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  • EU Council removes Nord Stream 2 legal hurdles

    News | Energy 05-03-2018

    The European Commission has proposed to extend EU internal energy market rules to cover offshore gas pipelines. But the legal services of the Council – representing EU member states – has opposed the EU executive's legislative proposal.

  • Power grid sale upsets Bulgarian, Czech governments

    News | Elections 28-02-2018

    Bulgarian Prime Mininster Boyko Borissov said yesterday (27 February) he would not resign over an unfolding scandal involving the sale of CEZ Bulgaria to an obscure company, saying the sale was a plot to topple him while he was in Brussels for an EU summit last week.

  • The future of gas is not fossil but green

    Opinion | Energy 20-02-2018

    There is a vast potential for green gas in Europe, generated from sustainable resources such as biomass and organic waste, some of which can directly be injected into the grid or take the shape of hydrogen, writes Claude Turmes.

  • Rethinking urban energy: How Europe is leading the way

    Opinion | Energy 06-02-2018

    To achieve ambitious climate goals in line with the Paris Agreement, cities will need to implement major changes to their energy systems by 2030. The good news is that the transformation in the energy sector is making such ambitious programmes much more feasible and European cities are in the forefront, writes Eric Woods.

  • Solar growth ‘threatened’ by new EU power market rules

    News | Energy 05-02-2018

    EXCLUSIVE / Households, schools and hospitals that decide to place solar panels on their rooftop could be exposed to the same responsibilities as big energy utilities under new EU electricity market rules currently being drafted in the European Parliament, has learned.

  • Fuel poverty and affordable housing: Connecting the dots

    Opinion | Energy 31-01-2018

    There seems to be rising momentum to connect the dots between energy efficiency, fuel poverty and the EU's broader 2030 objectives, writes Sorcha Edwards.

  • To finance the energy transition, EU leaders must restore their ambition

    Opinion | Electricity 10-01-2018

    The investment case for low-carbon energy is strong: increased economic growth and jobs, reduced transition risks, and the most cost-effective pathway to realising the goals of the Paris Agreement. Why, then, are EU energy ministers so reluctant to provide the legislative framework required to shift the trillions? writes Stephanie Pfeifer.

  • People power? EU gets low marks on ‘energy communities’

    News | Energy 22-12-2017

    When the European Commission tabled its Winter Package of clean energy laws in November 2016, there was a smell of revolution in the air, with Brussels pitching a future where citizens would be empowered to generate their own electricity, consume it locally and sell it back to the grid.

  • Corporate giants urge EU to back 35% renewables target

    News | Energy 13-12-2017

    A coalition comprising some of the world’s biggest companies has urged EU energy ministers to back a 35% target for renewable energy when they meet in Brussels next Monday (18 December).

  • EU countries mull scrapping plan to link up power grids

    News | Electricity 12-12-2017

    EXCLUSIVE / A flagship objective to link up 15% of Europe’s electricity networks by 2030 could be scrapped altogether from EU legislation as a number of member states resist a command-and-control approach to energy policy, has learned.

  • Grid operators boss: ‘Time for energy utilities to re-invent their model’

    Special Report | Interview | Energy 11-12-2017

    Digital technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence bring “total revolution” in the electricity industry, allowing energy communities to proliferate, says Laurent Schmitt. Utilities should not resist the change but embrace it to become “community enablers”, he told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Energy Union vote opens EU Parliament rift

    News | Energy 08-12-2017

    A partisan divide has emerged in the European Parliament over proposals to beef up the governance of the Energy Union, with conservative and centre-right lawmakers rejecting what they described as an “outdated”, “inflexible” approach supported by the Greens and left-wing parties.