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No more delays: the Commission must publish new rules for corporate Europe

It's time for the European Commission to finally make good on its promise to regulate the supply chains that feed into Europe’s single market, argues Richard Gardiner.

Time to turn the tide on inaction and bring life back to the ocean

2022 is an important year as the EU is set to introduce a new nature restoration law. This is a threshold moment for meaningful climate and biodiversity action, writes Odran Corcoran.
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Circular economy starts with the right design but it doesn’t end there

The world faces some formidable environmental challenges, from the climate crisis to plastic waste and deforestation, but they are not insurmountable. With a will, and with the right resources, we can tackle them. This is a task for all of...

Labelling unabated gas as ‘green’ risks diverting finance from essential renewables

By encouraging investment in ‘transitional’ gas infrastructure, we risk losing sight of the critical priority: channelling finance toward a massive build-out of renewable power generation, writes Faustine Delasalle.
Global Europe 21-01-2022

How Germany’s Nord Stream pipes promote war in Europe

Unlike the naïve West, Russia knew perfectly well what it was doing by building the first Nord Stream pipe, which came onstream in 2011. Andreas Umland ponders if anything has changed until the present day when Nord Stream 2 is completed.

Tracking progress to a well-being economy

Over time, the European Commission has developed many different sets of metrics to measure progress on economic, social or environmental objectives. The challenge now is to come up with a common narrative and a set of indicators that brings all of them together, writes Jonathan Barth.
Energy 18-01-2022

Living with nuclear power plants at your border

The nuclear industry's announced renaissance to “save the climate” would mean building 600 to 700 new reactors worldwide, significantly increasing the risk of an incident with cross-border implications, write Horst Hamm and Charlotte Migeon.
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Bioenergy: A Sustainable Source that Benefits the Climate, Industry and Society

As the world battles climate change, it is imperative for all elements of society, from governments to businesses to individual citizens, to work together. In Japan, this principle is deeply ingrained.
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Rethinking the way we serve food and drinks to EU consumers

To safeguard hygiene, keep customers and employees safe and promote sustainable growth in Europe’s vibrant food service sector, the EU must be patient and wise in promoting new ways of serving food and drinks to European consumers.
Energy 13-01-2022

Germany leads Europe with target to reach 100% clean power by 2035

Germany’s surprise commitment to decarbonise its electricity by 2035 is a sign of things to come, writes Charles Moore. It is only a matter of time before more countries join Germany, the UK, the US, and Canada, which have set their sights on 100% clean power, he argues.

Put co-innovation at the heart of EU green external relations

The EU needs to intensify its cooperation on green innovation with other parts of the world, writes Mats Engström.
Climate change 12-01-2022

Global Gateway is a great start for Europe to lead on climate action in developing countries

We stand at the start of a critical year for tackling climate change with a closing window of opportunity to fight global warming. Europe has made good progress in driving action and needs to work with its global partners to make this a reality around the globe, writes Mafalda Duarte.

Nature restoration is a matter of intergenerational justice

Ahead of the Commission’s proposal for binding nature restoration targets, young Europeans call for targets with urgent and youth-inclusive action as a matter of intergenerational justice, writes Giulia Testa.
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Growing inside Glass: In Conversation with the FEVE Secretary General

Packaging waste, sustainable shopping, climate change, and Coronavirus vaccines: the FEVE Secretary General reflects on past achievements and future challenges, as the UN names 2022 the International Year of Glass.
Shipping 11-01-2022

The Commission must push for green transition in shipping

We cannot stop shipping. So EU institutions and industry must work together to find solutions that will drastically reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, write Tiemo Wölken and Pernille Weiss.

The EU taxonomy is also about tackling chemical pollution

The EU’s green finance taxonomy is about more than climate finance, it’s also an opportunity to improve our health and well-being by phasing out polluting chemicals, write Timothy Suljada and Charlotte Wagner.
Climate change 10-01-2022

How an open climate club can generate carbon dividends for the poor

Germany-led G7 can boost decarbonisation together with climate justice, write Andreas Goldthau and Simone Tagliapietra.

PM Morawiecki: The EU ETS system driven by speculators must be reformed

The current concept of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is flawed. Instead of serving a sustainable and equitable climate policy, CO2 emissions trading has become a tool for speculation, writes Mateusz Morawiecki.

How to make the EU’s carbon border tax effective and fair

As the EU steps up its efforts to introduce a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, it’s crucial that policymakers design the CBAM to support deep emission reductions while safeguarding the rights of less-privileged countries to develop, writes Agnese Ruggiero.

EU 2030: Winter chills, higher bills – or a climate-safe society?

If a second carbon market for transport and heating fuels is implemented, then the EU’s related Social Climate Fund would need to be bigger, write Imke Luebbeke and Ludovic Voet.
Climate change 21-12-2021

Why the EU Green Deal is critical for making the construction sector sustainable

The construction sector needs to become more agile to meet the challenges of energy transition when it comes to climate change, and one of the most prominent financial instruments supporting companies is sustainability-linked bonds, writes Ebru Özdemir.
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Energy 21-12-2021

Groupama Arena promotes sustainability in Budapest

In recent years, we have seen several stadiums  implement specific guidelines to make their stadiums more and more sustainable. In Europe, the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam is a pioneer when it comes to promoting sustainability and becoming carbon neutral. 
Climate change 20-12-2021

Code Red for Humanity – or Green Light for more climate destruction?

While activists battle to ensure taxonomy paves the way for real climate action, EU political leaders want to rebrand fossil gas and nuclear power as "sustainable", when they are neither sustainable nor green, argue Greta Thunberg and a group of youth climate activists.

No more greenwashing, a science-based and credible taxonomy is needed

A group of three EU lawmakers have written to express concerns about strong political pressure to include gas and nuclear power in the EU's green finance taxonomy.