Emissions trading scheme Archives

  • World Bank: ‘Offsets will play a role post-Kyoto’

    Development Policy 22-05-2009

    Emissions offsets will play an important role in any future global climate deal, but it will be necessary to scale up the climate efforts and move from projects to programmes, Joëlle Chassard , who manages the World Bank's carbon finance unit, told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Ramsay: UN climate talks must move beyond rhetoric

    Development Policy 08-12-2008

    The Pozna? climate negotiations should maintain "realistic" expectations and focus on defining the issues that must be addressed once the new US administration has taken office and all interested parties are sitting at the table, William Ramsay, formerly deputy director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Analyst: Carbon markets ‘bullish’ after EU climate proposals

    Climate change 04-03-2008

    The growing scarcity of CO2 emissions permits expected to result from tighter EU regulation is sending favourable signals to the carbon market, according to Per-Otto Wold, CEO of Point Carbon.

  • Aircraft emissions: EP plans could ‘destroy our competitiveness’

    Transport 12-11-2007

    Proposals put forward by Parliament's environment committee have "the potential to completely kill the competitiveness of the industry", the Association of European Airlines’ General Manager of Communications Françoise Humbert told EURACTIV in an interview ahead of a key vote in Parliament on including aviation in the EU's carbon emissions trading scheme. 

  • Shell: CCS to help world face energy ‘hard truths’

    Energy 24-10-2007

    In an interview with EURACTIV, Shell Vice-President for CO2 Bill Spence says carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology will be fundamental in making fossil fuels environmentally acceptable as global demand for oil, coal and gas is set to continue surging in the coming decades.