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  • Renovate Europe Day 2013 – Highlights

    Promoted content | Energy & Environment 04-11-2013

    The Energy Efficiency Directive (EDD), which entered into force in December 2012, aims to help Member States achieve the EU climate and energy targets through, among other things, renovation of the existing building stock.


    It has been estimated that when applied the Directive will stimulate investments and create jobs. If 2050 targets are to be met, the energy demand of the existing EU building stock must be reduced by 80% as compared to 2005 levels.

  • Energising tomorrow’s world: one year after the approval of the energy efficiency directive

    Promoted content | Energy 21-10-2013

    Europe aims to reduce its primary energy use by 20% by 2020, although the target is not legally binding. The policies and measures taken to achieve this target will continue to deliver beyond 2020 helping to reduce emissions by approximately 40% by 2050, according to the Energy Roadmap 2050. While trying to achieve the 2020 goals, the EU will have to find ‘flexible’ resources in the power system.

  • ESMIG celebrates 5 years of Smart Metering achievements

    Promoted content | Energy 26-09-2013

    Read more about ESMIG at:

  • EPEE High Level Conference on Energy and Climate

    Promoted content | Energy 18-07-2013

    On 19 June, the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE), held its Annual General Meeting in Brussels.

  • Smart Metering implementation in Europe – are we on track?

    Special Report | Promoted content | Energy 17-07-2013

    Smart metering implementation in Europe: are we on track? – ESMIG and EDSO for Smart Grids hosted conference during EU Sustainable Energy Week

  • Flight Years Ahead

    Special Report | Promoted content | Transport 20-06-2013

  • F-Gases: Yes to a phase-down, No to bans

    Promoted content | Energy 13-06-2013

    On the 19th of June, the ENVI committee votes on new F-Gas Rules.
    Your vote is important because the decision of the European Parliament is vital for a sensible policy on F-Gases until 2030.
    You might not know it, but F-Gases are essential ingredients to ensure health, safety and comfort in our modern day live. They are used as refrigerants in supermarkets to keep our food fresh and healthy, in heat pumps to heat our homes, in cold stores and lorries, in hospitals and many more …

  • Southern Gas Corridor: Interconnecting grids and diversifying supplies in South East Europe and the Balkans

    Promoted content | Energy 10-06-2013

    Following the January 2009 gas crisis, diversification of gas supplies and the identification of additional supply sources have become a strategic priority for the EU.

    With the extraordinary EU summit in May, dedicated to energy, EU leaders will have to be well prepared to discuss the bloc’s energy relations in the long-term.

  • BioBased Economy – Potential in the Land

    Promoted content | Agrifood 15-05-2013

    Participants involved in pioneering the biobased economy share their experience, optimism and passion for biobased industrial development. Their stories demonstrate, first hand, the changes that are already happening across the biobased value chain, linking agriculture, industry, and consumers. Collectively, they illustrate the potential of the biobased economy to provide smarter, more sustainable, more inclusive solutions for Europe and for Europeans.

  • EuroACE on the World Energy Outlook 2012

    Promoted content | Energy 26-11-2012

    Video statement by Adrian Joyce, Secretary General of EuroACE, on The World Energy Outlook 2012.

  • EuroACE on the EU Energy Directive

    Promoted content | Energy 26-11-2012

    Video statement by Adrian Joyce, Secretary General of EuroACE, on the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

  • Renovate Europe – Messages from Renovate Europe Day, Autumn 2012

    Promoted content | Energy 12-11-2012

    Renovate Europe Day, organized by the Renovate Europe campaign, brings together non-governmental organizations, politicians, academics and industry representatives. The aim of the Renovate Europe campaign, initiated by EuroACE, is to promote the huge - but largely unknown - capacity of deep renovation of buildings as the most effective way to meet the economic and energy challenges that face the EU.
    To learn more about the Renovate Europe campaign, visit:

  • MEP Dialogue on Glass Packaging

    Promoted content | Energy 22-10-2012

    The European Container Glass industry in Europe is an important contributor to the European economy and produces high quality container glass products for a global market. Europe is the biggest producer of container glass in the world. Glass packaging is a resource efficient and endlessly recyclable material which makes it the perfect packaging material in the context of sustainable consumption and production.

  • Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Balancing costs with savings

    Special Report | Promoted content | Energy 10-07-2012

    Buildings -- whether public or private -- make up for around 40% of the total amount of energy consumed in the EU. The European Commission acknowledges this, saying in its energy efficiency plan last year that "the greatest energy savings potential lies in buildings". According to the EU executive, renovating buildings could generate savings of up to €1,000 per household each year and create up to 2 million jobs.

  • EU Renewables Strategy: How can policy and industry shape strategy for the decades ahead?

    Promoted content | Energy & Environment 04-04-2012

    The further expansion of Renewable Energies is key to achieving the EU climate targets set for 2050. Following the 2009 Renewables directive and the National Renewables Action Plans determining the growth path up to 2020, discussion has now started on the post-2020 Renewables policy.
    Building on the EU Energy Roadmap 2050, the EU Commission has initiated the discussion with the recent renewables consultation followed by the Communication on Renewable Energy.
    Are 2030 renewables targets needed ?