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  • Cohn-Bendit suggests ‘more suitable’ job for Barroso

    EU Priorities 2020 15-07-2009

    Green group co-president Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who is opposed to the re-election of José Manuel Barroso as Commission president, said on Monday that the right job for the Portuguese would be permanent president of the European Council, a position that would be created if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified.

  • Pole takes EU Parliament chair in ‘historic’ move

    EU Priorities 2020 14-07-2009

    Former Polish Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek was elected European Parliament president today (14 July), becoming the first politician from a former communist country to lead an EU institution. EURACTIV Poland contributed to this report.

  • Socialists spell out conditions for Barroso

    EU Priorities 2020 14-07-2009

    Martin Schulz, the leader of the Socialist group in the European Parliament, has formulated 11 demands for the next president of the European Commission as horse-trading continues over the re-appointment of José Manuel Barroso this autumn.

  • EU Parliament opens amid horse-trading over top seats

    EU Priorities 2020 13-07-2009

    A little more than a month after the elections, the European Parliament is preparing to re-start the EU's legislative engine this week. The 736 newly-elected MEPs will meet on 14-16 July in Strasbourg for a constitutive session aimed at appointing the president and vice-presidents of the new assembly and distributing top committee chairs.

  • PA chiefs see more ‘pro-business’ EU Parliament

    Public Affairs 13-07-2009

    The new European Parliament is likely to be more pro-business and more industry-friendly, adopting a less 'green' stance on major policy issues than the previous legislature, public affairs bosses told EURACTIV ahead of its inaugural session in Strasbourg tomorrow (14 July).

  • Tories call for ‘anti-Socialist alliance’ in Parliament

    EU Priorities 2020 13-07-2009

    Led by the British Conservatives, the new European Conservatives and Reformists group (ECR) in the European Parliament have called on all centre-right political families to exclude the Socialists from decision-making in the European assembly.

  • Kuneva turns down MEP seat

    EU Priorities 2020 10-07-2009

    Unlike other commissioners who were elected as MEPs in the European elections recently, Bulgarian Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, responsible for consumer protection, said today (10 July) that she will complete her mandate in the EU executive and not take up her seat in the European Parliament, announced Dnevnik, EURACTIV's partner in Bulgaria.

  • Verhofstadt: We’ll talk to Barroso in September

    EU Priorities 2020 09-07-2009

    The leader of the Liberal group Guy Verhofstadt told EURACTIV that today's (9 July) decision by EU heads of state and government to officially back José Manuel Barroso for a second term as Commission president "doesn't change anything".

  • Liberals to chair key committees in new Parliament

    EU Priorities 2020 09-07-2009

    As horsetrading continued in Brussels over key positions in the new European Parliament, the main talking point was the centre-left's loss of the important economic and monetary affairs committee chair to the Liberals. Meanwhile, Graham Watson bowed out of the race to become European Parliament president.

  • Karel de Gucht takes Belgium’s commissioner seat

    Future EU 08-07-2009

    Belgian Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht will take Louis Michel's seat as EU development commissioner after the latter was recently elected to the European Parliament, the country's authorities have announced. De Gucht was widely expected to be Belgium's next commissioner, but the EU elections appear to have accelerated his appointment.

  • EU Parliament heading for ‘grand coalition’

    EU Priorities 2020 07-07-2009

    European political groups including the European Conservatives, the Socialists and possibly the Liberals are preparing to back José Manuel Barroso for a second term at the EU executive's helm this autumn, provided he takes stock of their political wish-lists, party sources told EURACTIV today (7 July).

  • EU leaders avoid top jobs fight with Parliament

    Future EU 06-07-2009

    Seeking to avoid a damaging struggle with the European Parliament, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has announced that the EU leaders will not formally nominate José Manuel Barroso for a new mandate as president of the EU executive in July.

  • Socialists bid to grab key Commission portfolios

    Future EU 03-07-2009

    Martin Schulz, leader of the centre-left group in the European Parliament, announced the Socialists' intention on Thursday (2 July) to get several important portfolios in the next European Commission.

  • Parliament set to delay Barroso vote

    Future EU 02-07-2009

    The European Parliament will not hold a vote on José Manuel Barroso's re-appointment as Commission president at its July plenary, it emerged yesterday (1 July) after the liberals and socialists agreed to wait until the second Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty this autumn.

  • Socialists split over name change, Barroso

    EU Priorities 2020 02-07-2009

    The Socialists in the European Parliament have come under attack from their French members, who disagree with the group’s strategic direction ahead of a July plenary that could see José Manuel Barroso's re-appointment at the European Commission delayed. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Far-right MEPs form group in European Parliament

    EU Priorities 2020 02-07-2009

    A new far-right Eurosceptic group was formed in the European parliament yesterday (1 July), vowing to provide a "much-needed voice of opposition" and play an active role in the 'No' campaign ahead of the second Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum.

  • New eurosceptic group to probe Irish Lisbon ‘guarantees’

    EU Priorities 2020 02-07-2009

    The Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group, a new far-right political faction in the European Parliament, intends to "invest some money getting a proper legal opinion on these 'guarantees' given to Ireland by EU leaders," Nigel Farage, the group’s co-President, told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Tories’ EU influence ‘to decline considerably’

    Public Affairs 29-06-2009

    British Conservatives MEPs' influence in the new European Parliament will "decline considerably" as a result of party leader David Cameron's decision to pull them out of the European People's Party (EPP), Elaine Cruikshanks, CEO of consultancy Hill and Knowlton's Brussels office, told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Tories lose Finn, Greens gain Swedish pirate

    EU Priorities 2020 26-06-2009

    The new anti-federalist group in the European Parliament led by the British Conservatives has suffered a setback after one of their MEPs reversed his decision to join its ranks. Meanwhile, the celebrated Swedish Pirate Party MEP has decided to join the Greens instead of the Liberals.

  • No majority in Parliament for Barroso vote

    EU Priorities 2020 25-06-2009

    Prickly consultations led by the European People's Party to elect José Manuel Barroso for a second term as European Commission president will start in the European Parliament on 30 June, with a large majority of MEPs seemingly against holding the vote on 15 July, sources told EURACTIV.

  • European Parliament groups elect their leaders

    EU Priorities 2020 24-06-2009

    The two largest political groups in the European Parliament re-elected their leaders yesterday (23 June), marking the first step in the struggle to obtain leading positions in the EU assembly's key committees and foreign delegations.

  • Parliament’s new anti-federalist group: A fragile coalition?

    EU Priorities 2020 23-06-2009

    The European Parliament's newest group, the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), was formally established yesterday (22 June), spearheaded by the British Conservatives. While leading Tories hailed the break-up of the EU's centre-right "federalist cartel", others warned about the group's "ideological isolationism" and limited chances of success.

  • Lithuanian finance minister takes EU Commission seat

    EU Priorities 2020 19-06-2009

    Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has chosen his finance minister, Algirdas Semeta, to replace Dalia Grybauskait? as EU budget commissioner, after the latter was elected president last month.

  • Poland kicks off race for EU commissioner jobs

    Future EU 17-06-2009

    Poland has unveiled its candidate for the next European Commission, prompting other governments across Europe to start playing musical chairs ahead of a summit this week, at which EU leaders are expected to endorse José Manuel Barroso for a second five-year term at the EU executive's helm. EURACTIV Poland contributed to this report.