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  • Rethinking urban energy: How Europe is leading the way

    Opinion 06-02-2018

    To achieve ambitious climate goals in line with the Paris Agreement, cities will need to implement major changes to their energy systems by 2030. The good news is that the transformation in the energy sector is making such ambitious programmes much more feasible and European cities are in the forefront, writes Eric Woods.

  • Cross-border nuclear cooperation must improve, Dutch watchdog warns

    News 06-02-2018

    The Dutch Safety Board has concluded that cross-border cooperation on nuclear safety between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany leaves a lot to be desired. A new report warns that the current state-of-play could lead to “confusion and unrest” among the population in the event of an incident.

  • The Brief – Beware the clean energy counter-revolution

    News 05-02-2018

    The EU was supposed to enable us all to take part in the energy transition and help make Europe's economy a low-carbon one. It's easy to see why the member states would be against this but it's more surprising that the Parliament is not championing citizens' clean energy hopes.

  • German coalition agreement: No breakthrough for Europe yet

    News | Elections 05-02-2018

    After a week of talks, German coalition negotiators agreed on the cornerstones of their new programme. But when a new government could actively participate in meaningful EU reform is still uncertain. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Solar growth ‘threatened’ by new EU power market rules

    News 05-02-2018

    EXCLUSIVE / Households, schools and hospitals that decide to place solar panels on their rooftop could be exposed to the same responsibilities as big energy utilities under new EU electricity market rules currently being drafted in the European Parliament, has learned.

  • Diesel to petrol shift poses ‘serious challenge’ to CO2 reduction

    News 02-02-2018

    Falling demand for diesel-powered cars is having a “brutal” impact on carmakers while the EU’s CO2 reduction policy is jeopardising a fragile recovery in sales, the president of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) told reporters on Wednesday (31 January).