Energy 01-07-2022

G7 commitment sets the stage for a clean European power system by 2035

The latest G7 commitment – to clean up power systems by 2035 – shows that this is a credible and achievable milestone, and signals a clear direction of travel, writes Chris Rosslowe.

Europe ready for Baltics emergency switch-off from Russian grid

European grid operators are ready to implement immediately a long-term plan to bring the Baltic states, which rely on the Russian grid, into the EU system in the event Moscow cuts them off, three sources familiar with the matter said.

Help from Ukraine: Zelenskyy says his country is is now exporting electricity to EU

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the launching of power transmissions to Romania was the start of a process that could help Europe reduce its dependence on Russian hydrocarbons.

EU Commission probes Czech state support for new nuclear unit

The European Commission has launched investigations into whether the planned public support for the extension of the Czech Dukovany nuclear plant is in line with EU competition rules.

Energy transition ‘only possible with a European approach,’ says German TSO

The energy transition can only be implemented efficiently if it is planned and performed jointly at the European level, according to the power grid operator of Germany’s Baden-Württemberg region.

Academic: Integrated EU electricity market is ‘least-cost option’ for net-zero transition

With increased interconnection and trading across borders, European countries can lower the variability of wind and solar power and decrease the cost of the transition to clean energy, Leonardo Meeus told EURACTIV.

Spain approves anti-crisis package targeting energy companies

The government on Saturday (25 June) approved a new anti-crisis package worth €9.1 billion aimed at reducing the impact of inflation on the most vulnerable and targeting the windfall profits made by big energy companies this year due to the soaring price of gas on global markets.

Lithuania ready if Russia cuts out common power grid over Kaliningrad disruptions

Lithuania will be prepared if Russia disconnects it from the regional power grid in retaliation for blocking rail shipments of some Russian goods to Moscow's Kaliningrad exclave, but no military confrontation is expected, its president told Reuters.

Europe’s electricity industry calls for €400bn investment in distribution grids

Jean-Bernard Lévy, the chairman and CEO of French utility EDF and current president of power industry association Eurelectric, has urged EU countries to invest in distribution grids in order to sustain Europe's move towards climate neutrality.

New law reserves 2% of German land area for onshore wind by 2032

German states will have to actively look for areas that can be designated for wind farm construction in order to meet government targets as per a new draft law presented on Wednesday (15 June), reported Clean Energy Wire.

Why the EU needs to split its electricity market

The current price difference between renewable energies and fossil fuels is stark and weighs heavily on electricity prices across Europe. A quick solution to this would be to keep the current marginal pricing system for fossil fuels and create a separate market for renewables where prices would be defined at the time of auction, writes Mike Parr.
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Energy 15-06-2022

Urgency, courage, and smarts: the regulation we need to RePower EU

Europe is wide awake to a new energy crisis. Now, we can and should address our imported fossil fuel dependency at its roots. We can’t do that by buying oil and gas from elsewhere than Russia. That’s not the way...

EU chief announces electricity market overhaul amid ‘skyrocketing’ prices

In an about-turn, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, acknowledged that the EU’s electricity market “does not work anymore” and needs to be adapted to the “new realities of dominant renewables”.

Spain, Portugal to cap power prices as Ukraine war hikes fossil fuel bills

Spain and Portugal next week will start subsidising fossil fuel power plants' generation costs, under a €8.4 billion scheme designed to pull down electricity prices for consumers and industry.

Fixing EDF’s reactors corrosion mystery to take several years, French regulator warns

The head of French nuclear regulator ASN said on Tuesday (17 May) that fixing corrosion problems at some of state-controlled utility EDF's nuclear reactors would require a "large scale" plan and "several years" as he warned of a risk more reactors could be halted.

ACER’s misguided conclusions on wholesale EU electricity markets

The ACER report on wholesale electricity markets makes the case for the status quo despite evidence that these same markets have delivered massive and unnecessary electricity price rises for EU citizens, writes Mike Parr.

Analyst: Price collar would preserve ‘political stability’ of EU carbon market

Some form of price regulation, like a price collar or position limits on market players, could address worries about high prices on the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and help prevent "a political backlash", climate and energy expert Michael Pahle told EURACTIV in an interview.

Electricity market ‘not to blame for current crisis’, EU agency concludes

The EU’s integrated electricity market has helped mitigate energy prices, bringing benefits estimated at €34 billion per year, according to a report by the EU’s energy regulators, who outline 13 measures to alleviate the ongoing price crisis.

Casting an eye on the EU’s electricity market and its long-term goals

In order for the EU to become more energy independent, Member States will need to become more inter-dependent, argues Christian Zinglersen.

EU agrees to let Spain, Portugal cap cost of gas for power

The European Commission has agreed to allow Spain and Portugal to place a temporary cap on reference prices for natural gas and coal used by power plants of €40 per megawatt-hour, their ministries in charge of energy and the environment said on Tuesday (26 April).

Bulgaria and Greece advance nuclear project talks

Bulgaria and Greece have progressed in their talks about constructing a nuclear power plant, but the liability issue in case of an accident remains unresolved, according to EURACTIV’s partners in Sofia and Athens.
Energy 06-04-2022

Germany unveils major electricity sector revamp

The German government presented on Wednesday (6 April) a comprehensive revamp of the country's electricity sector, outlining new frameworks for renewables, power grids and markets in order to set the country on track to reach climate neutrality.
Energy 05-04-2022

Germany strikes compromise between wind power expansion and nature protection

The German government has announced a compromise paper which will ensure that the government’s aim of a rapid expansion of onshore wind energy will not be stymied by too stringent environmental protection rules.

Ukraine fears blackout, calls on EU to secure electricity supply

Russia is now shelling critical energy infrastructure in Ukraine, making the country's connection to Europe’s electricity grid all the more pressing, the CEO of the Ukrainian energy company DTEK told journalists on Thursday (10 March).