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MEPs ‘far away’ from an agreement on merging forest and agriculture sectors under LULUCF

EU lawmakers working on revising the land use, land-use change and forestry regulation (LULUCF) are split over the European Commission’s idea to merge the sector with the agricultural industry in the 2030s.
Circular economy 28-01-2022

Reaching critical mass: EU eyes increased collection of lightweight packaging

Getting enough volume is the first challenge for recyclers when it comes to dealing with lightweight packaging such as crisp packets and food wrappers. To boost quantities and make recycling worthwhile, the European Commission is looking at ways of harmonising waste collection across the EU.
Energy 28-01-2022

Europe can only partially replace Russian gas

Russia furnishes over 40% of the natural gas Europe imports and in the event it invades Ukraine again those supplies could be at risk, throwing into question European countries's ability to keep the heat on in the dead of winter.
Global Europe 28-01-2022

No Nord Stream, no problem

With the Nord Stream 2 project, Gazprom’s goal to assert complete control over Europe’s gas supply is within reach because this geopolitically charged pipeline will destroy the existing transit ecosystem, writes Sergiy Makogon.
Energy 28-01-2022

Public and new buildings must lead the energy transition

Each EU country must ensure that at least 3% of the floor area of buildings owned by public bodies are renovated every year – including hospitals and schools, not just buildings owned and occupied by central government, write Jutta Paulus and Ciarán Cuffe.
Energy 28-01-2022

Cyprus, Greece, Israel electricity link gets EU funding

Cyprus welcomed Thursday (27 January) a "landmark" European Union decision to approve a 657-million-euro ($733 million) grant for the construction of a subsea electricity cable integrating it with Greece and Israel.
Global Europe 27-01-2022

Germany agrees to axe Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine

The United States and Germany appear to have agreed that the Russia-favoured Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will not come to life if Russia invades Ukraine, according to statements from the two countries' officials.
Energy 27-01-2022

Metals needed for hydrogen production could get scarce, German authority warns

Key raw materials needed for most types of clean hydrogen production could become scarce and much more expensive, Germany's Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), has warned, reports Clean Energy Wire.
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Why beverage cartons are critical to achieving a climate neutral EU and the necessary frameworks to get us there

The beginning of 2022 marks three and a half years since the current Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) was adopted. As we head towards a new proposal – on the horizon for mid-2022– ACE,  takes this opportunity to reflect on the role of packaging and beverage cartons.
Energy 27-01-2022

Le Pen’s climate programme: pro-nuclear and pro-hydrogen, but anti-wind

Three months before the French presidential election, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National presented its 'economically viable' climate policy project, which aims to be pro-nuclear and pro-hydrogen, but anti-wind. EURACTIV France reports.
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Bioenergy today, Bioenergy tomorrow.

A stable, flexible policy framework with a vision to facilitate investment and stimulate innovation will unleash bioenergy’s full potential as a flexible contributor towards climate neutrality that offers meaningful job creation and economic growth.
Global Europe 27-01-2022

Russian gas supply halt would deal EU economic hit: report

The European Union could cope with a short term halt to all Russian gas imports but doing so would have "profound economic consequences" and require emergency measures to curb demand, according to analysis by the think tank Bruegel.
Transport 27-01-2022

MEP Petar Vitanov: EU green fuel taxes ‘must not create additional inequality’

The European Commission has proposed wide-ranging legislation aimed at cutting emissions from road transport across the EU. But the various taxes embedded in the proposals run the risk of exacerbating inequality if not implemented properly, warns MEP Petar Vitanov.

Europe needs a strategy for seasonal energy balancing

As the role of gas in the energy system evolves, the approach to meeting winter peak demand must also keep up, writes Nikos Tsafos. More fundamentally, someone needs to be responsible for supply security, he argues.
Climate change 27-01-2022

Low-carbon ambitions must not interfere with ‘normal life’, says Xi Jinping

China’s ambitious low-carbon goals will not be realised easily and should not come at the expense of energy and food security or the “normal life” of ordinary people, its president, Xi Jinping, has said, signalling a more cautious approach to the climate emergency as the economy slows.
Global Europe 26-01-2022

Putin sweet-talks Italian firms despite Ukraine tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed a virtual meeting with top Italian executives on Wednesday (26 January), despite Rome's opposition due to escalating tensions over Ukraine.

New EU reporting rules must tackle big polluters

Decarbonising the world requires oil, gas and mining companies to open their businesses up to scrutiny. The EU has a golden chance to make this happen – and must seize it, writes Caroline Avan.

The Green Brief: Who wants to kill the EU taxonomy?

While Germany’s reaction to the EU’s green finance taxonomy proposal attracted much attention in Brussels, officials at the European Commission are likely more nervous about reactions in the European Parliament. If not, they should be.
Global Europe 26-01-2022

Ukraine diplomat sees little chance of war ‘in country with 15 nuclear reactors’

Ukraine is committed to seeking a diplomatic solution to the current tension with Russia, its ambassador to Japan, Sergiy Korsunsky, said on Wednesday (26 January), adding that he saw little chance of all-out war, although there might be smaller conflicts.

Executive pay must be linked to sustainability objectives

Part of the variable remuneration of executive directors must be linked to the achievement of sustainability objectives, a group of CEOs writes in an exclusive op-ed for EURACTIV.

EU green label for gas ‘not necessary’, says Germany’s Habeck

In a visit to Brussels on Tuesday (25 January), the German Vice-Chancellor reiterated his opposition to nuclear's inclusion in the EU's sustainable finance taxonomy, saying “we don’t need” a green investment label for atomic power – and nor for gas either.
Circular economy 26-01-2022

Recycling pro: Design standardisation is ‘way forward’ for flexible packaging

Greater standardisation in design "has to be the way forward" in order to make it worthwhile economically to recycle lightweight packaging such as crisp packets. In practice, this also means reducing the variety of packaging available to the food and drink industry, says Joachim Quoden.
Energy 25-01-2022

US in talks with energy producers to supply Europe if Russia invades Ukraine

The United States is in talks with major energy-producing countries and companies around the world over a potential diversion of supplies to Europe if Russia invades Ukraine, senior Biden administration officials said on Tuesday (25 January).

No more delays: the Commission must publish new rules for corporate Europe

It's time for the European Commission to finally make good on its promise to regulate the supply chains that feed into Europe’s single market, argues Richard Gardiner.