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  • Christine Lagarde, a non-conventional pick for the ECB presidency


    A lawyer by training, Christine Lagarde has been nominated to succeed Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Banck (ECB). The IMF director has an atypical profile, due to her lack of banking experience and question marks over her past. EURACTIV France reports.

  • EU leaders agree on top job picks but trouble already looms


    The European Council finally agreed on a pick for the Commission presidency and rallied behind Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen on Tuesday (2 July). But it sets up a potentially ugly encounter with the European Parliament, which might not sanction her appointment.

  • Weber forced to stand aside as EU leaders bypass Spitzenkandidaten


    The EPP’s lead candidate for the European Commission Manfred Weber was forced to step down from his candidacy for the post on Tuesday (2 July), as it became clear he could not obtain sufficient support from EU member states.

  • EU Parliament re-schedules election of its president

    Future EU 02-07-2019

    The election of the European Parliament's president was scheduled to take place during the inaugural session in Strasbourg. But the deadlock between EU leaders over the European Commission presidency has put that on hold. EURACTIV France reports.

  • Macron condemns EU Council summit as failure


    At the end of the summit of EU28 leaders on Monday (1 July), French President Emmanuel Macron deplored the failure of the negotiations, saying that this blockade gave "a not-so-serious image of Europe". EURACTIV France reports.

  • Locked in strife, EU leaders adjourn talks on top jobs for next morning


    A summit of EU28 leaders was adjourned in acrimony on Monday (1 July) after almost 18 hours of talks failed to produce an agreement on how to carve out the bloc's top jobs, due to opposition from Eastern member states and divisions within the conservative European People's Party.

  • EU leaders entrenched over top jobs as EPP rebels against Merkel

    Future EU 01-07-2019

    As morning broke on 1 July, EU leaders were still unable to reach consensus over the distribution of top European jobs as conservatives from Central and Eastern Europe rejected a plan, endorsed by Angela Merkel, that would have installed Socialist Frans Timmermans at the helm of the new Commission.

  • Timmermans frontrunner as EU leaders decide against Weber for Commission president


    EU leaders have agreed that conservative German candidate Manfred Weber will not become president of the next European Commission, Germany's Die Welt daily reported on Friday, citing sources familiar with the decision. Instead, Socialist Frans Timmermans is now the frontrunner for the EU's top job.

  • The Brief – The EPP’s Hobson’s choice


    The clock is ticking on agreeing on the new European Commission president and the once almighty European People's Party is having some tough choices to make in the next couple of days. The Mexican standoff between France and Germany, amplified and …

  • Austria’s interim chancellor will have little say on EU top jobs


    Austria will be represented by interim Chancellor Bierlein at the forthcoming EU special summit on Sunday (30 June). However, because she does not belong to any political party, the interim head of government will not be able to stand out with her own, pronounced opinion. An analysis by Herbert Vytiska for EURACTIV Germany.

  • EU leftists demand ‘climate emergency’ Parliament committee

    Climate change 28-06-2019

    The European Parliament’s leftist group (GUE/NGL) has proposed setting up a special climate emergency parliamentary committee to shift the spotlight on to green issues even more over the next five years.

  • Revealed: The Twitter mug-shot of newly-elected MEPs


    Ever wondered how many of the newly-elected MEPs are on Twitter? Or what issues they care about? EURACTIV dug into the figures, with help from PoliMonitor, a political technology company.

  • The Brief – Everyone’s a winner


    For all the ink spilled on whether the Spitzenkandidaten process will survive and speculation over the name of the next European Commission president, for real political junkies in Brussels, the action is somewhere else.

  • New European Parliament starts solving its power-sharing puzzle


    Political groups in the new European Parliament have started carving up the top jobs ahead of next week's inaugural session. At an internal meeting held on Wednesday (26 June), each political group stated their first choices for positions of chairs …

  • Finland softens opposition to eurozone budget as it takes over EU Presidency

    Economy & Jobs 27-06-2019

    On the eve of assuming the EU's rotating presidency, the new centre-left Prime Minister of Finland, Antti Rinne, accepted on Wednesday (26 June) the possibility of a “small” eurozone budget to support investments, as long as it remains part of the EU’s long-term spending plans.

  • Vestager will stay in Brussels, even without EU Commission presidency


    Danish EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager will stay in Brussels for a second term, the Scandinavian nation’s new prime minister announced yesterday (26 June), even if she fails in her bid to become the next President of the European Commission.

  • Leftist group picks Spanish deputy for EU Parliament presidency


    Spanish MEP Sira Rego (United We Can) will stand as the candidate Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left for the presidency of the European Parliament, group sources told EURACTIV. 

  • The Brief – EUCO’s choice


    Picking the new batch of EU leaders, and especially the Commission president, is much more difficult this time around. And it’s not really about the Spitzenkandidaten system, it’s not even about the political, gender or geographic balance. It’s about the …

  • What is making the power struggle for EU top jobs so complicated

    Future EU 26-06-2019

    Five top EU posts need to be distributed soon. While German Chancellor Angela Merkel is fighting with French President Emmanuel Macron, the European Parliament is wrestling with the European Council. EURACTIV's media partner Der Tagesspiegel provides a Q & A on the issue.

  • EPP source: Georgieva is backed by Orban, cannot be next EU Commission chief


    The debate within the center-right European People’s Party (EPP) over the next European Commission boss has heated up following the last EU Council, in which EPP Spitzenkandidat Manfred Weber did not ensure a majority.

  • Groups are ready, EU Parliament is ready to play


    Seven political groups have been formed in the new European Parliament and there are two major left-outs still looking for their place ahead of the Parliament's inaugural plenary on 2 July. Piotr Kaczyński takes a look at the groups and their Polish members, as well as at the strategic agenda for the next five years.

  • Czech MEPs ‘all over the place’, except in S&D group


    Czech voters have sent 21 MEPs to the European Parliament, including 11 new faces. The political fragmentation seen in the new EU assembly is also reflected in the Czech contingent of MEPs. brings an overview of all the parties and representatives.

  • Germany’s CDU fears loss of influence following Weber mess

    Future EU 25-06-2019

    German tensions over Manfred Weber's candidacy for the European Commission presidency are deeply rooted in Germany's national politics. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  • Austria’s interim chancellor won’t block the majority on EU top jobs


    Federal Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein won't ask for special favours at an EU summit next Sunday (30 June) aimed at appointing the new President of the European Commission, except when it comes to one thing: Austria's next EU Commissioner. An analysis by Herbert Vytiska for EURACTIV Germany.

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