign as graft scandal unfolds

    Promoted content 16-07-2013

    After refusing for weeks to comment on allegations linking the Spanish government with illegal payments and secret financing, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy broke his silence on Monday and rejected calls for his resignation by the opposition parties.
    Speaking at a news conference in Madrid with visiting Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Rajoy said that he will 'fulfill his mandate to defend the political stability in the country'.
    'A democratic state based on the rule of law does not accept blackmail'.

  • Luxembourg PM Junker resigns over spy scandal

    Promoted content 11-07-2013

    Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker announced his resignation on Thursday and called for snap elections.
    The move came after Juncker was accused by his own coalition partner of failing to stop the abuse of power by the country's secret service.
    Juncker has denied any wrongdoing.

  • EU warns Bulgaria over election fraud claims

    Promoted content 13-05-2013

    Following a rocky election that has left Bulgaria facing a potential political stalemate, the European Commission on Monday warned that it wants clarity over reported allegations of election fraud.
    Only hours before election day, the Bulgarian authorities found 350.000 illegally printed ballots in a printing house near Sofia. The business was owned by an activist of the center- right party GERB. The seizure quickly prompted complaints by the opposition socialist party.

  • EU urges Italy to form ‘stable’ government after elections

    Promoted content 26-02-2013

    After national elections have left Italy severely divided, Brussels on Tuesday expressed its concern over the potential political deadlock that might lead the country to further instability.

  • EU leaders welcome Obama’s re-election

    Promoted content | Global Europe 07-11-2012

      EU leaders on Wednesday welcomed US president Barack Obama's re-election to a second term in office. With results in from most states, Obama claimed a close victory over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in Tuesday's election. "On behalf of the European Parliament, I …

  • Georgia goes to the polls after abuse video scandal

    Promoted content | Europe's East 01-10-2012

    Georgia is going to the polls on Monday in a crucial day for the future of the country.
    Tension is high after images of prison guard abusing inmates were broadcasted on national television. The scandal sparked protests across the country and damaged the government's reputation.
    Earlier this year, the European Commission expressed its concern over Georgia's state of democracy and judicial system. Many international observers, including a handful of MEPs, are in the country to monitor the smooth running of the elections and avoid any possible fraud.

  • Dutch elections to test EU popularity amid euro crisis

    Promoted content 11-09-2012

    After an election campaign dominated by the euro zone crisis, the Netherlands will go to the polls on Wednesday in what could be a decisive day for Europe.
    Caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte is currently leading the polls with 35 seats in the 150-seat parliament. His center-right, pro-austerity VVD party is expected to form a coalition government.
    However, the outcome of the election is still uncertain as many voters remain undecided.

  • Greece election to decide fate of euro

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 15-06-2012

    Greece is holding elections next Sunday in what could be a decisive day for the fate of the euro zone. After Greek political parties failed to form a government on the 6th of May, Greeks go to the polls again to decide wether they want to keep the euro.
    Recent polls have shown a tight race between anti-bailout extreme-left coalition Syriza and center-right New Democracy. Earlier this week, Syriza's leader insisted that he doesn't hope for a Greek euro exit, but he wants to renegotiate the severe bailout conditions imposed by the Troika.

  • EU discuss Greek exit plans

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 12-06-2012

    Limiting cash withdrawals, imposing capital controls or introducing border checks. These are the 3 main measures that the EU could implement if Greece decides to leave the euro. According to the news agency Reuters, EU finance officials have been discussing a so-called "contingency plan" ahead of the Greek elections next Sunday.
    As political uncertainty grows in Athens, The European Commission on Tuesday insisted that there is no Plan B for Greece and they are working towards keeping Greece in the euro zone.

  • Greece: uncertainty grows as biggest party can’t create coalition

    Promoted content 08-05-2012

    As if it were the plot of a Greek tragedy, the Greek people went to the polls on Sunday to punish those leaders who run the country in "austerity" mode.

    Both socialist PASOK and centre-right New democracy failed to get enough votes, although New Democracy emerged as the biggest party.

    But the center-right leader Antonis Samaras couldn't put together a coalition on Monday.