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  • EU urged to ease SMEs’ access to finance

    Brexit 17-03-2011

    The European Commission is being advised once more to focus on measures to provide support and financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are considered as the most important source of employment growth in the EU.

  • EU to start mentoring scheme for businesswomen

    Economy & Jobs 24-02-2011

    Women entrepreneurs got an important nod from the European Commission in its review of the Small Business Act this week, and advocates hope it signals renewed energy and funding for EU initiatives.

  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: Where’s the next Richard Branson?

    Economy & Jobs 21-02-2011

    Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was the European Commission's attempt to mimic the success of its student exchange programme, which helps thousands to study abroad every year. But two years' after its launch, it is not clear whether the programme will be continued after 2013.

  • High rents barrier to expansion, say SMEs

    Brexit 28-05-2010

    Entrepreneurs want governments to incentivise big businesses to sublet empty office space to smaller firms, as high rents in European capitals remain a barrier to growth.

  • ‘Incubator’ helps new business survive in Ireland

    Brexit 28-05-2010

    Around 80% of start-ups at a business incubator in the south of Ireland are thriving five years after launch – a success rate far greater than is typical for new ventures. Josette O'Mullane, coordinator of the Genesis Enterprise Programme - shortlisted for the European Enterprise Awards - says the on-campus business centre provides new companies with a safety net while they find their feet.

  • Can entrepreneurship be taught?

    Brexit 27-05-2010

    Instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in young people has become a popular idea in EU policy circles, but some businesspeople say initiative is something that comes from within and cannot be taught.

  • Northern EU cities still location of choice for business

    Innovation & Industry 11-05-2010

    'Northern countries' such as Finland, Germany and Sweden remain the favourite locations of businessmen, thanks to good start-up advice and access to finance, a new study has found.

  • EU plans major expansion of ‘Erasmus for Entrepreneurs’

    Brexit 13-04-2010

    A pilot scheme which pays new entrepreneurs to learn from experienced businesspeople in other European countries will be expanded and put on a permanent footing, according to EU officials.

  • EU mulls extending ‘Erasmus for Entrepreneurs’

    Brexit 25-02-2010

    Italian plastic surgeon Luca Poli, who benefited from the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, said the three months he spent shadowing a businesswoman in Spain were key to the success of his new clinic in Milan. The EU scheme has been extended for a second year and could soon become a permanent fixture. 

  • Tajani banks on green growth for EU industry

    Brexit 19-01-2010

    The "green economy" will be at the heart of the EU's new industrial policy, according to Antonio Tajani, who has been nominated to the position of European commissioner for industry and entrepreneurship. Tajani will prioritise tourism, innovation and access to finance for SMEs in a bid to kick-start growth.

  • Female entrepreneurs still vastly outnumbered in Europe

    Brexit 30-10-2009

    As the European Commission pushes for greater gender balance in its own ranks, the EURACTIV network takes a look at how women across Europe fare in the business world.

  • Women must be pushed to grow new businesses, says expert

    Innovation & Industry 30-10-2009

    EU SME policies encouraging women to start businesses are an important first step in achieving greater European entrepreneurship equality, but are not sufficiently oriented towards growth, Irish entrepreneurial expert Paula Fitzsimons told EURACTIV in an interview.