Economy & Jobs 16-05-2018

World Economic Forum: Western Balkans’ assets can help it control its destiny

The Western Balkans' very strategic location and entrepreneurial labour force are some of the assets that could help the region take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and take its destiny in its own hands, Martina Larkin of the World Economic Forum told EURACTIV.com in an interview.
Economy & Jobs 12-12-2017

Stockholm mayor: Cohesion policy is strongest form of EU solidarity

Stockholm produces more billion dollar companies than any other place outside Silicon Valley and the European Commission recently proclaimed it Europe's most innovative region. Mayor Karin Wanngård explained how her city hangs onto its talent and why it is such a popular breeding ground for 'unicorns'.
Economy & Jobs 03-10-2017

Jourova: EU rules on company seat transfers means savings for business

European firms could save millions in start-up and merger costs if they could use EU rules on cross-border transfer of registered office, says Věra Jourová, adding the saved money would be better invested in jobs, innovation and growth.

Deloitte innovation chief: ‘Schools train us to become machines’

John Hagel III is an enthusiastic supporter of the opportunities that innovation and technology can bring. However, the digital transformation of the economy and society is going to be “challenging and stressful for most people", Hagel told EURACTIV.com
Brexit 26-10-2016

Robert Madelin: ‘We have to assume the hardest possible Brexit’

The EU treaty mentions a two-year deadline for a member state to conclude negotiations to leave the European Union. But it also foresees possible extensions, opening the way for a follow-on process, says Robert Madelin, who just left the EU executive.

Innovate UK boss: ‘Innovation is always a conversation’

Governments can play a role in innovation by formulating problems and linking people up so that innovators can come up with solutions, says Richard Miller.
Agrifood 15-07-2016

FAO: The EU has a role in Africa’s agriculture mechanisation

The involvement of the European private sector in the mechanisation of Africa’s agriculture, currently dominated by China, will open up the market and help farmers make quality choices, FAO’s Josef Kienzle said in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Digital & Media 12-07-2016

Michel Bauwens: Uber ‘should be regulated like rest of the economy’

Enterprises like Uber and Airbnb “basically suck value out of the local economy” by trying to work around social laws and other regulations, says Michel Bauwens. But simply banning them would be short-sighted, he told EURACTIV.com.

Accenture digital chief: ‘Oettinger is doing a great job’

The completion of the Digital Single Market will play a crucial role in the transformation of European companies, Accenture's Bruno Berthon told EURACTIV.com. One of the main challenges, he believes, will be deciding how companies share data.

Norwegian minister: ‘We have the same rights and duties as EU member states’

Although Norway is not an EU member, it has agreed on a voluntary contribution of €2.8 billion to promote economic and social cohesion in poorer Eastern European countries. “It’s a win-win situation,” explains Elisabeth Aspaker who adds: “It’s not a rule that we should get something back."
Digital & Media 29-04-2016

Ex-DARPA chief: ‘Innovation with no goals is not efficient’

Ken Gabriel has dedicated his life to innovation and entrepreneurship at Google, and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). For Gabriel innovation boils down to “satisfying an unmet need”.

EIT boss: ‘There is a new focus on measuring results’

The European Institute of Technology has come under heavy criticism from EU auditors, who flagged a “lack of tangible results” in a recent report. But most issues have now largely been addressed, assures Martin Kern, who promises a new focus on results.
Digital & Media 12-04-2016

Tech entrepreneur: ‘Africa is a very, very long game’

E-commerce has been slow to take off in Africa, but Africa Internet Group, the continent’s first online business worth over €1 billion, has big ambitions. EURACTIV's partner La Tribune reports.

Education expert: Linking schools with businesses is win-win

We need to increase the interaction between the education and the business community. We know both sides want to increase the cooperation, but it seems like there is a need for a “broker” in the middle, says Caroline Jenner.
Digital & Media 22-01-2014

Tech entrepreneur: EU should focus innovation where it has a chance

Xavier Damman, founder of the successful online storytelling tool Storify, tried to launch his start-up in Europe, but moved to the United States to get it off the ground. “Could I have developed Storify here? No. Europe shouldn’t try to compete, but it can try to complete,” he told EURACTIV in an interview.

Vassiliou: European kids must learn to be risk-takers

European schools must teach students to become more entrepreneurial and develop a positive attitude towards risk-taking, EU Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou said in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Brexit 31-05-2010

Icelandic exporter: Crisis has restored competitiveness

When Kolbrún Eydís Ottósdóttir's employer left Iceland in 2006, she teamed up with colleagues to start her own health technology business. Despite the economic meltdown, their company continues to thrive and has seen export growth thanks to Iceland's improved competitiveness.
Brexit 28-05-2010

Business incubator: ‘Start-ups need protection’

Around 80% of start-ups at a business incubator in the south of Ireland are thriving five years after launch – a success rate far greater than is typical for new ventures. In an interview with EURACTIV, Josette O'Mullane, coordinator of the Genesis Enterprise Programme - shortlisted for the European Enterprise Awards - says the on-campus business centre provides new companies with a safety net while they find their feet.

Investment expert: Signs of strong revival in Californian innovation

Investors are opening their wallets again but their tolerance of risk has been dampened by the crisis, says Jean-Bernard Guérrée, CEO of the World Investment Conference.
Brexit 25-02-2010

Italian entrepreneur: ‘Erasmus scheme key to my new business’

Italian plastic surgeon Luca Poli, who benefited from the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, said the three months the spent shadowing a businesswoman in Spain were key to the success of his new clinic in Milan.

Expert: Women must be pushed to grow new businesses

EU SME policies encouraging women to start businesses are an important first step in achieving greater European entrepreneurship equality, but are not sufficiently oriented towards growth, according to Irish entrepreneurial expert Paula Fitzsimons.
Brexit 12-10-2009

Businesswoman: Funding, brand awareness key for start-ups

Securing funds to produce and promote new products are essential to the survival of new businesses, says Helen Wooldridge, founder of Cuddledry Limited, who believes having her own business makes it easier to juggle work and family life.

SkyEurope founder: Hedge funds to blame for collapse of airline

Christian Mandl, co-founder of SkyEurope Airlines which went bust this month, has launched a stinging attack on the hedge fund that took control of the airline after he sold his stake in 2007.
Brexit 27-08-2009

High-tech entrepreneur: ‘Invisible’ governments can help businesses

The best thing governments can do to support entrepreneurship is step aside and become "invisible", according to Xavier Damman, CEO and founder of Tweetag, an Internet company.