Energy liberalisation Archives

  • Energy Union is about re-inventing our economy

    Energy 07-02-2017

    The European Commission's Winter Package of Energy Union laws will be a turning point for clean energy, writes Maroš Šefčovič. But the spirit of the package goes further than clean energy or tackling climate change – it’s also about economic transformation, he argues.

  • Low-carbon transition needs spark of revamped market design

    Energy 12-05-2016

    Europe is committed to the decarbonisation of its economy, a goal clearly reaffirmed at the COP21 in Paris. To reach this goal, the electrification of sectors which would otherwise only have limited decarbonisation prospects will be crucial, writes Hans ten Berge.

  • Digitalisation: Where are the German digital utilities?

    Energy 26-04-2016

    In Germany, a lot has been written about two energy megatrends of our time, liberalisation of energy markets and decentralisation of the energy landscape. What we think has been neglected is a third megatrend: digitalisation.

  • Armenian protests threaten regional stability

    Armenia 03-07-2015

    The ongoing protests over electricity prices are a danger to the Sargsyan government, according to Strafor, the global intelligence company.

  • UK energy regulation fails consumers

    Brexit 08-12-2014

    An engrained, institutional bias in favour of building new energy production assets to boost supply means that cost-effective ‘no build’ technologies for managing - and reducing - demand on the consumer side have been ignored, writes Sara Bell.

  • Energy markets and policymakers: In search of liquidity

    Energy 14-02-2013

    To a trader, the presence of good liquidity in a market – such as gas or electricity – is a sign of a robust wholesale market. However, to the consumer, naïve policymaker or distrustful regulator, liquidity may suggest an indication of speculative interest and “unnecessary” churning of positions, writes Peter Styles.

  • Internal energy market: The pieces of the puzzle do not fit

    Energy 14-11-2012

    The European Commission's energy market communication, to be published on 15 November, indicates that there are major obstacles to the implementation of the internal energy market by the target date, 2014, writes Georg Zachmann.

  • Our vision for Europe: Reliable, affordable and low-carbon energy

    Special Report | Energy 19-06-2012

    Clean, reliable and affordable energy is essential to the fabric of society itself, driving successful industries and businesses, says Igor Czerny of EDF.

  • Discussing the impact assessment of the ‘third energy liberalisation package’

    Energy 24-07-2008

    Questions are being raised about the quality and effectiveness of evaluating the costs, risks and benefits of the Commission's impact assessment on the third energy liberalisation package, says Jacopo Torriti in a May 2008 report for the European University Institute.

  • Russia’s economic rebirth

    Med & South 20-05-2008

    Russian economic recovery is all the more remarkable given the doom and gloom surrounding the 1990s, but this resurgence needs to be upheld by further reforms, argues Lúcio Vinhas de Souza in a CEPS paperback published in May.

  • Towards a ‘European energy community’

    Energy 30-11-2007

    EU plans to build an 'energy community' to deal with the challenge of climate change, security of supply and competitiveness are "as full of risks as […] hopes" given the "violent conflicts of interest and prejudices" involved, according to Philippe Herzog, president of French think tank Confrontations Europe.

  • EU-Russia relations after the September proposal on energy liberalisation

    Med & South 20-09-2007

    A growing "crisis of confidence" threatens the Russian-European natural gas relationship but need not translate into a future supply "crisis", according to a new study by Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA).