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  • Fallout from the Kaczynski Twin Towers scandal


    The public image of Poland’s political mastermind Jarosław Kaczyński and his ruling conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party was shattered by revelations published by the Gazeta Wyborcza daily on Tuesday (29 January). Piotr Kaczyński (unrelated to the PiS leader) looks into the fallout.

  • The Citizens’ App: Europe in the palm of your hand

    Promoted content 15-01-2019

    In a bid to draw in citizens from across the continent, the EU is set to roll out a major new initiative that aims to inform people on the achievements of the European project, future goals, and the European Parliament’s hand in making these objectives a reality.

  • Catalan republicanism and European federalism

    Future EU 14-01-2019

    Republicanism in Catalonia is inseparable from both Catalanism and European federalism, writes Oriol Junqueras, who argues that Europe faces a crucial crossroads: on the one hand, an increasingly extreme right, and on the other, a modern European federalist left.

  • Europeans, let’s take back control of our future!


    The CIVICO Europa movement, together with the civic tech MAKE.ORG and many well-known Europeans, is launching a non-partisan civilian campaign in the 28 member states of the European Union to mobilise citizens and empower them to take back control of the European project: WeEuropeans.

  • EU citizens: Are you ready to vote?

    Promoted content 13-12-2018

    With the European Parliament set to end its term on April 8 2019, EU citizens will be called to the ballot boxes to take part in European Parliamentary votes between 23-26 May 2019, in which 705 MEPs will stand for seats in the EU's legislative chamber.

  • Electrifying Europe to win over populists

    Future EU 09-11-2018

    Some years ago, Europhobes were a few solitary but loud people who said they wanted to wipe out the European Union. Things have changed: now they are many more and became more ambiguous about their wishes, writes Beatriz Becerra.

  • Spitzenkandidat is only as strong as the europarties make it


    If the Spitzenkandidat process is to succeed it must be the result of a transparent primary, not a back-room deal, argue Henrik Vuornos and Juho Mäki-Lohiluoma.

  • Why Europe needs Alex Stubb


    University Professor Brent F. Nelsen explains why his former student, Alexander Stubb, should be the next European Commission president.

  • Defending a new Left and Ecological coalition


    On several occasions during the last mandates of the European Parliament, attempts have been made to create space for dialogue and rapprochement between the different components of the Left and Ecological forces. A group of MEPs lay out a vision for their closer cooperation.

  • Europe’s political mainstream must try to tame the far right

    Elections 10-09-2018

    Far right parties are here to stay and, if unchecked, they will continue growing. The way to halt this process – risky as it may seem - is for the mainstream to try to tame them, argues Harry Nedelcu.

  • Constitutional reform for a sovereign Europe


    In next year's European election, many politicians will preach about the need to "reform" the European Union but few will know what they are talking about. Two who do know are Viktor Orban and Emmanuel Macron, writes Andrew Duff.

  • Geert Wilders wins, Muslims lose in latest Prophet Mohammed cartoon furore

    Freedom of thought 31-08-2018

    Geert Wilders is back in the headlines, thanks to a controversial Prophet Mohammed cartoon competition, which has caused a furore in Pakistan. But the race for Europe's toughest anti-Muslim politician has several other contestants, writes Shada Islam.

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