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  • EU country briefing: Italy

    News | Elections 13-03-2019

    Italy is a founding member of European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in 1952, which paved the way to the EU. It joined the eurozone (1999) (despite not meeting the Euro convergence criteria) and since the start and Schengen in 1997. It is the 3rd largest Member State (60.6 million) by population, representing 13.6% of all EU citizens (without the UK). 76 (10.8%) out of the 705 Members of the European Parliament (MEP) are elected in Italy.

  • Hungary covers posters featuring Juncker during Weber’s visit

    News 13-03-2019

    The head of the European Parliament's dominant centre-right bloc met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Tuesday (12 March), again calling for the populist leader to apologise for an anti-EU billboard campaign.

  • Inauguration of the Franco-German assembly on 25 March

    News 12-03-2019

    Tasked with implementing the so-called Aachen Treaty, the binational chamber is set to be launched amidst tense Franco-German relations.

  • EPP more likely to expel Fidesz if rival groups also ditch troublemakers

    Opinion | Future EU 12-03-2019

    If mainstream political groups do not collectively expel their bad apples it could spell an end to measures by the EU to protect democracy in its member countries, write Jean Morijn and Israel Butler.

  • Merkel distances herself from Macron’s Europe vision

    News | Future EU 12-03-2019

    Less than two months after celebrating a new Franco-German treaty, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron are diverging on the future of Europe in the run-up to European Parliament elections in May.

  • May gets ‘legally binding’ assurances on backstop from last-ditch Strasbourg trip

    News | Brexit 12-03-2019

    UK Prime Minister Theresa May has secured "legally binding" assurances to her Brexit plans in a bid to win over Brexit rebels in the House of Commons, a day before a meaningful vote takes place amongst MPs.

  • EU country briefing: Sweden

    News | Elections 11-03-2019

    Sweden joined the EU only in 1995 and a year later also became part of the Schengen area. However, it is one of the six EU countries that are not part of NATO and it also refuses to join the eurozone, following a referendum in 2003, in which people voted against adopting the common currency. This has resulted in a de-facto opt-out.

  • A new political group to change Europe

    Opinion 11-03-2019

    Italy’s Five Star Movement aims to build a new, post-ideological group within the next European Parliament to get the EU back on track, proposing more direct democracy tools and deep reform of the Eurozone, with a strong focus on growth, environmental protection and youth unemployment, writes Fabio Massimo Castaldo.

  • Weber to meet Orbán in last-ditch reconciliation attempt

    News 11-03-2019

    Manfred Weber of the centre-right European People's Party will meet Hungarian populist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to discuss his Fidesz Party's dispute with the EPP, a Germany newspaper reported.

  • Merkel’s successor responds to Macron’s Europe vision

    News | Future EU 11-03-2019

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel's anointed successor outlined her vision for Europe, a German paper reported Saturday (9 March), aligning with recent French proposals on security but disagreeing on key social issues.

  • EU country briefing: Portugal

    News | Elections 08-03-2019

    Portugal joined the EU, together with its neighbour Spain, in 1986, and has been part of the Schengen (1995) and eurozone (1999) areas since their creation.

  • Orban says Fidesz may leave EPP, look at Poland for alliance

    News 08-03-2019

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday (8 March) his ruling nationalist Fidesz party may drop out of the centre-right European People's Party (EPP) amid a row over his government's anti-Brussels media campaign.

The liberal ALDE Party will present on Thursday a slate of seven candidates for the EU’s top posts that will become vacant after the European elections in May. Names on the "Team Europe" list include Competition Commissioner Vestager and ALDE Group leader Verhofstadt #EP2019

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