Electric vehicles

Future of mobility 21-03-2023

The Brief — Is perfect the enemy of feasible?

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As exemplified in the debate about banning internal combustion engines, many experts still hope for an “efficient” way to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector. But for ambitious climate targets to be realistic, we will have to live with somewhat messy, imperfect solutions.

Road transport 21-03-2023

EU drafts plan to allow e-fuel combustion engine cars – document

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The European Commission has drafted a plan allowing sales of new cars with internal combustion engines that run only on climate neutral e-fuels, in an attempt to resolve a spat with Germany over the EU's phasing out of combustion engine cars from 2035.

Politics 15-02-2023

Expert: Czech switch to e-mobility still ‘completely unimaginable’

Est. 2min

Purchasing an e-car in the near future is completely unimaginable for most Czechs as the high cost of e-cars and misunderstandings on emissions rules ensure they remain sceptical about e-mobility, Czech expert Helena Truchlá told EURACTIV.cz.

Future of mobility 14-02-2023

EU Parliament gives green light to combustion engine ban from 2035

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EU lawmakers in the European Parliament narrowly voted in favour of phasing out internal combustion vehicles in passenger transport from 2035, ensuring the political compromise from October 2022 is now a legal reality.

Electricity 09-02-2023

How to prepare our grids for electric trucks 

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Trucks represent less than 2% of Europe’s vehicles but cause 25% of road transport emissions, and their electrification is key to meeting the EU's climate goals. Decision makers, energy regulators, and grid operators should move quickly to optimise the charging infrastructure, writes Julia Hildermeier.


Electric car sales gain pace, despite hurdles

Est. 5min

The electrification of the auto industry is gathering pace, particularly in Europe, where the sale of new cars running on petrol and diesel will end in 2035.

Economy 12-01-2023

German car industry boss: EU is doing ‘anti-industry-policy’

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The head of the German car industry association, Hildegard Müller, has criticised the EU for "making vehicle production more expensive by political means", which in her view is undermining the proclaimed industrial policy objectives.

Future of mobility 19-12-2022

Europe’s car industry must look to the future, not the past

Est. 6min

Most European car makers have already declared that they will go full electric by 2035, some of them sooner. The EU’s task is to ready for this transformation, writes Frans Timmermans.


EU Commission OKs Germany’s new billion euro EV charging scheme

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The European Commission has approved the German government's multi-billion-euro e-charging programme, aimed at boosting the uptake of electromobility, but an initially planned price cap had to be dropped.


Why are small European cars disappearing?

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Ditching small vehicles is bad for consumers, the environment and, ultimately, western carmakers, argues Julia Poliscanova, senior director for vehicles and e-mobility at the green NGO Transport & Environment.


To reach zero-emission goal, Uber urges drivers to purchase EVs

Est. 6min

Global ride-hailing giant Uber has set a target of 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2030 in Europe and by 2040 in all markets – an ambition that requires their self-employed drivers to ditch their petrol and diesel cars for cleaner technologies.

Transport 02-12-2022

Tesla hoping its electric Semi will be heavy-duty ‘game changer’

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US automaker Tesla on Thursday (1 December) delivered its first battery-powered heavy duty truck, dubbed "Semi," and built to tackle long hauls with the handling of a sporty sedan.

Circular economy 29-11-2022

EU battery watchers brace for tsunami of secondary legislation

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While EU co-legislators are still busy discussing the details of the EU Battery Regulation, lobbyists following this file are already bracing themselves for a tsunami of secondary legislation that will decide on every technical aspect of battery manufacturing and recycling.


Will paying for EV charging be as easy as refuelling petrol cars?

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The European Parliament wants to make charging for electric vehicles easier by making payment terminals for credit and debit cards obligatory at all charging points. But charging operators warn that a requirement to retrofit existing stations might slow down infrastructure roll-out.


Commission rejects concerns of two-speed Europe for EV charging infrastructure

Est. 4min

The European Commission has dismissed fears that the electric vehicle revolution will be mostly confined to richer member states in the coming years, arguing that binding targets and ongoing public and private investments will boost charging infrastructure equality across the EU27.

Economy 18-11-2022

EU car manufacturing regions to collaborate in move towards electric vehicles

Est. 6min

As the automotive industry shifts from combustion engine vehicles to cleaner technology, regional governments warn of increased competition between automotive regions for a decreasing number of jobs. To prevent this, they are calling for greater collaboration.


BMW says e-fuels ‘definitely worth investigating’ for zero-emission cars

Est. 5min

Electro fuels made from green energy sources may play a role in decarbonising road transport in years to come, complementing other clean propulsion technologies such as electric power, according to German auto manufacturer BMW.


Electric vehicle shift alone will not solve urban transport woes, says Portuguese minister

Est. 4min

A shift to collective transport is needed to reverse the dominance of cars in cities and reach our decarbonisation targets, Portugal's infrastructure minister said on Monday (14 November), refuting the notion that electric vehicles will end Europe’s urban transport woes.

Batteries 11-11-2022

France sets e-battery hopes in Grenoble start-up, with EU backing

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Verkor, a French e-battery start-up, inaugurated its innovation centre in Grenoble on Wednesday (9 November), with backing from government officials, key industry players and a €49 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB).


EU tightens road vehicle pollution standards ahead of electric switch

Est. 5min

The long-awaited European Commission proposal to reduce air pollution from vehicles was released Thursday (10 November), modestly tightening exhaust emission standards for cars and vans and placing limits on particles shed from brakes and tyres for the first time. 


Renault to reorganise towards electric future

Est. 3min

French automaker Renault will pitch investors Tuesday (8 November) on its planned green revamp, with two spin-offs: a new electric-vehicle unit and a subsidiary for thermal and hybrid assets.


EU rails at ‘discriminatory’ tax breaks for US-made electric cars

Est. 2min

The EU urged the United States on Monday (31 October) to grant its firms special status to sell electric vehicles, as Brussels rails at "discriminatory" measures in President Joe Biden's flagship economic plan.


Automotive industry sceptical of post-2035 rules for cars

Est. 5min

The German government has brought confusion to the automotive sector by insisting on a legislative provision that asks the EU executive to assess the option of synthetic fuels for combustion engine vehicles after the 2035 shift to zero-emission vehicle sales.


Transition to electric vehicles must not leave anyone behind, MEP says

Est. 6min

Lawmakers have agreed to ban the sale of polluting vehicles from 2035. This represents a victory for the environment, but to be a true success, we must ensure that it is a victory for workers also, argues MEP Sara Cerdas.