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  • Europe must regain the lead in clean automotive innovation

    Energy 14-03-2018

    The EU must adopt policies that put European manufacturers on the right track to compete with the global shift to low carbon transport, writes Andrey Kovatchev.

  • Are electric vehicles cleaner? The evidence points firmly in one direction

    Electric cars 12-03-2018

    Opponents of electrification will continue to misuse lifecycle analyses to discredit battery electric vehicles. But they need to be increasingly ‘creative’ to do so, writes Julia Poliscanova.

  • Believe it or not, the EU can look to the US for inspiration on ending coal subsidies


    In January this year, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) of the United States unanimously rejected proposals by the Trump administration that would have allowed coal subsidies under the guise of energy "resilience". This is exactly the principle that should now guide EU legislators, writes Joanna Flisowska.

  • Is the private sector really saving coal in Greece?

    Energy 01-03-2018

    Greece has no long-term energy plan despite frequent promises for its imminent announcement from all Greek governments since 2007, writes Nikos Mantzaris.

  • Grid operators need a revised cybersecurity strategy in the IoT era

    Energy 21-02-2018

    Cybersecurity threats invade the minds of electricity grid managers on a constant basis, and for good reason, writes Neil Strother.

  • The future of gas is not fossil but green

    Energy 20-02-2018

    There is a vast potential for green gas in Europe, generated from sustainable resources such as biomass and organic waste, some of which can directly be injected into the grid or take the shape of hydrogen, writes Claude Turmes.

  • A consumer-driven energy transition?

    Energy 20-02-2018

    Supporting small-scale renewable installations is a no-brainer for the energy transition. But the battle for small installations is far from over as the European Parliament must formally adopt its position this week, writes Aurelie Beauvais.

  • Regional cooperation and integrated energy markets at risk


    A much more interconnected European energy market, ensuring regional cooperation and cutting out waste, makes so much sense for consumers, for security of supply and for decarbonisation. Philip Baker and Christos Kolokathis urge MEPs and member states to make it happen.

  • Rethinking urban energy: How Europe is leading the way

    Energy 06-02-2018

    To achieve ambitious climate goals in line with the Paris Agreement, cities will need to implement major changes to their energy systems by 2030. The good news is that the transformation in the energy sector is making such ambitious programmes much more feasible and European cities are in the forefront, writes Eric Woods.

  • Worrying detachment of market and system operations

    Promoted content 18-01-2018

    Minimal cross-zonal capacities for trade proposed by the latest draft of Electricity Regulation will lead to a fictitious wholesale market outcome, argues PSE.

  • We have passed the electric tipping point


    As the price of renewables plummets and electrification goes from strength to strength, the head of Norway's transmission system operator considers the inherent challenges and significant benefits, asking, how can we create most value to all Europeans?

  • To finance the energy transition, EU leaders must restore their ambition


    The investment case for low-carbon energy is strong: increased economic growth and jobs, reduced transition risks, and the most cost-effective pathway to realising the goals of the Paris Agreement. Why, then, are EU energy ministers so reluctant to provide the legislative framework required to shift the trillions? writes Stephanie Pfeifer.