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  • Seal of approval: Greenland fights stereotypes on Inuit hunt


    Greenland has launched an initiative to support Inuit and indigenous communities in Canada and the EU to improve the perception of sealskin products. It focuses on sewing in a QR code which allows consumers to check their legality by scanning the label …

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  • Renewable gas

    Energy 25-10-2017

    Gas is not often mentioned in the same bracket as renewable energy but that could all change, as energy providers look to address the issue of surplus renewable power and storage problems.

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  • Lighting

    Energy 11-10-2017

    The European Union took a bold step when it imposed a ban on incandescent light bulbs in 2008. Almost ten years on, takes stock of progress made and sets sights on the next frontier – Human Centric Lighting.

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  • Energy performance of buildings

    Energy 09-10-2017

    Lawmakers in the European Parliament's industry committee are voting this week on the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). takes a closer look at the latest changes made to the bill before it clears this major political hurdle.

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  • Expo 2017 Astana

    Central Asia 30-08-2017 reports from the International Exposition in Astana, Kazakhstan. Highlighting the theme "Future Energy," the expo aims to foster a global debate on "how to ensure safe and sustainable access to energy for all while reducing CO2 emissions".

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  • Heating and cooling

    Energy 21-06-2017

    The heating and cooling of buildings and industry is responsible for half of the EU’s energy consumption, and “much of it is wasted” according to the European Commission.

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  • Healthy buildings, healthy people

    Energy 29-05-2017

    The renovation of the EU’s building stock is seen as critical in achieving the bloc’s climate change targets, while reducing dependence on imported fuel. However, less is known about the positive impact renovation can have on people's health.

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  • Rural Renaissance

    Biofuels 08-05-2017

    Developing rural areas across Europe has emerged as a necessity in order for the EU to meet a wide range of economic, environmental and social challenges.

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  • Financing energy efficiency

    Energy 08-05-2017

    The European Union has made energy savings in buildings one of the cornerstones of the bloc's efforts to cut dependence on imported fuel. But private investors are still wary of unlocking the trillions of euros of capital needed to renovate Europe's ageing building stock.

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  • EU farming getting smarter

    Agrifood 20-03-2017

    The European Union is exploring ways of helping its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) enter the digital era after 2020.

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  • Electricity in transition

    Energy 21-11-2016

    Europe’s electricity system is on the cusp of a deep revolution, driven by the imperative of decarbonisation and the move towards decentralised renewables energy production.

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  • Sunlight at the end of the tunnel?

    Energy 17-10-2016

    Europe is the most solarised region in the world, but deployment of technology needs to be stepped up if the bloc is to meet its climate commitments.

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