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  • Europe’s quest to overtake spectre of Dieselgate

    Special Report 25-05-2018

    The 2015 Dieselgate scandal might have been a blessing in disguise, propelling car emissions smack bang into the public spotlight. The EU is now making fresh attempts to bring the transport sector to heel, although there are still plenty of miles to cover.

  • MEPs back road tolls based on CO2 emissions

    Road charging 24-05-2018

    Road tolls for trucks should be based on how much CO2 vehicles emit, according to a draft report adopted by the European Parliament’s transport committee on Thursday (24 May).

  • Blossoming batteries boosted by EU plan

    Special Report 23-05-2018

    Batteries and storage are set to become even more important as electro-mobility and renewable energy go from strength to strength. That is why EU efforts are meant to help the burgeoning industry compete against the likes of China and electric carmaker Tesla.

  • Europe’s attempts to spark an electric vehicle revolution

    Special Report 22-05-2018

    Transport is one of the EU’s few sectors where emissions are actually growing. Brussels believes that electric vehicle uptake is one of the main solutions to halt this trend but what steps are being taken to decarbonise our roads?

  • EU’s ‘long overdue’ first foray into truck rules revealed

    Transport 17-05-2018

    CO2 emissions from trucks will be regulated under EU law for the first time as part of a package of new rules that also aims to increase efficiency and improve road safety.

  • Lack of models, not charging points, ‘holding back electric car market’


    The rise of electric cars in Europe is being hampered by a lack of models for consumers to choose from rather than a lack of public recharging points, according to energy companies and carmakers. EURACTIV's media partner, The Guardian, reports.

  • Volkswagen makes €15bn bet on electric cars in China


    Car giant Volkswagen announced Tuesday (24 April) investments of €15 billion in electric and autonomous vehicles in China by 2022. In Europe, meanwhile, carmakers are resisting plans for a mass-scale roll-out of electric vehicles.

  • EU Parliament’s energetic day in Strasbourg

    Energy 18-04-2018

    In the shadow of French President Emmanuel Macron’s speech in Strasbourg on Tuesday (17 April), MEPs signed off on a number of important energy laws, as the EU took a small step towards the finalisation of the Clean Energy Package.

  • Europe watches as US vows to ditch car fuel efficiency rules

    Energy 03-04-2018

    The Trump administration on Monday (2 April) rejected an Obama-era plan to make automobiles more fuel efficient, setting off a debate about the EU’s own emission standards, which are currently being discussed in Brussels.

  • German court empowers cities to ban old diesel cars

    Air Quality 27-02-2018

    One of Germany’s top courts has ruled that heavily polluting vehicles can be banned from the urban centres of Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, a landmark ruling which could cause traffic chaos on the country’s roads and dramatically hit the value of diesel cars.

  • Energy storage progress could slash electric car charging times


    Researchers have claimed a breakthrough in energy storage technology that could enable electric cars to be driven as far as petrol and diesel vehicles, and recharge in minutes rather than hours. EURACTIV's partner The Guardian reports.

  • The great European fuel shift?

    Energy 26-02-2018

    Europe’s electricity industry appears to have come to terms with the reality that wind and solar power will be central to a shift away from fossil fuels, especially coal-fired power generation. Now policy makers in Brussels are swivelling the spotlight towards transport, and the biggest fossil fuel of all: oil.

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